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This is a small four point buck Weston and I found that some other hunters found and later took on Thursday morning.
Over the last several months I have worked up a handload for my 270 WSM X-Bolt and Model 1885 with the new 150 Gr. The night before the opener Dallen and I used our Pack Wheel game carts to haul in our gear a couple miles to spend the night. That evening we glassed a couple of small bucks and several does below us for a hour or so before dark. Using a quick MOA reference card I made for the rifle it is really nice to dial in the exact range on the Vortex Viper HSLR scope and hold dead on as Dallen did to take the shot on this coyote. We found ample supply of first year bucks and a couple of second year bucks sporting the 16 inch three point variety of antlers. Thursday night we wheeled our way back off the mountain and back to a soft bed for one night. After we made it down to a small rock out cropping we laid or packs on the cliff and I had Dallen practice quickly getting into position to make a shot in this direction and then in that direction while resting the X-Bolt rifle over a pack. We boned out Dallen's buck and placed all of the meat (75 lbs) into the Pack Wheel panniers and strapped it to the All-Terrain Pack Wheel 29er. Once in the bottom of the canyon there was a trail that went from top to bottom in the canyon. I have had six knee surgeries in my life to date and will have a few more before I'm done.
All-Terrian Pack Wheel 29er game cart with the boned out mule deer going right over chaparral brush.
Finished boning and caping out the mule deer now it's time to load it on the Pack Wheel and frame pack. Alan put a lot of time in to give it life like qualities, like the tension in the throat, the shape of the face, the contour of the brisket area. Scouting for mule deer and elk with my Spec Ops, Range Ops and Recon Force Browning trail cameras. Journal entries from hunting coyotes, rock chucks, prairie dogs and the like with 243 WSSM and 223 Rem.
Share on Facebook.Share on Twitter.Share on Google+Could our right to hunt for whitetail shed antlers be banned or regulated? Last month, board members of Nevada’s Wildlife Commission voted unanimously in favor of new regulations on shed hunting.
The word from out West is that these changes have been put in place to limit the harassment of elk and mule deer during the winter, a time when animals are already struggling to survive the harsh weather and conditions.
Regular human presence at these times is believed to add extra stress to wildlife populations.
To get a local hunter’s perspective on these new regulations in Nevada, I reached out to Karen Boeger, Nevada board member for the Backcountry Hunters & Anglers Association. According to Kevin Baskins of the Iowa DNR, this doesn’t seem like something to be worried about. Additionally, he explained that the problems being addressed out West are mostly unique to those areas where high populations of animals are at risk, which are situations not commonly seen across the whitetail range.
For the moment, it appears shed hunting licenses, seasons and other regulations will be limited to western states. Shed hunting is a great way to get your kids out in the field while providing an excellent opportunity to teach them a thing or two. Devan Latturner, his dad, Brian, aka Founder, Steve Tait, aka Graybeard, and Bucky, the lazy old dog, had some GREAT fun on a warm, sunny weekend in April.Little Devan kicked butt on this shed hunting trip and had a ball!

