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I've been scheming for quite a while about getting the parts, supplies and tools for my never-ending vintage bike project out of our garage (a raised ranch with a drive-in basement) and into a dedicated workshop. So I knocked up a design for a 12' x 20' shed with box windows that accommodate a window seat, a 4.5' x 18" deep work bench, and a separate, closed cabinet area (for flammables, chemicals and aerosol cans).
I drew this up as a portable shed on skids, but I have not ruled out a concrete slab foundation instead. Please point out any boneheaded ideas, mistakes or omissions you can find in these screen grabs.
I just recently built a 10x16 shed for my KTM - I did the same pre-construction wondering and modelling on the computer prior to raising a hammer.
As was mentioned, I'd use carriage doors, and would be hard pressed to put in a standard door, I'd rather have the wall space personally. If at all possible, work in some storage space up in the rafter area -- mine is a bit overboard with a full size loft up there, but whatever you can carve out will be handy. One other tip from my experience -- really think through your interior layout *before* building.
I plan on insulating with R-11 fiberglass and finishing the walls and floor, although I am not sure if I will go with gypsum drywall or just do a combination of pegboard and OSB treated with Flame-Stop. My tentative plan is a roll-up commercial steel door, just to avoid the hassle of trying to build my own carriage doors (and then having them sag or drag). Oh, and part of the reason for the man door and the box window on the front is to add some architectural detail simply for curb appeal.
Yes, I've read your whole build thread, and it helped convince me that this was doable, and that I would end up with a useful space. If at all possible, work in some storage space up in the rafter area -- mine is a bit overboard with a full size loft up there, but whatever you can carve out will be handy.
Assuming this is really intended to be a motorcycle only shop, I'd consider and entire different set of dimensions or different building orientation and different roof type. I'd look at 15' deep and 16' wide or turning the building 90 degrees and putting in a larger garage door on the long side. When you go with a deep building for motorcycles you implicitly set yourself up to have to shuffle bikes around to get a bike a bike in the back of the garage out. A shed roof on the building would give you the opportunity to create high out of the way storage by either building a mezzanine, or using wall attached shelving or pallet racking. If your 2D layout is correct, you have no room for the door and bay window shown in your 3D rendering. Let's assume that you need every bit wall space that you have an whatever you put against the wall will be no more than 2' deep.
Of course, the 15x16 (62' of wall) layout has 2' less wall space than the 12x20 (64' of wall) space which means walls space will be at a premium, but it also cost slightly less to construct.
Bunkies are a kind of Canadian (at least in Ontario) slang for a small cabin, and the inspiration for this rather adorable compact cottage for short-term stays.

Made primarily from CNC-cut plywood, the concept is a collaboration between 608 Design and BLDG Workshop. Creative contemporary domestic designs, from unique home architecture to custom interior, furniture & DIY design ideas.Find inspiration via plans & pictures of compact modular mini-houses, small-space apartments, all-in-one bathroom & bedroom projects & more.Upcycled cargo shipping container houses, to space-saving furniture, ultra-modern interiors & futuristic homes! This is a very good storage shed and I really like it, its pretty good and big so it helps me keep some of my stuff in there. As you decide where to relocate your shed items, ask yourself these questions; Do I use these items? If your books are worth keeping, they should be in your home where they have a better chance of being read.
THE Shed Company has been following ‘Shed Safe’ practices since its inception in 2005, hence the phrase ‘Discover THE Shed Company Difference’.
THE Shed Company buildings are custom designed; therefore applications for our sheds and buildings are endless.
You are currently viewing our boards as a guest which gives you limited access to view most discussions and access our other features. The good news is that we have a long corner lot with plenty of room for a shed, almost a whole vacant lot.
I'm no architect; neither am I terribly experienced at construction, so suggested changes would be welcomed. For the added hassle of constructing and finishing the exterior of each, I'm just wondering if they'll give you the extra space you're hoping for. I think an inexpensive traditional cabinet (bought or made yourself) would give you much more flexibility over time. 5 on a 12' might be more than needed, but I'm no expert and its always better to overbuild in my opinion.
If so, work backwards from where you ideally want the garage door elevation to be and dig down the other end if needed. Even bikes seem to explode to many times their size when you're restoring them, so somewhere to keep the rarely-used bits is handy.
I've got at least one thing to change now (attic ladder location) that I should have figured out before the build. First of all, since I am not a professional builder, I thought that trusses with cross-beams near the bottom might provide a bit easier to construct consistently, offer more stability during construction and more strength overall. I know these steel doors transfer a huge amount of heat both in and out, so that's all up in the air at this point.
My wife is hesitant about ending up with something that looks more like a shipping container or a giant shoebox.
Unfortunately, city code specifies no more than 15' total height above grade, so I am limited in what I can do topside.
You also set yourself up to be working deep in the garage away from the ventilation of an open garage door.
This type of roof would also allow to install windows high up for sunlight to light the entire space, and for ventilation without losing wall space, which is always at a premium in a small space. But I've never been able to swing more than one project bike at at time, so this is more of a workshop for a single bike than a "motorcycles" (plural) workshop. There are two things I think you need to carefully think about in your design, the amount of wall space and the shape of the clear floor space.

In your 12x20 this means you will have a 8x18 clear space in the center of your current layout. In either case, given how much stuff you want to fit into the workshop, I'd strongly consider going with a higher ceiling so you can use taller shelving in the workshop.
Its construction follows principles of built-ins and furniture rather than stick-frame architecture. I mostly use this storage for my gardening tools along with some other essentials that I dona€™t really need inside my house.
Right now our shed is half full and contains books, power tools, garden supplies and a few odd pieces of furniture. If you don’t like this idea, maybe your husband could use his new workshop to build you a potting bench for your gardening supplies? We tailor all designs to suit your individual needs, designing a building that meets both your needs and budget.
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The side with the overhead door would face toward our current driveway and the existing garage. Secondly, it would be easier to insulate at the ceiling level, which also keeps the heated volume down.
One thing I was cautioned about was making sure I have my lathe as far as possible from grinding, cleaning and sandblasting equipment ? that grit from those sorts of operations can really do a number on your machinery.
Ideally this would allow you get your parts and tool shelves to be above your equipment and would maximize the amount of wall space you would have for a door and window.
The shed is pretty spacious and it's very easy to give it fresh up paint jobs and I just use one can for at least one year.
I am planning to use electric heat, probably an in-wall unit, which is simple and easy and compact, but not the most cost-efficent. This shed is also very strong I have hit it with my lawn mower and I have also hit it by accident with a hammer trying to hit something else and let me tell you it didna€™t even get a dent on it so I love it so far.I really dona€™t think there is another better shed out there than this one because it's very small in size so it can really just fit in your backyard or on the side of your house but is very spacious inside and it fits a lot of things inside cause it's big on the inside but small on the outside.
If you have any problems with the registration process or your account login, please contact contact us. OTOH if you went with a 15x16 with the garage door on the long side, you'd end up with a 8x13 next to a 4x11 area of clear space. So if you are thinking of buying another shed that is not this one then you might be making the worst mistake of your life because there is nothing better than this so buy it or else you are just dumb ha ha ha ha ha lol. Depending on what kind of bikes you work on different open space in the center is going to work more efficiently for you. If you work on choppers, because of the length of the bike, you definitely are going to want the 8x18 clear space.

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