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A Somerton Park family is facing a $15,000 legal onslaught from Holdfast Bay Council (in SA) over a $600 shed. The Edwards applied for retrospective planning approval through the council’s Development Assessment Panel, but were knocked back because the shed was too close to the boundary line and impacted on the streetscape. Holdfast Bay councillors voted at this week’s meeting to spend up to $15,000 on legal representation for the case against the Edwards, who have appealed the decision in the Environment, Resources and Development Court.
A July 4 mediation conference will be the final chance to resolve the dispute before it goes to trial.
If the couple lose the case and are forced to pull down the new shed, they will rebuild the old green shed in the same place, as they are legally able to do.
The dispute comes a year after the council pursued an 86-year-old Glenelg East pensioner for trimming the branch of a significant tree belonging to her neighbour – former Holdfast Bay councillor Philip Crutchett. This ramp can be used for safer access, or simply easier handling of lawn mowers, wheelbarrows, bikes, etc, that may be stored in your garden shed. At National Sheds all our staff have erected a shed and understand what is needed to creating a new storage area in your backyard. It would be fair to say that the Internet has revolutionised the shopping habits of Australian, with each and every consumer now able to approach the matter in an entirely modern manner. With regard to the pros, buying a shed online is without doubt the most likely way of securing a product at the very lowest price possible. On the subject of cons, there really is only one in particular, though it is essential to be kept in mind by all prospective buyers. South Australia (SA), Western Australia (WA), New South Wales (NSW),Queensland (QLD), Victoria, Northern Territory (NT), and Tasmania.

In most areas throughout Australia any garden shed with a floor area of less than 10m2 will be exempt. But a month later they received a letter from Holdfast Bay Council advising them the shed had been noticed in a routine inspection and must be taken down. Enid Barnes was facing $120,000 in fines before the council bowed to a public outcry and approved her application. The research showed that a majority of people go out and buy, or make, a ramp that leads from the outside of the shed into their shed.
We decided to ask everyone in the office for their input on creating a list of helpful tips and tricks that could be used by our customers when assembling their garden sheds.
Barely a single product or service exists in the world which cannot be procured or purchased online without an enormous level of convenience previously unheard of. This is by no means a reflection of quality, but instead the result of a culmination of factors with regard to the retailers. Alongside the monetary savings, the convenience afforded by online shopping for the home is simply second to none, with each and every item available for delivery right to the home at a time and date ideally suited to the buyer. By choosing a shed or kit online, the physical presence of expert advice and the ability to personally inspect the item is negated, instead replaced by images and product descriptions. Sometimes common sense needs to be used by some councils with what people get to put up in their backyards, as the story below highlights.
With every Garden Shed purchased between now and the 29th April we will give you a free EasyACCESS Ramp valued at $89! From major investments right down to the most humble household or garden purchases, even to a garden shed upto a storage facility.

Firstly, online retailers have much lower costs by way of overheads, in light of maintaining no physical presence or indeed requiring numerous staff to help them go about their affairs.
Furthermore, the range made available for browsing in a matter of minutes would likely require a physical journey lasting hours or days in order to carry out the same number of viewings.
Such can result in certain aspects being overlooked or indeed misconstrued, which is rather unfortunate in light of the relative ease of avoiding such occurrences. However, there are a few considerations essential to bear in mind if considering an online purchase. As such, they are able to make huge savings on their expenses and subsequently pass a good degree of these on to the consumer. That is why it is important to take into account a company’s accreditations such as ShedSafe, so that you know that you are dealing with a reputable company that stands by their product.
Internet shopping in general presents mostly pros, but certainly a few cons to watch out for. Furthermore, huge levels of competition in the marketplace has seen all-out price wars become more and more commonplace, spurring online sellers to offer huge discounts and exceptional special offers as they continue to vie for the for the cash of the consumer.

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