I have generally been getting a muzzleloader tag because I like wearing camo and seeing far fewer hunters. We watched five or six small bucks off and on all day below us but nothing to get us excited or even tempt us to shoot. I would watch for him a buck during the week that we might be able to get him in on come the following Friday and Saturday.
From first light until around midday we slowly Pack Wheeled our gear along the mountain stopping frequently to glass for deer. Whitey was not horribly far from the end of the road so we planned on making day hikes in to try and find him. Dallen loves to shoot from Steady Stix and I'm trying to get him to be just as comfortable from other shooting positions.
No sooner had I said this and made my first pan looking across my section I quickly noticed a four point buck's head sticking out over the tall chaparral brush. Accubond LR bullet made a small round hole going in and it penetrated around 8 inches breaking the bucks neck.
It's much the same as the original Pack Wheel but built to tackle extreme terrain with a 29er wheel.
We were in the middle of thick chaparral brush with no trails of any kind for several hundred yards. It's a rough and steep trail and since our truck was at the top of the mountain we decide to go up. Using the Pack Wheel makes it possible to haul large amounts of weight without having to haul extreme amounts of weight on my back and knees. It has also been reported that some shed hunters in these states have been known to chase deer and elk with ATVs in an effort to accelerate antler drop. Some are concerned that the recent precedent set in western states could lead to new regulations popping up across the whitetail range. Baskins explained that no shed hunting regulations, to his knowledge, have ever been up for discussion within Iowa. But if extreme winters, defined by polar vortices and heavy snowfall, continue to be the norm moving forward, we may see concern rise across the whitetail range about the potential negative effects of human pressure or harassment during the late winter. Just goes to show that it doesn't matter if it's your first or tenth time, success is all about getting afield. Casey Charlton's 4-year-old son looks like he's going to be a full-time shed hunter before long.
This year I wanted to test out my new Vortex Viper HSLR scope and I wanted to hunt and scout along with my oldest son Dallen.
That along with getting new Vortex rifles scopes on my rifles had me pretty excited to test them out this fall. Just before light we rolled out of our sleeping bags and were waiting on the cliff watching the canyon waiting for it to get light. Although, while we were watching a group of deer late in the afternoon we noticed that they were looking at something to the left. We found quite a few deer along the way and two four point bucks that we took a second look at.
We were in horse hunter range from the truck with ease thanks to assistance of the Pack Wheel game carts. The weather was fairly nice all week with a bright moon and this wasn't helping to bring the big bucks out. I strapped on a collapsed Pack Wheel to my pack so that we could use to haul a buck off the mountain should the need arise.

We spent probably an hour in the middle of the night trying to find what was left of the bullet. I did at least have my Samsung S3 phone with me and was able to at least get a few pretty decent photos of the hunt and his 2013 Utah mule deer. I angled the Pack Wheel to descend slightly and across the canyon I went right over the chaparral. There are also entries related to my experiences with the 243 WSSM, rifles, optics and other equipment and products I use. If that happened, it would impact popular shed hunting destinations such as Iowa, Illinois, Kansas or Missouri.
We placed a row of rocks along the side of our sleeping bags to prevent us from rolling off the cliff in the middle of the night.
Just as it got light two hunters popped up behind us wanting to hunt from the cliff we were on and one hunter spent the morning sitting 30 yards to our left and the other 200 yards across a saddle from us.
We decided that we could find better and that I would try and get Dallen in on one of those bucks on the upcoming weekend. In fact we even noticed that small two point bucks were bedded before daylight in one canyon. As we were slipping our way around the ridges we noticed a doe bedded, hiding in the chaparral. I quickly told Dallen to dial the Vortex Viper HSLR scope to zero as the horizontal distance was 125 yards with the actual distance probably near 150 yards with the steep angle of the shot. We watched for a few minutes to make sure he didn't get back up then headed down to find him. Bullet is reduced to 58 grains after the 150 yard shot into the neck of Dallen's mule deer. It would have been an absolute breeze to go out the bottom of the canyon but we then would have had the hassle of getting someone to get us back up to our truck in the middle of the night. I have a few areas on my bucket list that the Pack Wheel is going to help me get into to hunt hopefully next season. We decided to sleep on the cliff because the year before we slept just over the ridge from the cliff and two hunters went right past us just before light and got on the cliff before us. I also set my Vortex Viper HSLR to zero and had the buck in the scope ready to fire if the need arose. By angling slightly downhill I was able to use gravity to help propel the Pack Wheel and get it to roll over the chaparral.
If I had of been carrying all that weight on my back I would have extremely swollen and sore knees for many days or weeks. 1 and April 15, you must first complete an online course and carry a printed certificate with you while afield.
However a couple days after returning home while cleaning off the skull I found the mushroomed bullet remains in the muscle near the back of the tongue.
This sent the coyote into a typical death spiral they like to do when shot a little too far back.
The lead was bonded to the copper this time unlike it did with Dallen's bull elk from the month previous and the bullet weighs 58 grains.

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