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Each set of home plans that we offer will provide you with the necessary information to build the home.
Floor Plans: Shows the placement of walls and the dimensions for rooms, doors, windows, stairways, etc.
Foundation Plans: will include a basement, crawlspace or slab depending on what is available for that home plan. In the course of researching the Garden of Allah novels, I came across all sorts of places in and around Hollywood and the greater Los Angeles area and started to collect the information together into one location on my website. Pacific Ocean Park – the perpetual, mist-shrouded carnival that rambled along the length of the Ocean Park pier, in Santa Monica. The Palomar had been successful for a few years, but now, as the de facto West Coast capital of swing, it really took off. As listed in the ‘Los Angeles Guide, 1941’ : “One of the few good outdoor restaurants in Los Angeles.
Originally built as part of a major exposition complex in Gilmore Island bounded by Beverly Boulevard and Fairfax Ave., the auditorium was one of several major sports and entertainment buildings. Perino’s, on Wilshire, was opened by people who had been associated with Victor Hugo’s and it quickly established a reputation for providing the best food in Los Angeles.
On opening night, Mabel Normand sent her former co-star a life-sized model of himself made of flowers. For over a year the Plantation was the hottest spot in town, and its stage gave Arbuckle the performing outlet he so desperately needed.
The Players Club almost opposite Garden of Allah was owned by playwright Preston Sturges who lost most of his money on it. The restaurant was on two levels and when, after the first season, it showed a loss, Sturges closed it and substituted a music and dance area called the Playroom which had a gala opening in the first part of 1942. Named after the New York theatrical club…Through its various costly face-lifts, The Players eventually grew to include a barber shop and a dinner theater cum nightclub known as “The Playroom”. Sturges opened The Players here in 1940 in an attempt to bring some sophistication to the local nightlife. By 1953 Hollywood had written Sturges off as an alcoholic has-been, and the burger stand was the only part of The Players still open for business.
King’s Tropical Inn (Washington and Adams, Culver City) had a jungle look in the 20s and then a Polynesian look in the 30s when the Mainland-to-Hawaii route opened up. Radium Sulphur Springs – Corner Melrose Ave and Gower St in the “Colegrove” area of Los Angeles. Map showing the “Colegrove Addition, which reached as far north as Hollywood Blvd (then called Prospect Blvd) and reaching as far south as Exposition Blvd. Started out as “Jim Stacey’s” after Prohibition, then became “France Edwards’”, then the Retake Room. A fellow named Ferris Webster was a Film Editor for MGM Studios in Culver City and also owned a very popular bar and grill called the “Retake Room” right across from the entrance and exit to the studio (not a bad location, eh?). Rhum Boogie – a nightclub Mickey Cohen operated on Highland Ave, near Hollywood Boulevard. The Rhythm Room at the Hotel Hayward – Corner 6th Street and Spring Street, downtown Los Angeles. Rings Music – music store on Cherokee, south of Hollywood Boulevard had the largest sheet music collection in the world. Gangsters tried to buy Mike out.Prince Michael Romanoff, who was born Harry Gerguson, the son of a Brooklyn tailor, had a royal record of check bouncing before we went legitimate with his Beverly Hills hashhouse. Romanoff’s had a large Hollywood clientele, specialized in French cuisine and was run by a flamboyant former Chasen’s waiter, “Prince” Michael Romanoff.
Michael Romanoff (born Hershel Geguzin) was a Hollywood restaurateur and actor born 20 February 1890 in Lithuania.
The New Yorker ran a series of four Profile articles starting Oct 29, 1932 that traces his history from birth until date of publication.
When His Imperial Highness decided to open a restaurant in Beverly Hills, Cary Grant, Darryl Zanuck, Jack Warner, Joseph Schenck, Jock Whitney, Caesar Romero, and Robert Benchley were among those who provided financial backing. Mike’s political views may have cost him business, but they helped him achieve his goal.
The Rosslyn Hotel (1914) and its annex (1923) across the street were built, owned, and operated by the entrepreneurial Hart brothers, whose name is represented by the iconic heart-shaped sign on the roof.
The New Rosslyn Hotel, as it was originally named, was built next to an older hotel called the Rosslyn, for the staggering sum of one million dollars (hence the signage, Million Dollar Hotel). At one time it was the largest hotel on the Pacific Coast, with 1,100 rooms and 800 baths between the two structures.
