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When watching your first episode of Storage Wars it doesn’t take long to realize one of these folks bidding on abandoned storage units is not like the others.
So how is Barry able to afford buying all those lockers when he usually only keeps one or two items, or even nothing at all?
Now 60 years old, Barry made his fortune along with his brother Joey Weiss selling wholesale fruits and vegetables. The name of the produce company is Northern Produce (or Northern Produce-Mushroom) and it’s still open and located at 5354 E.
Northern Produce is a wholesale produce distributor serving Southern California since 1938. You can keep up with Northern Produce on Facebook as well, where they share amazing photos of some of the exotic produce they have available. UPDATE – Click here to see a blond, long-haired version of Barry Weiss when he was living the life of a 1980s wholesale produce rock star! And how does a retired produce salesman with a penchant for collecting wind up a huge reality star with a perpetual stream of Facebook marriage proposals? In the interview Barry also addresses whether or not he keeps or sells most of the interesting things he finds in the storage lockers and why his approach seems so much more laid back than the others. Barry is a right guy and helps the show go, I do sometime wonder what he does with the stuff he doesn’t want. I agree Pamela, I think Berry is great, but It makes me feel bad when he throws and breaks good stuff, he could have Good Will or a church or homeless charity standing by to help him unload anything he doesn’t want standing by, and take it out and away for him. Barry your the man please help out brandy and jarrod with items you do not want please do not give them to mean money grabbing dave juupp.What comes around goes around remember barry one good turn pays you back 10 fold. I just bid on a unit (after watching the show for a few months) I paid 425 and in came with about 14 tripple head candy machines, halloween decorations, tools, a brand new drill press, a brand new still in box range hood, and tons of other things!
Barry Weiss is a guy who likes to spend money buying lockers full of stuff so he can throw it in a pile and smash it. He doesn’t talk about them in every show but in some of the shows Barry talks about calling his guys to come and finish up with the locker. I will love you forever if you make a new episode & kick Dave Hester right in the beans.
Barry is the reason why I watch storage wars, my girl put me on and im always curious to see what barry pulls up in. There aren’t many cool cats like the RAT PACK, Sinatra, Martin, Lawford, Bishop & Sammy, anywhere anymore! Barry, just get a show of your own telling stories about the modes of transportation and other unique things you’ve collected over the years!
There is no doubt that eccentric collector Barry Weiss is the rock star of A&E’s popular reality series Storage Wars, but who knew his rock star identity dates all the way back to at least the 1980s?!? The photo above was featured on a recent episode of the show when Barry was debating on a purchasing a storage unit chock full of what appeared to be numerous items from the 1980’s.
Just when I thought this witty skeleton-gloved Cowboy Cadillac driving loner couldn’t get any cooler!
If you google this guy, it will tell you he’s more loaded than all the other bidders. Would you consider donating a days ride along for charity…The Roosters Foundation of Orange County could use your celebrity to raise money for Kids at risk in Orange County, California.

If that is Barry, he would have been 35 in that photo, and he looks good for a 35 year old. I am sick and tired of you morons making fun of 1980s styles.people in the 1970s and 1980s dressed a lot better than these idiots dress today. IDK if Barry ever answers these but I would like to know if he ever checks out Jay Leno’s garage? So, if he was into wholesale produce and yet not in the wholesale produce business what might be Mr. In recent seasons, Storage Wars has quietly shuffled in and out bidders, presumably to find a fitting replacement for Dave Hester. The silver-lining for fans of the silver-haired collector is that he isn’t entirely closing the door to a future return.
After the first season, the show just became something similar to Groundhog Day, the same thing over and over.
American reality television personality and professional storage-treasure hunter , Barry Weiss, has an estimated net worth of $10 million .
I have no idea how I made it to 39 years old without ever needing a storage unit, but somehow I did. Of course, right now I am living with my in-laws so the second half of that last statement is sort of invalid. So anyway, I rented a storage unit so that we could put 80% of what we own in it while we are renovating the house.
It is CRAMMED full…I actually laugh when I see them open those units and see how little is really in most of them. Barry also has a 1957 Ford Ranchero, Jaguar XG, Ducati Diavel, a customized Harley Davidson, and a Moto Guzzi motorcycle that we've seen on various episodes of Storage Wars.
Internet rumors suggest he is a former Hollywood producer, which isn’t that far from the truth spelling-wise. We have earned a reputation of the highest quality fresh produce coupled with unmatched service.
But to show up on a couple of different Harleys AND then on a Moto Guzzi cafe racer is different because most people are hardly aware of them and it does take a certain deep involvement to ride two wildly different styles of bike!
Make sure you bring along your offbeat characters that are your friends to share in the hilarity!!
Check out the photo above of Barry with a pre-Storage Wars Barry Weiss groupie from circa 1985 when the charismatic King of Zing was the proud owner of a seriously glam rocktacular head of long hair! Barry commented that the stuff in the locker matched a jacket he had from around 1985 that had padded shoulders, at which point A&E showed this startling image. And remember folks, that long-haired ladies man up there was running a wholesale produce company at the time! His humor about himself,life,the auctions make the show for us,as well as his *rare collectables* he stumbles across. He is just more relaxed, funnier, at ease and basically just radder than all these other guys.
PLUS, where can you buy it?Kylie Jenner’s Coachella Day Two eyeballkini outfit may have seemed unique and fresh, but it was actually soooo 24 hours ago as festival goer Brit Day rocked the same exact look on Day One! But, Radar Online reports even more shuffling has gone on behind the scenes — and an actual fan favorite will soon move on.

My best guess is that my drummer’s mom let us practice in her garage and I never moved back in with my parents. The idea of Darrell tying to figure out if the copy of the Tampa Tribune the day after the Bucs won the Super Bowl was worth anything yet makes me laugh.
Or so I say until I open that sucker back up and realize we were paying to store stuff I should have just donated at the time.
When we finally bought a house and could collect our stuff, I couldn’t believe how much useless junk we were keeping in it. Barry seems to pull up to each and every every episode in a different vehicle from his apparently endless collection of antique and custom cars, trucks, and motorcycles, sporting his trademark skeleton gloves and custom West Coast Chopper glasses – not really looking for things to make money on so much as looking for unique and collectible items to add to his collection.
He adds flavor to the cast, because the rest do it for a living, so they take it more serious. I live in Costa Mesa and I have been to dave Hestor’s store (rags to riches it is over price crappy stuff)in 2008 a little after he open it up, in my opinion he is a Jerk . If you are ever looking for someone just to sit back and kick it with in LA, just challah !!!!!
I will sit for hours watching the show.I am an auto body mechanic and would love to see all his vehicles.
All the best and wishing you good Health and lots of love from Greater Manchester England UK…. He makes me laugh and reminds me of myself always making jokes and always happy.What a great guy.
Please give it some consideration and contact me as soon as possible…It’s Easter, a great time to give! My kinds of guy.Call me Berry let me hang around a coulple of weels and see how this business really runs.
It features a Cadillac front end and a very futuristic interior along with and exposed engine. He said he was working on something with these storage lockers, and would I like to be a part of it?
I can see why his family bought him out and was put out to start his own place, sonmeday he will take it on the chin. You have a great attitude which will hopefully make people realize that life is worth everything! The northern Produce team looks forward to the opportunity of serving as a strategic partner in your food service operation. I know you don’t need it Barry, but come on mate, find the big one, and the very best of luck. I wonder what they could get for my still in the shrink wrap “Open Up and Say Aah” Poison album with the original cover?
Its a good group of people on the show and I LOVE how Barry usually remains neutral and appears to try not to get into the middle of the other guys disputes!

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