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Pre Engineered Steel Buildings, Insulation, Excavation, Foundations, Engineering, Flatwork, Doors & Windows, Erection, Full Turnkey Solutions.Delivery to job site. We are a domestic manufacturer of pre-fabricated steel buildings with over 40 years in the business. With over 30 years in the metal building construction industry building Jacksonville metal homes, we can design and build a home faster and cheaper than traditional home building methods.
Our residential and commercial metal buildings are built to handle wind loads for all areas of Florida even Dade County. Over 14 colors to choose from with options like roll up doors, windows, and gutters and downspouts to name a few.
Each residential metal home steel building begins with a basic framing package, which includes structural framing and exterior wall framing. From there, we offer you a selection of optional components like roofing, siding, and interior framing.
The proprietary metal frame will guarantee you a superior home that will last longer and perform better than any traditional building method. The frame of your house is the structural skeleton that supports everything else, like the walls, roof, and so on, and it is the key element in withstanding the external forces like wind. You can use our framing package to support traditional materials like brick walls and shingle roofs, you can combine these materials with our many siding and roofing options.
Pre-engineered metal homes are designed to resist force in all directions, providing superior strength and wind protection during hurricanes and tornadoes. All the structural components are connected with bolts, while the roof panels and steel beams are securely screwed to the frame or the foundation.

The design of a metal home out performs conventional building methods using wood frames held together by nails. A home constructed using steel beams and a metal roof is far less flammable than a conventional wood built home, offering a greater peace of mind for your family.
While a steel home is not 100% resistant to fire, it will greatly decrease the fire risk in your home.
Assign Commercial Group knows what the trends are, both in the look and design of projects and things like financing and delivery.
I've worked with Assign Commercial Group for about five years, and they definitely hold up to our expectations - and then some. However, there's a dark side to Florida weather: hurricane force winds, harsh rain and oppressive summer heat. If you're a Floridian and you're looking for a prefab, standard or custom designed steel-framed building, then you need to think about who you're purchasing it from.
I was wanting to thank MBMI for all the good relationships I have found working with your company.
At MBMI, we're meeting a substantial and constant demand for predesigned, prefab steel warehouses, garages, barns, stables and workshops. MBMI steel buildings can be insulated, and they can be clad with any material: metal, of course, but also wood, brick or even stucco.
So, whether you're looking for a simple, prefab metal building or something a little more complex, contact MBMI and request a free quote today.
In fact, the Florida Building Code requires structures in the state to be designed to withstand 115 to 180 mph winds.

The demands of Florida weather are different from and greater than those in many other parts of the country. Not only are the metal frames of our prefab buildings designed to stand up to the worst weather Florida can dish up, we know how to detail our buildings for maximum stability and durability.
However, our buildings are so strong, durable and quick to erect that more and more customers are asking us to custom design steel buildings for use as houses, churches, stores and offices. People move to our state from all over the country - even from other parts of the world - to enjoy its beauty and its many amenities.
If you buy a prefab building from another state or from overseas, it may not meet Florida code requirements, and it may not stand up to hurricane force winds. We sell steel framed buildings because steel gives Floridians the strength, adaptability and value that they're looking for. It's the steel frame and girts that give the building its exceptional strength and durability. In fact, an MBMI steel building can cost half what a conventional building of the same size would.
You will not believe the quality and value that we can offer to Florida residents and businesses.

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