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A New Zealand expat and her son use their prefabricated lakeside New Jersey retreat as an outdoorsy counterpoint to city life. A Lakeside Prefab in New JerseyA New Zealand expat and her son use their prefabricated lakeside New Jersey retreat as an outdoorsy counterpoint to city life.Photo by: Mark MahaneyCurious on what was popular last week? Container Store: Since the first floor is mostly transparent to the outdoors, built-in storage for hiding detritus is crucial. Emergency Exit: A poodle-size dog door is a must for Max, who, as his owner reports, loves the lake house.
Debbi Gibbs first encountered Lake Iosco more than a decade ago, when she started visiting the home of family friend Florent Morellet, proprietor of the legendary, now-departed diner Florent in New York City.
The great thing is that the Lake Iosco Company owns 400 acres—woods, properties with houses, and the lake—that back onto the protected Wanaque Reservoir. I have an architecture degree, and I’d been interested in Case Study houses since I was in school. The old house was like a cave, and I wanted this house to be the opposite: a pavilion where you didn’t feel enclosed at all. Resolution: 4 had a list of preferred materials and components that they could source easily. There are neighbors on the lake who love the house, and there are others who very politely say it’s not their style.
At SaloneSatellite, Polish designer Agata Nowak showcased a line of convertible furniture meant to simplify life at the office and beyond. Each week, we tap into Dwell's Instagram community to bring you the most captivating design and architecture shots of the week. The Philadelphia artist takes over MASS MoCA with the immersive neon-lit installation "Free Roses" and a contemporary spin on Pop art interiors.
In celebration of our annual issue devoted to kitchens and baths, we did a lap of Instagram for some extra inspiration. In a quiet corner of the famed Spanish party island, rug designer Nani Marquina and photographer Albert Font have carved out a serene, site-sensitive home. When a traditional architectural style meets handmade details, the result is a quietly modern retreat.
In upstate New York, two families unite to design a vacation house that will suit all their needs for years to come.
Two families in Padua, Italy, combine forces—and resources—to build a pair of matching houses. Closettec will create a custom designed wall system for every area of your home, from your den or bedroom to your basement.We will design everything from a complete state-of-the-art home entertainment center to a multipurpose play center and beyond. We understand that you have your own ideas for work, play or family areas in your home, and we have flexible and versatile solutions to turn those ideas into reality! I was skeptical of my own work towards the end of the settle build, but my doubts were alleviated by a trip to our upholsterer. This entry was posted in Furniture and tagged Arts & Crafts on September 22, 2014 by Michael.
This entry was posted in Furniture and tagged Furniture the Met, Metropolitan Museum on September 15, 2014 by Michael. While the open floor plan is not without its appeal, it tends to work better when divided into functional zones. This entry was posted in Furniture and tagged 2014, design, Mid-Century Modern on September 8, 2014 by Michael.
This entry was posted in Furniture and tagged Arts & Crafts on August 31, 2014 by Michael.