The cafe burned to the ground on the night of June 6, 1928 and it moved to the Hollywood Plaza Hotel at 1633-37 N.
General Theodor Lodijensky presided over the establishment, and Greta Garbo among it’s frequent visitors. Time Magazine – June 18, 1928 – “Charles Spencer Chaplin, funnyman, picked up a garden hose, squirted it.
In the 1920s, was originally called Henry’s Cafe and run by a Charlie Chaplin stock player called Henry Bergman. This photo shows that the Satyr must have moved to the corner of Hollywood and Vine by the 1950s. Savoy Shirt Shop – 8470 Melrose Ave – The clothing store that made custom-made shirts was owned by gangster brothers Fred and Joe Sica and was a front for a giant wholesale narcotics business. Schwab’s was on the corner of Sunset and Crescent Heights – a 2-minute walk from Garden of Allah.
Brothers Leon, Bernard, Martin & Jack, all pharmacists, owned at one time 6 family drug stores around town.
Under new ownership in the 1960s, the popular night spot became the Seven Seas Supper Club. Simon’s Drive-In – at the corner of Wilshire and Fairfax, an Art Deco mirage of glass and neon served by carhops, a new variation of the American Girl, a cross between a waitress, an usherette and a starlet, who emerged as a protagonist in the new relationship between the restaurant and the automobile. Well the answer is simple, OSE Florida.  At OSE, we provide the best Chiefland Florida sheds for the lowest prices!  Our sheds are made of the highest quality materials, are durable and tough, and look like they were made by a professional designer.

Call us today or email us using the form to the right and we will get back to you immediately with a no obligation quote! Proudly Delivering Steel Buildings and Carports to:Alachua, Apopka, Arcadia, Avon Park, Belleview, Bradenton, Bushnell, Chiefland, Clermont, Cocoa, Crystal River, Daytona, Eustis, Ft. The Newberry makes a great starter home and is perfect for denser neighborhoods with narrower lots. There may be some adjustments necessary to the home plans or garage plans in order to comply with your state or county building codes. The references at the end of each entry refer to the page number of the book where I found the information. Many bands performed there, including Tommy Dorsey, Glenn Miller, Artie Shaw, Dick Jurgens, Glen Gray, Will Osborne, Jimmy Dorsey and Isham Jones.
Next came Gilmore Field (1939), Pacific Theater (1946) and the Gilmore Drive-In (1948) all of which were gone by 1989. It was probably the one restaurant patronized by the movie colony that could have been set down in New York or London without seeming out of place: the ambiance was conservative and the service excellent by any standard. As a comedian he was second only to Chaplin in worldwide popularity, and he had just signed a multi-million dollar contract with Paramount which gave him complete creative control over his films. Writers and stars made it a home base, and it flourished with regulars Howard Hughes, Barbara Stanwyck, Orson Welles, and Bogie. After the play ended, the room, with the push of a button, was transformed: the floor leveled to become a supper club with an orchestra in a revolving stage.
Sturges later added a burger stand for the tourist trade and made such zany improvements as tables that swiveled out to provide easier access to the booths. He regarded The Players as his private domain and closed its doors to the public whenever he wanted to be alone with his friends, which was often. To drink, listen and dance to a first rate band with Paul Whiteman playing violin, it was necessary to drive out to the Vernon Country Club, a ranch-style building surrounded by beet fields, where Valentino worked as a tango dance when he first arrived in California. Was around in the late 1920s, but some time after the end of Prohibition, it was bought by Elmer and Tess Wheeler. Launched by ex-con Tony Cornero (real name Anthony Stralla) on 05MAY38 and generally considered the grandest of all the floating casinos. A novel concept for Jim Crow Los Angeles, the club imported “black and tan” entertainers, like the singing, dancing Trenier Brothers, from the Central Avenue ghetto into the white neighborhood.
Opened 19 DEC 1940 in Beverly Hills by Prince Michael Romanoff, whose real name was Harry Gerguson from Cincinnati who arrived in Hollywood in 1927. In 1937, a Lithuanian immigrant named Harry Gerguson arrived in Hollywood and began passing himself off as Prince Michael Romanoff, cousin to the late Czar of Russia. Romanoff’s opened to capacity crowds in 1941, and within a year Prince Mike was able to buy out all the investors. They both started their careers in hospitality as bellhops at the Old Natick House in the center of downtown Los Angeles, and they later managed the property with their father after he purchased it. They moved to the Hollywood Plaza Hotel ballroom where their Russian Eagle did better than it had on the Strip.
