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Android Enthusiasts Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for enthusiasts and power users of the Android operating system. If necessary, I'm willing to plug my phone into my computer and use developer tools to resolve this issue.
Here are a couple images showing that the biggest gain I could get for storage would be to delete some system files (which is why I'm guessing that the problem is accumulated log files).
I tagged my question Galaxy S4 because I wonder if the problem might be specific to my phone. Alternatively, installing a custom recovery (eg: CWM) and choosing to delete all backups in the Internal SD seems to have solved the problem for many users. You shouldn't need to do anything more than exploring your files, which you can do with the onboard MyFiles app or download OI File Manager.
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Why is my choir director telling a bunch of rednecks to drop their Rs as though they were Londoners?
Is there any reason why mostly technology deprived planets are pictured in the Star Wars movies? While in hiding, why did they have to apparate on the top step of Grimmauld Place entrance (and not directly inside)? Everything is backed up, but it’s not the most efficient use of hard drive space, and if I need to access some of those files I have to make sure the other desktop is on. I know some of you have already made the jump to NAS storage, so I’m looking for some input. Was considering Drobos for down-the-line expandability, but Synology has a feature called SmartRAID that basically allows the same thing – two disk redundancy a la RAID6, but you can swap the drives for bigger ones down the road and have it automatically rebuild and give you more space.
The DS1511 can also be hooked up to two expansion chassis (I think the part number is DX510?) to add up to another ten drive bays (five per chassis), if you really need to add storage.
Hmm, I have a couple of old P4 boards laying around, maybe I’ll slap something together with my left over 500GB drives and test it out to see how I like it.
I own a 1511 + 5 x 2Tb hard drives, it has a lot of sharing features, even over the internet. A lot of great software included and, for me a important thing, firmware updates every 3-6 months ! It’s a profesional way to backup your data and comes with secure and handy capabilities. Staying competitive is often hard to do when costly expansions or relocations are necessary for a business.Lessening the cost of increasing capacity through effective space management planning and the correct storage system, instead of relocation or expansion is often the only choice. Working WITH your business and understanding the specific needs is imperative to the planning process.
There are numerous options available to store ANY product, using the correct one is essential to help keep warehouse costs down. Find out how Emrack can help you achieve your goals, and the best possible ROI call 1300 893 909 TODAY! Related postsIncrease Your Warehousing Storage Space WITHOUT the need to relocate premises! A couple of days back, WhatsApp had rolled out a new feature which allows you to send PDF documents to your contacts. Dessie - Optimum Chest of drawers in solid walnut with leather handles and encased in glass. MANDAL Chest of 6 drawers IKEA Made of solid wood, which is a hardwearing and warm natural material.
The true wood grain contrasting the opaque solid white paint, makes this more appealing and visually interesting.
Clean, straightforward styling lines up the natural beauty of wood in broad planks of solid mango wood finished in two gorgeous tones. IKEA - Tarva chest of drawers, $79.99 - Matt Monroe, a Los Angeles-based designer and craftsman of high-end, custom wood furniture, is impressed with the quality of this piece. HEMNES Chest with 5 drawers IKEA Made of solid wood, which is a durable and warm natural material. This blog is dedicated to distribute current information about the Coalition for the Homeless in Cleveland or poverty or the state of homelessness. Et tu 4Runner?  So many historically famous cars are back with “good old days” styling but added overweight dimensions to the party.