It’s only after building this variation on a Borge Mogensen design that I fully appreciated the original.
This entry was posted in Furniture and tagged 2014, bookcase, Danish Modern, Mid-Century Modern on August 26, 2014 by Michael. This entry was posted in Furniture and tagged Danish Modern, Mid-Century Modern on August 11, 2014 by Michael. I’ve been looking at a lot of wall units as part of my latest book project, and my favorite has to be this one by Finn Juhl. This entry was posted in Furniture and tagged Danish Modern, Mid-Century Modern on August 4, 2014 by Michael. The gate features an attractive reverse arch at the top trimmed with a thin strip to prevent water absorption through the board ends, an instance of form complementing function. For full website functionality, please upgrade your browser to Internet Explorer 9 (or greater), Firefox, Safari or Chrome. She had low-level Sub-Zero and Wolf appliances as well as pop-up vents installed in the kitchen so there’s nothing at eye level.
Glass walls and doors by Andersen also mean that Gibbs can keep a close eye on Blake when he’s playing in the yard. The cylinders transmit sunlight during the day, Tanney explains, and at night the installation becomes a “backlit constellation” triggered by motion sensors. The lake is part of a private neighborhood in New Jersey with an unconventional cooperative arrangement: Each person who purchases property actually buys into a group of shareholders and is granted a 100-year lease on the land. So there’s all this wildlife right in the middle of the suburbs—black bears, red foxes, beavers, mink.
I’d been looking vaguely at prefab, but most of what I saw was international, not American.
And I wanted a kitchen at the middle of the house, with low-level appliances and drawers down below, in order to socialize.
Interestingly, my taxes went down because in this area, a house like mine is in the lowest tax bracket—maybe it’s considered the least desirable. He’d asked us to come into the shop to confirm the final look of the back and side cushions.
I would love to see the marketing material for the piece if it exists, since it might be the oddest server I’ve ever seen, beginning with the basic design and ending with the allusions to Chinese and Japanese forms. The folding screen, a staple of Arts & Crafts catalogs at the turn of the 20th century, is one way to help define these zones, but an open shelf like this design by an unknown maker accomplishes much the same effect without creating a solid barrier. Normally I like an apron set back from legs to vary the plane of a base, but here the legs are set flush with the base aprons, and the entire base is flush with sides of the case, presenting what should be a monolith, but the cove along the top of the base interrupts the facade. The height and use of 6 x 6 posts make it a bit imposing, and the use of tongue-and-groove boards create a solid privacy border.
The gate way, though, leaves something to be desired in the execution of the stacking of elements.
A plinth of reused bedrock found on the property has become an unintended place for active play.
Gibbs loved the seeming wilderness of the area, especially considering its relative proximity to her New York apartment. And yet, ten minutes west is a suburban New Jersey strip mall, which is extraordinary.When I bought this property there was a little one-room shack on it. After I bought this property I saw the Dwell Home competition [in Dwell’s December 2004 issue]. The reason we came here is the outdoors, and the house is designed so that the outside is an extension of the inside. Even with only the decking and bottom cushions complete at the point, the settle was looking really good.

The server design eschews cupboards or drawers in favor of a grid of open shelves surrounding a single cupboard with a drop-front door decorated by an inset tile. I find it interesting that it’s executed in wood where I associate most Bauhaus design with bent metal frames. The asymmetrical grid and single drawer liven the design, while construction is relatively straightforward. Conversations about American Arts & Crafts furniture tend to begin and end with the work of Gustav Stickley. Too, Mogensen creates variation elsewhere, making the shelves thinner than the case stock and setting the edges of the shelves back from the plane of the case front. To cut the miters, I used a large chamfer bit and clamped a fence to the edge of the board to guide the bearing–a simple setup that let me bring the tool to some large pieces of stock and also avoided fussing with a router table. Part of it is the excellent staging and photography by Wyeth, but the piece itself shows good design coupled with capable manufacturing. The top consists of a couple of small slabs and a fill strip, all attached to the welded steel base through the bottom so fasteners won’t show.
The slat spacing on the lattice renders it relatively impermeable as well, an effect (if deliberate) that might have been better accomplished with a solid board or two.
She bought a ramshackle cabin with plans to tear it down and start fresh, then bided her time until she found just the right architects. The tops of the windows were below my eye level—I could look down and see the ground but I couldn’t look out—so my biggest wish for a new house was to be able to see the surroundings. The two side frames capture the mitered case while dadoes house the shelves and vertical dividers. We were initially going to live in that shack for just one year, in order to get a sense of the seasons and how we’d use it.
Half-blind dovetails join the sides and ends of the drawer box, but simpler joinery would suffice. The cases are dovetailed, which surprised me a little, but it makes sense since these are made from solid stock. The piece is completely wrong for our space, but I’d love an excuse to build something like it. I had a very clear idea of what I wanted design-wise, but Joe and Robert have such great expertise in terms of both the restrictions and possibilities of modular units. For such a large assembly, I couldn’t tape the edges and roll the case up after applying glue. Were I to build something similar, though, I think I’d opt for a trestle base in wood.
Then, when I got pregnant with Blake [now ten], I thought that the invitations might dry up, so I started looking around in this area for other houses. I don’t think your average architect could waltz in and design a prefab house like they do.
Instead I glued the dividers to the case top and bottom, then glued one side at a time, clamping the side to a diver and using clamps to along the side to bring the miter together. After considering options for base attachment, I drilled some pocket holes in the aprons and screwed the base to the case. I can always get here door-to-door in about an hour, which means I can pop out for one night or just the day.

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