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Here at Garage Storage Makers, we have a wide variety of garage storage cabinets to hold all your tools neatly and with ease. As a crafters we’re always on the lookout for the best way to store all our crafting supplies in our spaces. There are so many products on the market that are made just for craft storage, but some of those solutions can get pretty pricey. So today I would like to share with you some hidden gems that might be in your kitchen that you could use to store some of your stash. These old baby food jars were cleaned out and hung up with magnets under a cabinet to provide color coordinated button storage. Not to mention mostly free since you would be re-using something that normally goes in the trash. With the clear jars you can still see what’s inside and yet everything is neat and orderly. No, not for keeping your wine handy when you’re crafting, but with a few glasses, it makes amazing marker and pen storage right on your desktop or wall! This super smart crafter saved some jars from the kitchen – I spy spaghetti sauce and pickle jars here!
Just brighten up the lids with some paint, drill a hole and add a pretty drawer pull to the top, and you have some really cute looking jars to sort your supplies into! How about adding some Bygel Rails (meant for kitchen use) and dowels on the inside of a cabinet door to store all your craft paints?
Take advantage of your vertical wall space with a few of these and you’ll be on your way to organizing success!
This little baby holds lots of stuff, has wheels to easily roll it around your space, and it’s just a really awesome color.
This is a fantastic way to keep all those things you use all the time right on your work space. These canisters are a good way to sort out scraps or ribbon or fabric, among other things, and they give your craft room a candy shoppe look.
A cute silverware caddy or tray with cups is a great way to sort your pencils, pens and scissors. How about re-purposing a coffee pod holder for storing embossing powders (or other small tubs or jars of supplies)? Steph uses a coffee pod holder for her washi tape – stay tuned for a share of that storage option in a future post!
I hope some of these ideas help you tame your craft stash in a way that lights up your crafting world. Many of these solutions areh less expensive than the “made for crafting” storage options, not to mention they add a little uniqueness and fun to your special work space! The wine rack is a great idea and I also love the towel rod turned into a paint storage system! I am loving the rails for punches – thinking of changing out my current system for the rails (I currently use a back-of-the-door shoe holder). I just happened to be browsing around the Ikea site recently and noticed that the Turquoise Raskog cart is now only $29.99! You know you hate that feeling when you're forced to throw away something you're really sentimental about just because there's no more space in your house. As you spring clean for the upcoming Chinese New Year, I know many of you are wondering how can you possibly keep everything and yet still have enough space for people to walk through.
If there's no more space in your room for a study table, you can create a makeshift one by installing shelves by your bedside. Of course you could always transform the train table into something else such as a board games table and keep all your card games in the drawers.
Building a platform bed with lots of cupboards and drawers underneath is perfect for concealing all the junk that you want to keep especially if you're a very disorganized person. This is for those with an annoying space between your fridge and the kitchen wall who just don't know what to do with it.