Maybe the 4Runner is a poor man’s Land Rover: the dashboard was cribbed from something suitable for a weekend in the UK countryside. Then again, maybe those new age station wagons don’t care.  Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.
When you combine a motor with a torque peak at 4400 revs, a drive-by-wire system with more red tape than Medicare and five-cog automatic with downshifts slow enough to earn a free pizza delivery, the result is a vehicle torn between doing what the driver wants and what the CUV-segment demands.  The available four-cylinder motor can only make matters worse, as the enlarged 4Runner should have kept the once optional V8 instead. And the buzz kill runs like a negative undercurrent behind the 4Runner’s overpromising sheetmetal.
The stall speed on the torque converter (in my tester, and every V6 Toyota I’ve tested) whizzed past that rpm on launch, so that makes about no sense at all. The old V8 did provide reassuring levels of grunt, though, contributing to the previous 4Runner’s rugged overall feel. Not surprised that the reliability is still good but it is true that the interior fitments are not what they used to be. I’d say that there is no other vehicle sold in the US market today with a longer history of being absolutely indestructible as the 4-Runner. The Tacoma, on the other hand, having switched from being made in Japan to being made in NUMMI to being Hecho en Mexico to now being Hecho in San Antonio probably will have resulting durability effects. Truck-based SUV drivers will care about this much more than they will the comfort of the ride, or how it takes a twisty corner. Interesting point: per Consumer Reports, one of the 4Runners (V6 or V8, not sure) was always the one and only Toyota that got blackmarked consistently.
While the SUVs from the good old days were no track Gods, you couldn’t resist cracking a smile when their chassis hugged a twisty road with surprising speed and grace. I would have much rather seen a review of the Trail Edition package, and maybe throw a little mud and rocks at it.
It used to be, when you shell out extra for a Toyota, you got dang-near the best plastics and finest fit and finish in the business.
This was clearly designed prior to Akio-san’s mea culpa vis-a-vis quantity over quality, but I really hope future products like the FT-86 will have a little more love put into them, so to speak. I am getting the "Storage space running out" error message in my notifications bar, and some applications have quit working or updating.
Looking at what's taking up so much space on my phone, it does seem likely to me that the problem is my phone has lots of accumulated log files that aren't being deleted. I've attached a few screenshots below showing how my phone is using up space, though, and I believe that they show that my real problem is that there's something my OS is doing wrong, perhaps creating a lot of log files and not deleting them to save space. In particular, I know that the *#9900# trick only works on some phones, and I wonder if there's a different trick along the same lines for Galaxy S4s in particular. 2) If you're aware of the activity responsible for that hidden menu then you may use ADB to show that menu.
But Before that, Select & Move your Videos, Images, Files, Audios from Social Media Apps Folder.
As of right now 2TB of footage and photos are saved on a raid 1 array in my main desktop and another 1.5TB of the same type of critical files are saved on my second work station in the same manner.
Right now I’m leaning towards a Synology deskstation DS1511 or 1512 with five 3TB drives. Since I got cheaper 3tb drives from seagate broken I only go WD caviar black drives in Raid1 pairs. The 15* you have a look at also leave enough room for future extension (with the corresponding DX up to 15 hard drives) and are also quite powerful, resulting in relatively high transfer speeds – pretty sure speedier than the cheap solutions from firms like Buffalo or WD. If the speeds are anywhere close to that you could probably work on small projects right from the NAS, assuming you have a good switch and cat 6 cable.
Actually set one up for a Media Arts college for class materials and their giant sound effects library, they’re very happy with it. You can try the DSM (admin panel) on Synology’s website to see all features available concretly. By installing the CORRECT racking system individually designed to suit your businesses requirements and specific stock or materials the ROI can often be huge.
The team at Emrack are industry experts and strive to give businesses valued advice and access to storage systems that utilise the available space best, increasing capacity without the need to relocate.
Sure you can free up space by moving your photos but recently there’s a bug on WhatsApp that appears to be sucking up more storage than usual.
After the initial update, a couple of iPhone users including our unit have been getting alerts that storage is running out.

Let us know if WhatsApp had bogged down your iPhone and whether it is fixed after you’ve updated the app. I am going to paint both white and use coloured chalkboard paint on the fronts of the drawers, in purple pink and green to go with their room colours.
It comes with 11 roomy drawers finished in 4 different colours and with an eclectic range of handles. This chest of drawers is made of solid wood so it's beautiful as is or you can paint or stain it to match your room.
It’s sort of like Fat Elvis, on four wheels.  That said, “Moody Blue” is a pretty catchy song.
Tough for toughness sake, perhaps?  Clock that small-ish greenhouse, but note the surprisingly decent visibility. On the plus side, bang for the buck of a used 4Runner is officially realized: more inspired performance and an optional V8 for those who take towing seriously. And if you can go from zero to 45 in a couple of seconds in normal street traffic using idle-1500 rpm, I’d like to know what vehicle is pushing you. Contrary to all of the talk in the press, the great majority of Toyotas have continued to do well in our Car Reliability Survey, and 4Runners have been consistently solid. I was raised on late 70s FJ Landcruisers and they were prone to inducing feelings of imminent death when driven on public roads over 60 MPH.
But turning an older (smaller) SUV is far superior to new ones in terms of steering feel, turn-in is crisper even with tall tires, and they seem to have firmer suspensions too. It’s somewhat entertaining to see how far I can get the rear to slide over speedbumps though. This problem is not just confined to Galaxy S4, but to other phones too (Note 2, Note 3 Galaxy S3 S4 S5). Look into what exactly is taking up so much space in "Pictures, videos" and "Audio" and move some of it to the external SD card.
All said and done I’ll probably end up spending $1200 between the cost of drives and the NAS. Also freeNAS is built on FreeBSD so you can get a list of what’s compatible and what is not. Even after uninstalling apps and clearing up photos, it didn’t take too long before the available storage space goes back to 0 bytes. So the new 4Runner is another wrong move from a company seemingly destined to steal defeat from the hands of victory. I drove one of these loaners last week, and it went from zero to 45 mph in a couple of seconds without ever going over 1500 RPM. I am happy with the functionality my phone has, even with bloatware and tied to my provider, and I don't want to take the time to root my phone for this one problem if I don't have to. If any of you have any lower priced ideas or better recommendations I’d love to hear them. To clear even more space, we suggest clearing up media files from your chat history as that also builds up after a long period of time.
Because of its size (smaller than a wardrobe), different styles and shapes that match all of interiors design. Would-be buyers are better off filling the garage with a fully depreciated 4Runner to remember the good old days, plus a new Camry for today’s harsh realities.
Did you actually drive one or did you just look at the “torque peak” on the spec sheet? In Canada , buyers must pony up for the limited to get the third row seat, this puts the price at well over $50k.
Honestly, the specs on my S3 are similar to yours and I don't have this problem, so I'm just suggesting that any obvious differences are probably the culprit. My first attempt to test it was an old P4 with 3 250gb drive after a month of testing it I was satisfied and built a dedicated server for it. Have a flick through pictures down below to see some inspirational examples how your room may look like with a chest of drawers.

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