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To explain where the energy of the falling water comes from, let's recall the principle of conservation of energy.
As the falling water collides with the bulk of the water at the bottom of the waterfall, water splashes randomly and chaotically in all directions.
Is it possible to capture part of the kinetic energy generated by falling water and convert it to a useful form, instead of letting it all dissipate?
In Hong Kong, we do not have a giant waterfall or a large river that provides us with a powerful flow of water to generate electricity. The dam site of the project is situated on part of the Yangtze River in Sandouping, Yichang City, Hubei Province.
Hydroelectric generation does not consume any fuel or produce air pollution or greenhouse gas emission. Do you want to make a model of a hydroelectric turbine generator that can actually produce electricity? The Guangzhou Pumped Storage Power Station is an example of such an energy storing facility.
To find out how the Guangzhou Pumped Storage Power Station works, take a look at this animation.
To know more about Guangzhou Pumped Storage Power Station and to calculate how much electrical energy is used and how much water flows up and down between the high and low reservoirs just by knowing a few facts of the station, try the following activity. For more information on another renewable energy - wind energy in Hong Kong, please refer to the following web pages:Hongkong Electric Company Ltd.

Artween is a community site that invites all players in the world of art to share, discover, enjoy and express themselves about their passion. The principle states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed, but can only be converted from one form to another. Part of the kinetic energy gained by the falling water is now converted into the kinetic energy of random motion. In 1921, the Sir Adam Beck Generating Station No.1 began diverting water from the falls into tunnels to produce electricity. However, on China's largest river the Yangtze River, we can find the world's largest hydroelectric project ever built, the Three Gorges Project. Electrical energy from power plants is used to pump water to a place of higher altitude and the gravitational potential energy of the water will be used later as the source of energy for electricity generation. The facility is not an energy generating facility, but rather, it is an energy storage facility. Sins of Hong Kong will feature a series of artworks, including oil paintings, wood carvings and limited edition prints and t-shirts, which Andrew Lin has begun creating since 2008.
If you visit Niagara Falls you will see water rushing over the cliff edge with a thunderous roar. As a result, the internal energy of the water increases, and the water temperature rises at the bottom of the falls.
The electricity produced by the Three Gorges Project could save the burning of huge amounts of coal and help improve the air quality in China.

Apart from demonstrating his ardent passion for art, this exhibition also forms part of an on-going movement to promote the awareness of local Hong Kong artists and art scene. As the water falls, this energy is converted into kinetic energy, resulting in a flow at a high velocity. It is said that in the 19th century, the famous scientist James Joule first attempted to measure the temperature change of water at a waterfall.
His contribution towards the discovery of conservation of energy resulted in the unit of energy joule being named after him. Pump storage provides a relatively economical method to store electrical energy during off-peak hours, and retrieve this energy to meet a high power demand during peak hours.
Heavy metal like mercury and other contaminants may accumulate in the reservoir, causing environmental problems.
Although hydroelectric generation is considered a source of renewable energy, large-scale hydroelectric projects may not be sustainable in the long run because of their impact on the environment [4]. For large-scale projects like the Three Gorges Project, there is also the need to resettle large populations to make room for the dam and the reservoir.

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