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Every Supply Chain professional has a dream to tour Amazon‘s fulfillment center to see how it all works at that huge scale. Brad has been associated with global supply industry since he graduated from Detroit University Mercy where he majored in Business Administration.
The city of Goshen, Ind.’s concern about the undersized sewer and consistent basement backups on Jefferson Street led city officials from the engineering, storm water and maintenance departments to look into a green solution that would better infiltrate and retain rainwater to reduce sewer overflows. The system the city chose to implement accomplishes multiple tasks—paving surface, storm water infiltration, and storm water storage and management—with one unit. The primary concern for Goshen city officials was maintenance, both long-term and short-term. The PaveDrain system does not require sand or small aggregate stone to be installed between the joints of the individual units due to its size, weight and interlocking feature. In the spring of 2013, after reviewing various green infiltration products, the city settled on the PaveDrain system as the most viable solution in lieu of grey infrastructure. For the city of Goshen, 2014 was the worst winter it had experienced in more than 100 years, with frost depth up to 5 ft and record snowfall. Spring rains followed the extreme winter of 2014, but the flooding that would previously have affected the area did not occur due to utilization of the paving system. Jefferson Street has experienced minimal settling and any initial concerns of twisting or settling blocks were eased due to the aggregate base compaction efforts of the contractor. Type the characters you see in the picture; if you can't read them, submit the form and a new image will be generated.

The arch design of the individual concrete blocks creates an internal storage chamber for storm water runoff while also providing natural strength for heavy vehicular loads.
The system was recently part of a multiyear study, conducted by the University of Louisville Center for Infrastructure Research with financial backing from the U.S.
Sales personnel from D2LWR worked with geotechnical engineers from Tencate Mirafi and determined that the Mirafi RS580i was the best solution.
Plans and specifications were put together by the city, and in July 2013, HRP Construction of South Bend, Ind., was chosen for the job. Once the old roadway was removed and the old road base was excavated, slightly more than 30 in.
The freeze-thaw and frost heave that typically plague conventional paving solutions were not an issue.
Environmental Protection Agency and the Louisville Metropolitan Sewer District, to evaluate and establish long-term trends for maintenance. PaveDrain LLC personnel showed city officials photos of the system after it had been plowed using a steel blade.
The system successfully helped to reduce sewer overflows and basement backups through storm water infiltration, and storm water storage and management. As well as spending time in the automotive engineering industry he has also worked in the commodities marketplace.
The study indicated that when the PaveDrain Vac Head is attached to a conventional combination sewer vacuum truck, the system can be brought back to more than 90% of its initial infiltration rate, even if maintenance has rarely or ever occurred.

The blocks can be scraped, chipped and damaged, but they are too thick to be removed from the interlocking matrix. It was here that he gained his experience and expertise in soft commodities including the sourcing of commodities including cocoa, coffee, sugar, and wheat, from suppliers in the USA and around the world. A separate, independent third-party test confirmed that the system infiltrated water around the perimeter of the block at a rate of more than 4,000 in. As well as being a member of Supply Chain Stations team of expert writers he is also currently retained by one of the major American food manufacturers.
He works on a consultative basis drawing on his intimate knowledge of international sourcing in soft commodities and his understanding of the workings of global supply chain. The transition from larger aggregate to smaller aggregate was compacted into place with a large vibratory steel roller. After the base preparation was finished, the installation of the prefabricated mats, totaling 17,200 sq ft of the system, took only one week to complete using the mat layout provided by PaveDrain LLC.

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