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Last week the Houston City Council passed an ordinance requiring people who sell precious metals to be fingerprinted and photographed.
In other words, citizens who sell gold will be considered criminals until they demonstrate otherwise. This is ridiculous and definitely the Government trying to watch the preppers and take what we have. If someone is actually stealing and selling gold jewelry for a living in Houston, the cops already know who they are. This is yet another half-assed law promoted by liberal morons who believe that CRIMINALS will follow the law. However, if someone breaks into a house and steals all the gold, its going to be harder for them to sell it, and from that point of view this helps to limit crime, doesnt it? So by getting fingerprinted like a criminal and photographed you prove that you are not a criminal? This is where the Super Rich and the governments of the world will fail utterly because a very healthy black market for gold and silver will ensue.
Last week Honda Canada quietly bought out all contracts with contracted workers at their two plants in Alliston, On.
January 29th was the last day of work for contract workers at Plant #2, while February 26th is the last day for contract workers at Plant #1.
We've posted various stories lately about Honda Canada's efforts to cut output at their Alliston, Ontario facility (click here, here and our favourite here). We have a rather wonderful new range of Gourmet Potatoes grown on the Morghew Park Estate in the Weald of Kent.
SHETLAND BLACK has a very dark blue, almost black skin with pale yellow flesh that has a distinctive purple ring. As we all know, two things affect the price of all things tangible and intangible – supply and demand.
Interpolating the graph above on current gold prices, we can find what seasonality suggests gold prices could be, at any future day in the coming year(s).
We believe 2012 will be a historic year for the global economy and there is significant upside in gold prices. In conclusion we suggest that seasonality is not a strategy in itself, however, as a responsible trading operation we do factor it into our analysis and make recommendations accordingly, along with the utilization of our other propitiatory models for trading gold and gold options.

It was nice to bag a couple of winners before January ended and hopefully 2012 will continue in a successful manner. Please be aware that discussions are taking place regarding an increase in the price for this service for new members, so if you are thinking about joining us, then do it sooner rather later in order to avoid this additional expense. SK Options Trading makes no guarantee or warranty on the accuracy or completeness of the data provided. References allow you to track sources for this article, as well as articles that were written in response to this article.
Although Honda Canada never made a public announcement, the Barrie Advance, a local newspaper, was informed, likely from some upset workers. In business, sales, production, inventory, man hours and the best time to discount can be at least partially predicted by seasonal effects.
To find this, we simply add the returns for each month in every year since 1969 and divide them by the number of observed years – 43. Firstly, we have increased our observations from 12 (monthly averages) to 250 (number of days gold is traded each year – generally). From this we can deduce, gold definitively follows seasonal patterns and has done for some time, as the curve that plots prices since 1969 closely follows the other more recent trend lines. Rather than showing the average daily price trend over the last 11 years, we have the daily prices of each of the 11 years separately. In the long run, one can likely profit from these patterns, but they are not a hard and fast rule and can be flipped upside down in any given year. Investing or trading based on seasonal patterns alone is a little unwise, considering the fragile state of the global economy and the variation that can occur within the model. Nothing contained herein is intended, or shall be deemed, to be investment advice, implied or otherwise. Can you imagine the chaos in commerce that would occur if every item over say $1,000 required the seller to surrender fingerprints and photographs – more accurately, mugshots – which the buyer would be obliged under penalty of law to submit to the state within 48 hours? Each successive day is compared to the previous; if day 2 is higher than day 1, the index rises by the percentage increase over the two days, and vice versa.
Agricultural producers and farmers in these relatively poor nations aren’t likely to deposit their profits in the local MegaFinCorp Enhanced Leveraged Credit Opportunities Fund IV.
A clear pattern is much harder to pick and is a good reminder that anything can and will happen in any given year.

Seasonality is easily dominated by other events such as the GFC, QE or further developments in the Euro crisis.
This letter represents our views and replicates trades that we are making but nothing more than that. One can analyse trends not just over months but weeks and even days and a clearer pattern emerges. You would imagine that demand for gold will correlate somewhat with global economic activity and with that activity slowing in summer, so too does the demand for gold. Instead they traditionally store their wealth in gold and with huge numbers of producers doing the same the gold prices rise. If QE3 were to transpire early in this year one can almost guarantee seasonal trends will fly out the window. What causes this, to what magnitude does it occur and most importantly – how can we profit?
Secondly, we have narrowed down our data range from 43 years to 11, giving us more timely information. Remember in 2008 during the GFC, investors scrambled for liquidity and cash based assets, even avoiding a renowned safe haven asset that is gold, hence we saw a large drop in the price. We accept no liability for any loss arising from the use of the data contained on this letter. Needless to say, the early post float gold market was quite different than what it has developed into over the last decade or so, hence removing that less relevant data paints a clearer picture. There are various cultural reasons behind this, but suffice to say gold holds an important place in Indian culture, especially in the wedding season which commences in October and gold is often given as a wedding gift. Options contain a high level of risk that may result in the loss of part, or all, of invested capital and therefore are suitable for experienced and professional investors and traders only.

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