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Theo van Gogh getting his throat slit in the middle of the street on the middle of the day because of his satirical criticism of Islam didn't piss us off enough to do something about it. According to Shimer College Assistant Professor Adam Kotso, the French satirical paper Charlie Hebdo was “devoted to hate speech,” comparing it to the hate group Westboro Baptist Church and saying it was not “surprising” they were attacked.

Kotso, who has a PhD in Theology, Ethics, and Culture from Chicago Theological Seminary, tweeted his opinion in the wake of the deadly attack on the paper Tuesday morning. I have no proof of this, but my speculation is that our most recent involvements in Iraq and Afghanistan represented our last good faith effort to give muslims a chance to use democracy and self determination as the means to free themselves and bring their nations more in line with the rest of the civilized world - before future events require us to resort to far more radical measures. Muslims would do well though to consider that the fire bombings of Dresden and Tokyo occurred but a mere 70 years ago. If this bullshit doesn't stop anytime soon, I hope to see another nuking in my lifetime. I don't understand how this can happen, surely automatic weapons are illegal in France.
In his very first address to Congress — in the speech where new presidents first detail their priorities for the nation — George W.
Let me be clear, I think Islam is pure bullshit, but I don't see what Obama has to do with this disgusting attack.
He has imposed himself in just about every local issue if it involves Blacks, and has no problem using the race card and inflaming his base any chance he can.

If the French were smart every one of those demonstators should have been carrying a cartoon sign mocking the prophet. Chrissy Hardball just did a segment with 2 guest that blamed everything and everyone but the guys that pulled the trigger. It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser.
I thought that was a leftist kind of thing that only we did in our ultra-tolerant-to-a-fault little country. There was this one morroccan kid named Mohammed (of course), laughing and being all happy about it. No one said anything, including the teachers, because we're all a bunch of fucking pussies here.

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