Features are the amply laden hors d’oeuvres cart, the Kansas City roast beef and steaks, and the boneless squab chicken with wild rice. The bookshop opened (I think) in 1926, and was originally co-owned by Stanley Rose; this photo dates from sometime in the 1930s. Mickey Cohen, who was known once as Bugsy Siegel’s right-hand man, was shot there in 1948.
Previously the Wilshire Bowl which was helped made popular with film folk by popular bandleader Phil Harris. OSE Florida specializes in steel buildings including garages, carports, workshops and more.  We have been in business for nearly 30 years and have thousands of happy customers.
Meyers, Fort Pierce, Fruitland Park, Gainesville, Homosassa, Inverness, Jacksonville, Kissimmee, Lake City, Lake Wales, Lakeland, Lecanto, Leesburg, Live Oak, Longwood, Melbourne, Middleburg, Naples, Newberry, Ocala, Okeechobee, Orlando, Sanford, Sarasota, St. Specialties include scallopini of veal, chicken curry, crepes suzette, and strawberry Italienne. Advertised as the “Jolliest, most unique and colorful rendezvous in the whole cock-eyed world. Some of the first-nighters were Mary Pickford, Douglas Fairbanks Snr, Buster Keaton, the three Talmadge Sisters, Harry Langdon, Ruth Roland, Bebe Daniels and directors James Cruze and Marshall Neilan. But it all came crashing down later that year when he threw a wild weekend party at the St. Goodrich, and on August 2, 1928, he launched the Plantation Cafe on the western edge of Culver City. Unable to deal with this latest bout of ill-fortune, Arbuckle sold his interest in 1930, and the Plantation closed soon afterwards.
Regulars included Bogie, Chaplin, Stanwyck, Rudy Vallee, Joel McCrea, William Wyler, William Faulkner.
By night he was a commanding presence on the Sunset Strip as Hollywood’s most eccentric club-owner.
His plans to install a helicopter pad so fresh fish could be flown in were dropped only after the neighbors threw a fit. Originally a fishing barge, it was transformed with $250,000 into an ark-like freighter that hardly matched the ocean liner pictured in his full-page ads. He is perhaps best known as the owner of Romanoff’s, a Beverly Hills restaurant popular with Hollywood stars in the 40s and 50s.
With his Old World manners and impeccable Oxford accent, this ebullient con man charmed his way into Tinseltown society and became much sought after for fancy soirees and polo matches. A roundhouse is a locomotive maintenance shed built around a turntable hence the rather realistic locomotive sticking out the side there.
Its luxurious decor and amenities (such as ice water from the tap and ventilated phone booths) were worthy of a grand hotel, while its prices made it affordable to the average traveler.
John Barrymore, Ramon Navarro, and Russian femme fatale Alla Nazimova had hidden out in the club from photographers. In 1957 moved across the street to 9040 Sunset where walls were decorated with coats of arms.

This is my long-winded way of saying that I am not presenting this information as professionally-researched, definitive, you-can-take-it-as-gospel. A few years later, it was renamed the Rainbow Gardens Formerly known as the Rainbow Gardens. Cedric Gibbons, head of the MGM art department, designed the decor without charging a fee, and many of Arbuckle’s famous friends came out to congratulate him on the opening. Humphrey Bogart, Barbara Stanwyck, Orson Welles, Joel McCrea, Rudy Vallee, William Wyler, Howard Hughes, William Faulkner, Dorothy Parker, Robert Benchley, George S.
Needless to say, The Players never broke even, but Sturges kept pouring money into it even after his movie career nosedived in the late ’40s. Pickfair didn’t open its doors until 1926, the same year that Hearst and Marion Davies began entertaining at Ocean House, in Santa Monica. Rogers Airport was evidently closed (for reasons unknown) at some point between 1932-40, as it was no longer depicted on a 1940 LA street map or the 1941 LA Sectional Chart.
