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Bush Terminal is getting a bit greener every day thanks to a project that’s turning the former toxic brownfield site into a public park. Please note that gratuitous links to your site are viewed as spam and may result in removed comments. Mark Line Industries of Indiana was proud to be the modular fabricator for this project with Garrison Architects. Therea€™s a lot to like about Kasita, a micro-modern-modular apartment building coming up in the heart of Texas.
To help singles squeeze their lives into such small spaces, Kasita boasts tons of interior-design bells and whistles, from modular a€?tilea€? shelving to various networked-home features.
And then therea€™s Professor Dumpster, aka Jeff Wilson, the former dean of Huston-Tillotson University who once made his home in a 33-square-foot dumpster as a teaching exercise.
There is a solution to high rents in Austin, thougha€”and ita€™s staring us right in the face: The rendering of Kasita depicts in the background various types of housing in the Live Music Capital of the World, including tall residential towers, several of which have gone up in the city in recent years.
The latest addition to the site is a 1,200-square-foot, green-roofed comfort station made from shipping containers.

Hea€™s the brain behind Kasita, and hea€™s assembled a diverse team of designers and executives to build his dream in Austin and at least nine other cities. Think of them as modular storage drawers that you might buy from the Container Store (but much cooler looking). More buildings like these, with a greater variety of unit sizes and formatsa€”and, crucially, the zoning that allows for high-density residential constructiona€”is just what the doctor ordered. Designed by Turett Collaborative Architects, the building will be a key amenity for parkgoers, and it will also house an administrative office and storage for sports teams and Parks Department maintenance crews. Especially in Austin, where the population as a whole is booming but where families with children are leaving the urban coreA in droves. Theya€™re driven by the high price of land in places like Austin, one of the finest cities on this planet (and my former home).
We can also do custom outdoor storage containers… available with shelving, lighting, roll-up doors turbine vents, side doors with panic hardware, and any size you need, built to your specifications! In a city where Millennial residents are allegedly holing up in a€?stealth dormsa€? in order to escape high rents, the queue for a $600 downtown apartmenta€”even an utterly tiny onea€”would run like the endless line to Franklina€™s on a sunny Saturday during SXSW.

We can customize Portable Storage Containers or provide Mobile Pod Storage Units to help solve storage issues in your busy life.
A resident who lives on the third floor of Kasita is going to need a crane or a truck to get her pod down and on to the truck that will carry the pod to its next location. Depending on where the Kasita lots are located, the median rental housing cost might be more than three times the asking rate for a Kasita unit.
Ita€™s bound to be less expensive to hire two movers for an houra€”how much can it cost to pack up a 200-square-foot apartment?a€”or do it the old-fashioned way by paying friends for their labor with beer and pizza. And broadly speaking, permanent housing isna€™t something that begs for branding across cities, like hotel chains or Lyft.

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