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After finishing the wall on Thursday after I showed you my progress, I cleaned up and let it sit uninteruppted until yesterday evening (for good drying measure before shoving my clean sheets into a sticky dark walnut wall). That whole hiccup with the stain not covering the wood filler really threw a wrench into my plans, and I even went as far as to pull the old can old gray paint up from the basement with plans to prime and paint the walls and pretend the staining fiasco never happened. The window and blinds now pop in a way that I envision my future dark-stained cedar-sided house exterior will shine, and I’m especially happy how the IKEA drawers that I inherited a little over a year ago stand out so nicely in the contrast of gray, dark wood, and low-rise bed. I’ve been on the lookout for the Harvey Lobster bedside tables since I originally saw them in the CB2 catalogue a few years ago.
I let the dream evaporate, bought a little white IKEA ODDA table on casters (half-priced at $25, also via Craigslist) that you saw in some of those previous bedroom pictures above, and paired it with my DIY-but-so-wanna-be-authentic West Elm papier-mache side table. And life was good.
But I inquired anyways, asking uber-optimistically if the price was for the set or per piece (Woot! And so I ventured out to a dead end road to meet strangers in a never-before-trekked part of town (not joking) and brought my new babies home.
Also worth mentioning, the width of the Harvey Lobster is slightly narrower than the width of the ODDA bedside table, meaning that I was able to shift the bed slightly to the left and let it sit perfectly centered beneath the window.
If you want to see how the bedroom looks now that curtains are installed, click over to this post. Love how the stain turned out- very cabinish-esque which I love the contrast with the white duvet! Excellent find; if the wood isn’t in great shape, a fun coat of glossy enamel would probably make it look brand new! So was it the sanding with the sandpaper dipped in stain or using a darker stain that fixed the problem with the wood filler?
Wet sanding the dried filler did help… the combo of roughening the surface and massaging in the stain had a better effect than just trying to poke on a darker color. One of my favorite architectural elements in a home is chunky wood paneling (known as shiplap or a similar tongue and groove paneling). When we remodeled our kitchen (above), I was so excited to start (slowly) adding the elements of character I really wanted in my new house. We are lucky to have it in our Seattle home on the ceilings with heavy beams that have all been painted or pickled in shades of blue or gray. I usually start small and then research my contractors and see if I can find someone who offers an excellent price and is excited to do the project. Oh, I adore ship lap – I want to open up a wall in an old house and find the original, oy! Melissa, you never ceases to amaze me with your selection of wonderful pictures of decorating inspirations. I am redoing an old Victorian and we found shiplap under most of the the old paneling and wallpaper. Our living room had been in need of a major overhaul. Knowing that I really wanted a serene, farmhouse feel in the room, I took some time to create a project list and an inspiration board.
A new paint color just wasn’t enough for the room to be transformed into the farmhouse look I was going for. When remodeling older homes you often uncover great wood walls behind yucky old cheesecloth and wallpaper or under old sheetrock or popcorn ceiling.
We actually went over our wood ceiling with new wood so we could have pot lights, another layer of sound barrier, less dust, and cover a very damaged area of wood in the corner of the room. And here on Houzz used on ceiling and walls with coffered ceiling in next room…the flows of these treatements intrigue me.

