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Shock Shed Entertaining Website – Play Zombie Games, Crazy Games, Check out Pranks like Scary Maze Game, Prank Videos, Scary Stuff, Scary Videos and Photos, Moments Captured on GIF and Video, Multitasking and IQ Tests and Some More Shocking Stuff.
Back to the PlayHub, these guys make really awesome games, but Tequila Zombie series are their best work so far, so if you’re thinking they might have more games like Tequila Zombies, forget it, only these two games from the series match your description. So we got all the equipment for you guys to “enjoy” the game, and more importantly the game itself. Frightworld, a horror themed amusement park that has been shut down for decades, is about to be re-opened.
With all due respect to the great George Takei, I don't get these dorky movies and never will. Strongly agree, that movie was a template for so much that came after it and stuff from that film is buried in my brain unwittingly.
Don’t ask, it’s not because it sucks or we couldn’t bother with it, it’s just Tequila Zombies is not that kind of game, that’s all. In starting levels there’s no point saving bullets for “strong enemies” since there isn’t a strong enemy, just pick up ammunition, bullets, new kinds of weapons and keep shooting zombies as if your life depends on it.
Just make sure, or rather think twice if you’re in for yet another round in hell, because rest assured, WHG 3 didn’t get easier. To celebrate, the new owner, his girlfriend and their friends throw a party on the park grounds. It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser.

I was flipping channels one day a few years ago and came across this, after a short time I had to turn it off. A huge library of freaky stuff full of pranks of all sorts including scary maze game, shocking videos and photos, mega awesome jokes, crazy games, Zombie Games and some unique stuff you won’t see anywhere else. Make sure you pick up “Tequilas” on the way, that would be an important part in the game called “Tequila Zombies” wouldn’t it? Unfortunately it is nothing like we expected: poor, shallow design still there, no visual upgrades, no nothing except new levels. We’ve heard rumors in the past that WHG 2 was easier then WHG 1 and blab la bla, which proved to be an absurd. The party gets a little bit out of hand and blood gets shed; resurrecting sadistic serial killer Verden Fell. I couldn't figure out why anybody would want to be involved with either one of those annoying bitches (Renee Zellweger and Catherine Zeta-Jones).
Brand new entertaining website to play awesome games, have laughs about latest jokes and pranks, watch thrilling videos do crazy things and more.
And the ArmorGames website, well, Jaqueline and Miguel are nominated for Top 2013 Flash Game on both websites, and both have crazy amount of plays.
Verden takes possession of the group one by one and uses their bodies as a vessel to carry out his bloody killings. I kept trying to convince myself it was good but then I looked over at my husband (then boyfriend) and he was snoring.

Some of them are quite good actually: like Days to Die The Other Side and more, so Good luck and have fun, put down some zombie a$$ and don’t forget to post your comments and share Shock Shed Zombie Games on your Facebook walls.
On the bright side now we have MIDI + sound instead of old fashion MIDI… All of this raises question if the “wanna be” retro kind of pixel game design is just a cover for incompetence, lack of imagination and pure artistic skills.
The gameplay is actually quite dynamic and engaging, which is probably why it is nominated for the Best Flash Game of 2013 at Armor Games website.
Gotta give it to Addicting Games though, took 2-3 years to “build” the game, which we all know is just a set of new levels and nothing else.
There is a but though, the difficulty level increases too fast, waves getting stronger really soon and number of foes increases rapidly, making you wonder how the hell are you supposed to handle all this. Anyway, stay tuned for updates and farther, delicate review of the Worlds Hardest Game 3 on Shock Shed. In other words, if you’re into slow going zombie games like Rebuild, You might wanna skip this one, however comparing these two may not be a good idea, since Rebuild and Tequila Zombies belong to completely different game genres.

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