Inspired by Julia Child's famous kitchen (which is now an exhibit at the Smithsonian), placing a pegboard in your kitchen is a practical way to store all your pots, pans and kitchen items. This modular multi-purpose furniture allows you to take it apart and put it back together into four different furniture - a table, a lounge, a sofa and a bed. A surround toilet cabinet is a great alternative to creating more storage space in your bathroom.
2- This is an idea, but if it were me I would probably add a cute table skirt or something so I didn’t have to look at all of it everyday. 6- These homemade rolling cabinets the organize all the tools in the garage are a great idea!
7- Last (for this post anyway) but not least are some small space storage solutions ideas for around the house.
I have wheat boxes behind my bed headboard against the wall, in a layer under my daughter’s mattress (she doesn’t have a frame or box spring), and under the TV (that layer is covered with a blanket). What I’m planning on doing is curtaining off two feet or so along one wall of the dining room (IKEA has curtain rails you can mount on the ceiling) and putting all my food storage on shelves behind it. The food storage boxes from the church canneries (the kind that hold six #10 cans each) fit very nicely between the wall and my couches. Like I said you may not like all of these ideas and some might make you laugh but there are some really creative ideas that will help you get the ball rolling on ideas that work for you. I love what your husband made – the wall can holder, do you have measurements so I can make one?
Why not try one of our garage tool cabinets which have handy drawers to make organisation easy, whilst still giving easy access for day to day use.
Coupons Below!Click on any coupon below to SAVE BIG on crafting organization & storage products! Flip the bed up and it reveals a hidden storage compartment for you to store anything you want.
In the day it acts as an office table and at night, it can be turned into a guest bed (without messing up the table!!!). Just throw all your books, notes, papers, files and what-not into it and no one can tell that you're that guy.
They can appear to be too overbearing and it'd be such a waste of space if they're not being used. A tucked-away kitchen counter will prove to be a great help for those of you who love to be in the kitchen but just have nowhere to put down that mixing bowl. One way you could maximize the space in your small kitchen is if you build a canned food cabinet like the one pictured above.
It also minimizes the time you spend searching for that mini pot to cook your maggi noodles at 2am in the morning.
Finding places to store all that Clorox and Sheltox, Pledge and Febreeze, brooms and dustpans can be frustrating if you have a small house. This corner iron pipe bookshelf provides an aesthetically pleasing way for you to store your books without taking up much space. Consisting of seven modules stacked on top of each other, it holds everything you need in a bathroom in one space!
You can store all your toilet rolls there so you don't ever have to shout for somebody to get you more. We have cute little house that was built about a hundred years ago (literally) and even though I love it I don’t love my storage options.
Their bigger buckets are $1.00 each and are food grade since the come with frosting in them. Keep in mind that some of these things may seem extreme to you but will work great for others.
I was thinking about putting something under the bed that was on a slight incline on one side.
There was a 6″ opening between her wall and the refrigerator and she decided to take advantage of it!  Check out the full post for full instructions with a shopping list, wood list and full tutorial.

We took the smallest of the three, bought heavy duty shelves from Costco and ordered a Shelf Reliance storage system for our canned goods. Even if you don’t want to put food there, it works for storing toilet paper, dish soap, shampoos, etc. Every piece of furniture in my living room and family room has food storage boxes behind it.
Pull a dresser or couch away from the wall a couple of feet and you can fit lots of cans or buckets behind it where they won’t be seen too easily. Can you give some direction or info how to build the skinny full wall can rotating system your husband made? I am moving from a 2800sf home into one less than 1400sf and will have VERY little room for any foods or storage of anything else.
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We offer a wide array of garage storage, to ensure you have can find the perfect design for your needs.
Or if you’re looking for something to store larger objects, we have double door garage storage cabinets that can be attached to the wall or stand freely. Go to the Wal-Mart bakery and ask to buy the medium size buckets that get their frosting in. I wash and dry them very well and then use them for things like food, lotion, toothpaste, shampoo and conditioner. It may not be that realistic unless you are building or are willing to put money into a remodel.
I also have water stored under my bed (I used to store it under the couch – that’s a great place to store extra diapers, too). Our storage solutions are great for helping to de-clutter by storing bikes, tools and sports equipment on your walls.
It would improve accessibility to food storage as well as utilize the space more efficiently, especially if the opening eliminated the wasted side and overhead space.
Just make sure the boxes are labeled with what’s in them and put the things you will need to get into most often on the top or it can be a real pain to find things. It leaves just the perfect amount of space between the wall and the furniture — nobody would guess there was anything back there. Make a table with a board on top of a couple of cases of canned goods and cover it with a cloth. I then covered them with contact paper (there are some really cute designs out there) and added a cute label.
I’ve stacked 2 liter pop bottles of water horizontally between my filing cabinet and the wall.
Here at Garage Storage Maker we pride ourselves on our garage storage kits, these versatile sets enable you to find all the storage you may need in one go!
I have keep buckets with my basic staples up there such as flour, sugar, oatmeal (and oatmeal packets), granola bars, and I hide my candy up there where the kids can’t see it. I’m also okay with the fact that my house doesn’t look professionally decorated—it’s disguise the food decor! The other time , a music room (Fine Arts) was used separate the family room, providing library space and art books,music books, instruments art supplies and theatrical items into a separated room with the piano. They come in Slatwall and Trackwall styles which are both easy to clean and can be adjusted to suit any area.
Our build your own kits are perfect if you have a difficult area that could be used for storage as you can tailor your  specifically to your needs and preferences!

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