And while I typically think of shiplap as being white it is of course done wonderful here by Phoebe Howard in gray.
And this classic Southern home below in Southern Living is one of my faves and shows how shiplap isn’t just beachy or cottagey but can be quite traditional and classy! And this decorpad post shows how shiplap can work in a kitchen though I typically see and like it on kitchen ceilings. I leave you with this final photo of my big shiplap project, my mom and I tackled nearly 15 years ago in our old house. I’m sad we actually removed a wholr wall of shiplap during our kitchen remodel about 5 years ago.
I was also worried about the old stain sample areas showing through the dark walnut finish, so in an moment of desperation decided to add a second coat of stain, this time the sample of Jacobean, to the lighter areas. It’s actually the sunroom floor that I just re-painted last week; you can catch up on the whole project right here if you missed it!
This was the first morning I woke up next to those tables; definitely loud to have a metal surface for cell-phone-alarm reverberations, but so pretty in the morning sunlight. I really missed all the chunky woodwork from our older houses, so of course adding more character to this house has made me feel so much more at home! But I do have two places (at least) where I dream of installing it in this new-ish house if I can get my hubby-who-can-build-anything to move a little faster, heheh!
Joanna Gaines turned me on to it, and oh how lucky are the homeowners that find it already installed under sheetrock in old homes! We covered the walls in two guestrooms with tongue and groove boards and painted them white…just love them! The only problem I am running into is some of it is covered in nails where they had nailed cloth up over it before they wallpapered.
The bathroom has original subway tile but so much of it is damaged we are going to try and remove it from one wall and replace all the damaged ones. I would love to have this even if I ever moved, and once I removed it, I might have to scrap shorter pieces, well, it would be worth it.
But we want to ship lap the kitchen and living room what width boards 6-8-10 to appear larger ? So far, I have made a good dent in the list of projects and I can’t wait to finish the rest. In our own home reno this was a recent discussion when we tore out some popcornish ceilings. This photo is also a good example of shiplap painted something other than white white and i like it…looks so good with the transom. But for us regular folks, we just started hearing that term (instead of wall planks, etc) because Joanna Gaines from HGTV’s Fixer Upper uses it in every episode! It was!) and getting in the thrifting spirit, asked if they’d take $50 for the pair meaning that my total payment would be 75% below retail (holding breath, holding breath, holding breath, yes! We just bought a house (haven’t even moved in yet) and the master bedroom is small as well, and the bed will have to go under a window, so I am so glad you have a picture so I can see what that will look like. It is long planks of wood (ours is pine) with grooves that fit the planks tightly together. I don’t really like a lot of fuss so it just completes the room without many added extras! Not too sure what they did to one wall in the kitchen, it has a weird repeated square box pattern under the paint that shows through.

Today I just lumped them all in together in the inspiration photos and called them shiplap I guess as a more general look.
Our 100 year old craftsman house already had two bedrooms with wide tongue and groove and a kitchen nook with board and batten…all painted white. I’ve thought about using supper strength Velcro, but that stuff costs almost as much as a board! We have a 17′ cathedral ceiling in the bedroom that we want to run a beam lengthwise at the peak with possibly cross beams.
For a complete list of all my trial colors and the color I ultimately chose, check out my post here. Currently, our fireplace is floor to ceiling brick and the mantel is a rustic wood beam, makes it look like it belongs in an old 70’s lodge. Our windows in the living room are boring and bare but I just haven’t found the perfect pattern of curtain in stores or online. Instead of spending a pretty penny on one of these beautiful chairs, I’m going to reupholster one myself.
So I envision adding a pouf or two to the room, like this one from target, along with a few other country touches such as this bouquet of cotton stems from the Magnolia Market.
From home renovation to wedding decor, I'll walk you through how to make something you're proud of. Our planks had additional beadboard notches on the front side, so we turned ours around backwards (as a personal preference) so the front of the wood would be flat in between the grooves.
Been trying to figure out what to do with that wall, and this post struck a great brain storm – – shiplap!!!!!
I did use this Velcro to attach a mirror I created out of 6 cheap KMart long wall mirrors, adding extra mounding cut from extra mirrors I purchased for that purpose. Pete saw the star (as Black Francis) in a concert last Thursday at a Buffalo venue so small it was practically just him and the band. Meaning, it’s okay to have a brick hearth or a wood beam mantel but not when paired together. Although I usually only go for the cheapest options, I am willing to splurge for this pattern below!
I love ship lap for our old house but for us it was a budget decision to have it only in the rooms that would get the wow factor. But, I had to patch the Sheetrock when I moved as this Velcro pulled off part of it item patches! So instead of completely demolishing the entire fireplace and starting over, I’m planning to keep the floor to ceiling brick and just update the mantel to give the fireplace a more modern update without losing the rustic feel. I can only imagine what kind of stalker list he’d have been on after that casual conversation. When I mentioned beams to my contractor he said in a nice way that was an old 80’s style.
I plan to add white trim and casing around the fireplace with a crown molding mantel to give this fireplace just what it needs to make it a perfect marriage of country and modern. I told him I have seen it all over on TV, in magazines, Pinterest and other places that were up to date publications.

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