The studios even paid him a royal sum to act as technical advisor on films with Russian locales. Mike remained as imperious as ever, but a new generation of Hollywood talent wasn’t impressed with the old rogue who, among other things, had become a very vocal ultra-conservative. His efforts were stopped when an explosion of leaking gas wrecked the building and injured eight people. Charlie Chaplin, Harold Lloyd, Ida Lupino, Mickey Rooney, Marilyn Monroe, Judy Garland, Clark Gable, Orson Welles, and the Marx and Ritz brothers ate eggs and onions, lox and bagels at breakfast or steaks at dinner alongside agents, columnists, bit players and nobodies hoping to become somebodies. Following a stint at Los Angeles Biltmore Hotel he became head waiter at Victor Hugo’s in Beverly Hills, then considered the finest restaurant in the city. Other owners, according to the book Out With the Stars: Hollywood Nightlife in the Golden Era, were Bing Crosby, Fred MacMurry, Jimmy Fiddler, Johnny Weissmuller, Ken Murray, Rudy Vallee, Tony Martin, Errol Flynn, and Vic Erwin.
One of the partygoers, a starlet named Virginia Rappe, became ill and later died, and Arbuckle was charged with manslaughter.
Buster Keaton, Chaplin, Pickford and Fairbanks, Tom Mix, Bebe Daniels, Harry Langdon, Marshall Neilan, Ruth Roland, and the three Talmadge sisters provided the evening’s entertainment, and an ailing Mabel Normand (in one of her last public appearances) presented Arbuckle with a life-sized likeness of himself modeled in flowers. Kaufman, and Donald Ogden Stewart all got bent on The Players’ drinks, which were said to be the most potent in town.
Tess was arrested and charged with nine violations, including operating a “disorderly house” and putting on a show without a license.
For a couple of years the Rex could be counted on to fill the gambling void (created by an authorities crack down on land-based gambling) until the authorities forced the ship out of business just before WWII. They had a strict rule that customers must wear ties, Bogart insisted on coming in tieless. Everyone was in on the gag, of course; they let him get away with it because they loved having a man of such bottomless chutzpah around. Gable, Cooper, Sinatra, Lana Turner, Groucho Marx, Jack Benny, Herbert Marshall, Sir Cedric Hardwick, Clifton Webb, Robert Morley, Cole Porter, Alfred Hitchcock, Billy Wilder, and Otto Preminger were all regulars.
A sad figure who should be remembered for his many positive contributions to early Hollywood. Frank Nolan had an office over Schwab’s who treated some of the monstrous hangovers at Garden of Allah.
It’s just a huge pile of info I’ll pulled from a wide variety of books, websites, magazine articles.
The nation’s newspapers played up the Arbuckle affair and kept it on the front pages through three successive trials, the first two of which ended in a hung jury.
Sturges held the cast parties for his movies here, and this was also where he married his fourth wife, Anne Margaret Nagle.
Also arrested were ten patrons of the bar, which the Times described as a “beer parlor.” A week later the State Board of Equalization its liquor license, effectively forcing the Red Onion out of business. On any night, though, the waiters dressed as pirates and their manager carried a bullwhip to enforce discipline in his crew. 13 water taxis carried customers out to the Rex, a 12-minute ride that was both comfortable and inexpensive.
The next day Bogart and Lorre showed up sporting minute bow ties, about a half-inch long, in protest.
It was financed by several of the Garden of Allah writers – Benchley, Dorothy Parker, John O’Hara.
Flames shot up against the mountain, loosening a wooden footbridge, threatening an avalanche, and reducing the club to embers. Alas, Schwab’s was closed in 1986, and replaced by the Virgin Megastore a decade later. It is now believed that Rappe died as a result of a botched abortion and that the comedian was victimized by the tabloid press, ambitious lawyers, and Hollywood figures who were jealous of his success. I was there with Scott on the opening night, and at the end of the evening there was not enough money to pay the waiters, so there was a hasty whip around for cash.
When Hollywood filmmakers needed a technical adviser for a movie set in Europe, Romanoff claimed to be an expert and drew a comfortable salary. The genial Romanoff was a popular figure among the movie colony, and he opened a restaurant that was frequented by many film stars. The Victualling Blog credits Don Dickerman, a pirate fanatic, with opening Pirates Dens in NYC, Miami, and Washington DC, and with being the actual operator of the restaurant on La Brea. Romanoff made few screen appearances, but he can be seen in all his fraudulent glory in Sing While You’re Able (1937).
Owned by Mike who, when he decided to open a restaurant, asked Garden of Allah’ers Benchley, Parker, Jock Whitney and others to chip in. David Niven was a close friend, and in his book Bring On the Empty Horses he devotes a chapter to the colorful Romanoff.

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