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For most people choosing the right gym isn’t a decision to lose sleep or stress over.
One of the most important decisions you’ll ever make in regards to your weight training or bodybuilding goals is finding the right gym.
I’m not saying all powerlifters are fat, but they do tend to carry more over all weight simply because they’re missions has little or nothing to do with how they look. Bodybuilders on the other hand must go through a rigorous dieting phase several weeks before a competition in order to drop body fat.
The point of all this is that if you’re not competing and just weight train for your own benefit and sanity, you can certainly bodybuild as well as powerlift. 1) Lift heavy weights with low reps for your first couple of exercises, then for your last few exercises go for a few more reps while focusing more on muscle contraction. 5) Use a variety of weight training techniques in your workouts such as negative reps, drop sets, rest-pause training, FST-7 style training, etc. There’s no better feeling than to be huge and strong yet also have a low enough level of body fat to see some striations. You have to make sure the gym has the equipment you need for your specific weight training goals. I’m fortunate enough to be only a couple miles away from my gym which appears to be one of the best hardcore gyms in my area. The best and quickest way to describe this is bodybuilders go for symmetry putting on as much muscle as possible but keeping body fat levels in the low-single digits while powerlifters are going for pure strength. I was always a skinny kid throughout my childhood and couldn’t gain weight to save my life. Powerlifters will certainly eat quality nutrients but they need an excess of overall calories to gain strength.
Unfortunately during this process strength can drop significantly too, as well as size. Bodybuilding has often been called an illusion because when you’re ripped with striations popping out, you will appear bigger and stronger due to your symmetry (smaller waist line with bigger legs, thicker back and wider shoulders equals quite an impressive look). Actually, some compete in both sports though these are usually genetically gifted creatures.

You don’t have to change your entire workout every week but making subtle changes here and there can help shock your muscles into growth.
Fortunately there are many new gyms popping up all over the place especially if you live in a major city. There may be certain machines or free weight equipment that you know your body responds best to.
Of course it’s not always feasible to live close to the best gym in town but the closer, the better. This little guy came running over making me aware that their gym policy doesn’t allow loud grunting or slamming the weights.
That being said, if I were broke, I’d make whatever sacrifice needed to workout somewhere. So you definitely need to make sure whatever gym you choose has the essentials that will allow you to grow. However, this can be mentally and physically taxing as most of us hard core lifters know how losing size and strength can play mental tricks on us. One way is to cycle your big carb days every 2-3 days (in other words, have a high carb intake for a 2-3 days then back off for a day or two, preferably on non-weight training days). It takes a tremendous amount of discipline to take in enough quality calories to get stronger and build muscle while maintaining lower levels of body fat. On the same token, I don’t want my gut hanging over my belt either so in that sense I do care what my physique looks like.
When those XL shirts start feeling loose, you feel you’re going to end up in the nut-house. Nutrition plays an even greater role in both strength gains and fat loss, which is discussed next.
This has been called the zigzag diet though I never recommend cutting carbs all together on any day. In any case you need to choose a gym that’s going to beneficial to your aspirations without compromising as much as possible.

If you are closer to a smaller gym that has all the necessary equipment then you’re better off training there. The diet and training techniques have some variations from one another due to their different objectives.
I’ve always felt I would be way too small if I ever got bone-ripped as what a bodybuilding competition would require, and in the past when I’ve tried to stick to a super strict diet (even with eating a lot of protein) my strength dropped substantially. Of course there are also an array on strongman lifts which can be placed under the powerlifting category as well.
Another way you can achieve good results is by keeping your carb intake very high around your workout times, and the other times don’t take in as much. So I choose to stay in the middle of the road with bodybuilding and powerlifting, using techniques for both causes. And though other exercises are done, they’re performed for the sole purpose of strengthening the supporting muscles for those heavy lifts. With that being said you want to make sure you get as close to a hardcore gym as possible as opposed to a fitness center. Now, I’ve actually worked out at a few fitness centers, or recreational centers that were decent for bodybuilders but most of those types of gyms cater to people who just want to get in shape and not so much build mountains of muscle. I’ve never really had a problem in this area with the exception of the story I mentioned. The way I see it, they’re going to be getting my monthly membership dues so that should be enough. Before diving into the tips one of the attributes of a hardcore gym is that the dumbbells go beyond 100 lbs. Some of our previous birthday logos are shown below, but be creative and submit your best artwork!

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