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One of the most popular ways to do this is with a folding screen—but why not try something different?! Indoor Plant Small Bird Cages Rattan DecorationsBookcase Ikea Room Dividers Ideas Updated by Dick Oatts on Monday, February 4, 2013, is one of the pics from the main content Ikea Room Dividers Ideas for Your Minimalist Look Room.There are 12 more pics that you can see below. Wonderful Modern Tree House For Unique Modern Residence One of unique modern house is modern tree house. Charming Teen Bedroom Comes in Various Colors for Cozy Sensation Teen likes a bedroom decorated beautifully.
Having open storage for displaying useful items doesn’t have to mean you will live with dust and disorder, in fact, it could mean the opposite. My experience is my closed cupboards and closets are the ones that end up getting the most disorganized and messy! It does take a little bit more time to find and collect affordable and pretty storage boxes, baskets and attractive things for your shelves than it does to just hide stuff behind cupboard doors. Update on finding storage boxes and display items: My favorite places to find open storage baskets, bins and cute displayable items like dishes are places like HomeGoods, IKEA, Target, Pier One, World Market and Michaels Craft. With a little creatively you can have attractive open shelves filled with ordinary hand mixers and toasters! My husband and I were struggling with finding a way to store all of my pretty white dishes — there was just no room in our cupboards!
Yes, I love open, vertical storage where everything is in plain view and attractive at the same time. I regularly make my rounds to Target, HomeGoods, Pier One, Cost Plus, Michaels Craft,IKEA and other local places. Love this post and I so agree, creative storage is a must, inside or out where people can see it.

As you know, my baskets are gorgeous and handwoven, so I really do believe that I have the perfect combo of storage and art. I really like the built in idea from picture #1, its very functional, fun and bright to look at! We installed Elfa shelves from the Container Store on a long wall in my office (the office had been a bedroom), and made two desk areas for the kids with the shelves. They can be used for pretty much anything from dividing a living room from a dining room, to creating an entry way or bedroom sitting area.
Having a mobile room divider allows you to be flexible and restore the room to its original space anytime you want. A little privacy may be your important requirement after doing long hours of hectic work before computer and you might not want to see the office equipment after office hours. I’m looking for something just like the shelf + TV combo featured in the first photo. From more elaborate built-ins, to free standing units to simple open cabinets and effective use of a blank wall, every day storage and organization can be an attractive feature in a room. If you have open storage in your home you should use it for more attractive every day items. It is an art form to live with attractive every day items on display and find creative ways to weave what you need into the design of your home (without it looking too cluttered or messy.) We can all use more storage, am I right?
This triple display board offers a place to unite all of those kid papers and creations, turning the whole wall into a way to organize life into functional art. I did something fun in my laundry room, It is almost like a beverage bar, but the contents are liquid detergent, softener etc. After I got married, I quickly discovered that I didn’t like closed storage… what is the use of finding fun containers (and oh how I love great containers) to put things in if I was just going to hide them in a cupboard?

I have a white bookshelf in my guest bedroom that is pretty empty right now but would be a great place for storage. Obviously I’m not suggesting you put your ugly plastic sippy cups in open storage, right? So many clever ways to tuck in some extra shelving or storage and if it can serve more than one purpose, all the better!
Don’t be fooled into thinking you have to spend a fortune on high end items, it is all in the presentation! I find lots of cute affordable things like baskets at HomeGoods, it just takes time to collect them over time! Some days I’m more successful than others but over time I have a great collection of things I can use for attractive storage! These days you’ll find me taking doors off closets, relishing my built-in bookcases and finding new and exciting ways to show my collections of flea-market fodder. The concept of open storage is an excellent opportunity to incorporate pattern and colour into the room.
I found some super cute neutral linen colored covered boxes at IKEA recently (they are on my bookshelves in my new home office (featured in the sidebar). But with open storage, you appreciate seeing it looking pretty so you tend to want to keep it that way.

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