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The woman who helped usher the interior design industry into full flower in the United States was prolific in putting out ideas that will help freshen up today's interior design business.
Did you ever have a problem designing small spaces?  Take a look at how top interior designers solved this common problem in our latest Designer Monthly, How to Design Small Spaces at the Kips Bay Decorator Show House. Proper lighting can make the difference in your photo looking like the one on the left, or the one on the right.
Are you interested in taking a great jewelry design course and learning more about how to make your own jewelry or get started professionally in this creative field? If you enjoy making jewelry, then creating your own chain is something you may want to try at some point. The S hook chain and earrings by Lisa Nortz are one of many spectacular hand crafted chains she creates at her shop Silver Bench Jewelry.
Spanish style chain, also known as the money chain, was mainly made of silver and gold and used as a money since the links are easily removable.
As soon as I returned home, with the bundle of specifically picked sticks, I put them in the bath tub to soak them in bleach.
Since I had settled on the idea for a mobile that involves using my nephew's matchbox cars, that were not in my home, I had to come up with another plan for my pseudo driftwood that I could get started on immediately.
I hammered a long nail through the bottom piece of wood into the vertical piece and secured it with some glue.
As you know, here at the New York Institute of Art and Design we're going through some exciting changes.
Just a few weeks ago we changed our name from the Sheffield School to the New York Institute of Art and Design.
While the content already here and the blog are not going anywhere, we will no longer be updating the blog with new posts.

Part of the reason we created the new site was so that we could feature more outstanding student work and success stories, and develop new and exciting articles that will inspire and teach people interested in the fields that we teach. In yoga it is said that the way we transition from one pose to another is just as important as doing the actual pose itself. The ones who live in a place where there are seasons are now experiencing the transition from summer to autumn.
Now, we’re entering the going-back-to-school, returning-to-regular- work hours, and checking-out-the-sweater situation. Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions. Look at our latest Designer Monthly, Interior Design: Look Forward by Looking Back to Dorothy Draper. Something simple like a DIY light box can make all the difference in taking a great shot of your work. These were taken during the same time of day, one with regular house lights, the other with a light box.
Light that is too bright will wash out the detail and create heavy shadows, which is why you diffuse the light with the white paper.
Whether you decide to use a torch to solder the links together, or choose not to, the options vary greatly in chain making. Jewelry designers use the term chain maille when creating a flat pattern of jump rings, the interpretation of the word means mesh of net. I was walking on a path near the west side highway in NYC and noticed what appeared to be driftwood.
At the same time we added two new courses in Professional Blogging and Fiction and Memoir Writing.

But before you get too upset, the reason for doing this is simply that we're moving all of our new content to the new website! You can make sure never to miss it by signing up for our Free Monthly Newsletter, or subscribing to the new RSS feed. We’re leaving a period that perhaps was filled with constant barbeques, entertaining out-of-school kids, traveling, and playing sports. In actuality they were just sticks washed up from the Hudson River - lots of them, almost a mile long to choose from. I then bought small screw eyes from my local hardware store and screwed them in where I wanted the gemstone sails to be tied.
Every time we get out of a chair, it takes us a few extra steps to reach a standing position. Have you realized that there is something you don’t like or you are just putting up with? My first thought was to make a mobile or window hanging with them by using random gemstones I have left over from other projects. We can really benefit from reflecting now, as we prepare for our own transition to the next point in our lives.

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