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For a growing number of auction hunters, bidding online for storage units is a preferred method of auction hunting. Advertise your storage auctions, or host your online storage auctions, on the largest self storage auction site on the Internet. Whether your storage facility is in a big city or a farming town,A we've got thousands of members looking for your local self storage auctions. Wea€™ve also created Space Picker, the first true self storage aggregator, so renters can find storage facilities and storage facilities can find renters, without increasing the cost to either party.
Last but not least, we encourage self storage lien law reform, so the storage industry can rid itself of expensive storage auction public notices. Sell, show off, trade, or research your auction, yard sale & estate sale findsa€¦see your picker friendsa€™ stuff too! Find self storage units in your area by simply entering a city name or postal code in the form below.
By offering the most comprehensive self storage auction schedules available on the internet, the site has amassed the worlda€™s largest storage auction audience. Storage auctions take place when a tenant abandons his possessions or forfeits his control of the content within the storage rental unless a lien is forced upon the unit for unpaid rent. Prospective buyers at storage auctions benefit when they have competitively bid for each storage unit. At traditional storage auctions, facilities owners are face with large crowds and problems with potential buyers being able to park on the property. We have seen Lesa Lewis, Jerry Simpson, Bubba Smith, Ricky Smith and Victor Rjesnjansky in action on the A&E series, Storage Wars Texas.
Like Brandi Passante and Lesa Lewis of Storage Wars, women all over Texas can earn money from storage unit auctions.
Storage Wars is a reality television series that premiered on A&E Network late in 2010. Storage unit auctions take place when the owner of the storage unit facility puts the contents of any unit up for sale as a result of the tenant who owns such content’s inability to meet with payment obligations after a set period of time. After you have located the storage auctions that you want to participate in, then you need to prepare for the auction itself. Did you ever hear of making money from storage unit auctions before A&E television’s popular new series Storage Wars hit the airwaves? Almost each and every city in the USA has one, or more self storage units where the people of the community have the ability to store their extra belongings if they do not have room at their home, or if they happen to be moving. Storage auctions, Information, dates, times, locations and phone numbers of self and mini storage companies holding lien sale auctions in california. Storage auctions, A free self storage auction directory offering real time auction listings, alerts, tools, how-to resources and more. Storage auctions - A free self storage auction directory offering real time auction listings, alerts, tools, how-to resources and more. Storage auctions : california storage facility locations - A free self storage auction directory offering real time auction listings, alerts, tools, how-to resources and more. Copyright © 2014 Special Gift, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. If you are searching for storage auctions in Minnesota, we have compiled a list of storage facilities that are known to have hosted storage auctions.

Making some extra cash from storage auctions in Minnesota will help you sleep better at night. Maybe someone lives too remote to drive out and see enough auctions to make it worthwhile, or maybe someone else wants to be able to bid on a greater number of units and buy volume without spending any gas money. And they go down much like you see on tv, but therea€™s more to it & wea€™ll show you the ropes. In this business, there are many ways to pick up items for resale, and even more ways to sell them. We bring you tools like our Treasure Chest, online storage auctions, estate sale search and professional training. Managing a storage auction crowd post Storage Wars, makes auction day something they would rather avoid altogether. With a few clicks your self storage facility can post an online auction date, receive bids, and sell a unit to the highest bidder online.
For starters, wea€™re an industry approved storage auction service, so you know youa€™ll be protecting the local storage facilities you serve. Our bidders dona€™t just buy storage units, theya€™ll buy anything they can turn a profit on! Hunt, buy, sell, and profit like a pro at storage auctions & beyonda€¦ estate sales, garage sales, auction houses & swap meets. Generally when a lien is placed on the unit for non-payment, state laws enforce that storage facilities auction all items within the storage unit to pay off rent that is owed.
It use to be mandatory under several state lien laws for storage auctions to be held at the facilities. Now, online auctions provide the solution to avoiding liability risks as well as keeping the auction's earnings high. I arrived there early in anticipation of large crowds of newbies, thanks to the popularity of Storage Wars and Auction Hunters. It’s Spike TV’s version of the popular storage auction show format that competes with A&E’s successful Storage Wars series, which premiered in December of 2010. As more and more people are losing their homes, they need a place to store their possessions. Many storage unit facilities cancel their auctions on the very same day when the auction is scheduled to take place. A friend of mine told me that his brother had gone to a storage auction and had scored some really good things such as a diamond ring worth over $5000. Like how to find storage auctions, what to bring on auction day, and why you shouldna€™t freak out if they dona€™t cut the lock in front of you like you see on Storage Wars. Wea€™ll post how many units are up for auction and whether your local self storage facility charges a buyera€™s premium. For starters, we were proud to found Charity Storage , which uses existing storage industry auction processes to raise money for charities nationwide.
These storage auction buyers are also active in everything from estate sales and auction houses to equipment auctions and auto auctions. When storage auctions are taking place, the winning bidder of every unit must shortly after verify his final bid by signing off on a confirmation of sales slip and giving his accurate phone number and mailing address. Now facility owners can now list their storage auctions on site and online by listing their URL of the storage auctions listed under legal terms and conditions.

Now many potential buyers are computer savvy and can gain access to several online storage auctions.
This can guarantee the storage operators gain the highest bids without the overwhelming traffic from traditional storage auctions. Not only will you find Storage Auctions in Dallas, you will find just as many storage auctions in Houston and in just about every city throughout Texas.
When rent payment go unpaid for a storage locker in 3 months in the state of California, its contents are put up for sale by an agent.
Many people are being forced to downsize, or to live in small apartments without any garages or storage space. You can be bidding on storage units over the internet in just a few minutes, and all you need to know to get started is here. But we didna€™t stop there, we figured youa€™d want a fun and interactive way to promote yourself and your business, so we created an extra snazzy profile just for you and gave you the ability to sync your listings with your own website. So, if you're looking to find a great group of treasure hunters you've come to the right place.
Sales tax is applicable with the exception of buyers who present to the clerk a copy of their State Board of Equalization seller's permit, prior to payment. A cleaning deposit of $40 per unit at the storage auctions are refundable if the unit is cleared away leaving nothing behind within 24 hours. Potential buyers now have the convenience to research and budget each storage unit online from the comfort of their home. Overall both traditional and online storage auctions are beneficial to potential buyers in their own way depending on the buyers' comfort level and circumstances.
Storage Wars has made so many people aware of the business of buying public storage units at auction, and making huge profits from this once little known business. If you are new to storage auctions, and would like to know more about how everything works, please feel free to join our storage auction forums. During the start of the traditional storage auctions the online storage auctions can begin their initial bid accordingly. The first storage unit door was opened and it revealed lots of furniture and household goods. Even a newbie has a chance to earn big bucks from storage auctions in Minnesota, just like Brand Passante from Storage Wars.
But, with a little research and some due diligence, an opportunity to make some decent money from Texas storage auctions is quite possible. We have assembled a list of storage unit facilities in Texas that are known to conducts storage unit auctions. Good luck, and we hope you will enjoy bidding on storage auctions, and hopefully make some good money at it too!

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