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Shed roof house plans,greenhouse shed sussex,home depot resin storage shed - Downloads 2016

After making the high-level conceptual shed roof design, the direction for detailed design is set. The sale of my rented work studio has meant that my house building has been put temporarily aside whilst I build a new work studio at home on the Hill House Farm. Salvaged bridge timbers that are not suitable for the house have been utilised to 'dress up' the studio. My generator broke down andI was left without power (tools) for the last week, I have hired one for the weekend and hope to get the roof on if the wind stays away.
I'll hopefully get a few more days work done later this week on the final 2 frames and the doors. Got back to work on it last weekend and managed to get most of the wall insulation, wall linings and stopping done. So I am getting very close, just gotta find the time over the next couple of weeks to get into it.

Not only that , the sparky turned up and completed the first fit so I can crack on and finish the wall lining!!
I am glad it is nearing an end so I can get back to work and make a few dollars to top up the piggy bank, building stuff just eats money as you'd know, even using recycled materials costs money. The vegie beds and chook house where already there I have just rearranged them a bit, done a bit of fencing to keep the chooks and goats and cows etc out, that kinda stuff. We have decided to sell the Brisvegas house and move to the land, debt free and self sufficient. Well, that was achievable I'm sending this thread to my OH to get the creative juices flowing.
Since my last post on this project we added a small solar system, installed an LED lighting system, several 240V GPO's, and a 24volt water pump off the tank. Please download the latest version of the Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, or Windows Internet Explorer browser.

It describes the measuring and cutting of the rafter seat and birds mouth cuts as well as the ridge cut.
From this thread I can see how it can help to do the 'less important' buildings first, or at least start them first, to identify weaknesses (in design and personnel skill!), strengths and practice sourcing materials cheaply. You will also see how to build a jig on the shed floor to help you build all the rafters to exactly the same size.
Learning how to build the roof rafters is a very simple process when you follow the easy steps outlined in this shed building video.

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