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When it comes to kitting out the garden with new storage space, therea€™s quite a lot to consider, from what size of shed you want to whether youa€™re construction skills will be up to assembling one from a flat pack. Wooden sheds are probably the first choice that springs to mind when thinking about your garden storage options. There are lots of advantages to choosing a wooden shed but, as I discussed briefly above, i think what really makes them stand out is their appearance.
Also, as you choose to get a wooden shed direct from a consultant, you immediately give yourself a lot of flexibility, since there are so many varieties created for different purposes, from simple storage to being a playhouse for the children. Another thing to bear in mind is that cheaper versions might not be as robust and solid when youa€™d like. Ok, so now you know some of the key benefits and disadvantages of wooden sheds, leta€™s examine how metal sheds compare. Unlike wooden sheds, I dona€™t really think metal varieties can be said to be that visually appealing.
Similarly, most metal sheds are all but rodent-proof, which is likely to come as a relief if you dream to store perishables in there, like seeds. While metal sheds definitely have a lot to offer in terms of practicality, there are a few downsides.
Whata€™s more, they are not suitable homes for family pets (such as rabbits or guinea pigs), since metal is such a cold material.

Another thing to bear in mind, particularly if your garden easily gets waterlogged, is their possibilities to rust. Of course you could climate controll the entire unit to keep your feed and hay fresh all year long! Suncrest Shed's have had no reported damage due to hurricanes during the past three active hurricane seasons! Personally, I suppose one of the most important considerations is what material to go for, so Ia€™ve gathered a quick guide to the pros and cons of two of the most popular a€“ wood and metal. Aesthetically pleasing, they definitely have a lot to recommend them, but what are their pros and cons? This material really works in harmony with pretty much any garden environment, and there are a vast number of designs and sizes to choose from. So, if you are thinking of buying a timber shed that you need to be especially durable and long lasting, ita€™s well worth opting for shiplap or loglap sheds, as these are known for their strong structure. But, what they lack in beauty they make up for in practicality, since theya€™re radically durable and, when kitted out with decent locks, can be exceedingly secure, which is good news if youa€™ve got costly tools. Another benefit is that theya€™re typically much more resistant to poor weather than their wooden counterparts, along with being fire retardant and wonderfully simple to assemble. For example, their uses are somewhat more limited than wooden sheds, since you cana€™t really turn them into comfortable playhouses or home offices.

Meanwhile, you have to also consider the potential noise factor a€“ for instance, when the door closes or the children accidentally kick a football against it.
We are the only building in the State of Florida to be DCA approved for High Velocity Hurricane Zones. For instance, you could paint them a different color whenever you fancy a change, or easily switch what theya€™re used for (if you take up a new hobby, for example, you could transform you shed into a place where you can practice it). Of course, in severe conditions, this kind of material can begin to warp or rot, which is something to be mindful of. It's wonderful for keeping your saddles and bridles up front in the beautiful wood finished, air conditioned interior. If you need to protect it, store it or get it out of the way in the most attractive and durable way possible.

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