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Abbeylawn have a full range of other shed sizes and types to choose from .Ring us or email us for a full price list .
The Rustic shed is made from native timber and the side frame is 35 x 35 at 18″ centres.
This shed we have designed to compete with the cheaper light garden sheds available on the market.
This shed is the same to look at as the standard rustic but has lighter timber.We do this shed as a budget option but we would recommend the standard rustic.
ABBEYLAWN GARDEN SHEDS are nailed not stapled they feature Tough glass, which is a new safety feature they also come with Galvanised hardware, heavy duty felt and Tongued and grooved doors. For to see the difference in quality and see the difference in what you are buying ,It is worth calling to see our range of timber and steel sheds on display in our Show Yard.
Inside one of our pressure treated delux or Barrel boards sheds ,Lined with Tyvek as standard.. We can also use a steel box profile roof on these sheds which will last a lifetime and will never leak. Our Sheds are in use in lots of places being used as shops in open farms and other tourist spots all over the country.and are also ideal for ticket sales and they can be easily move around on a forklift to different sites. With renting office space now so expensive a home office is the answer for a lot of people who can work from home. All Our Timber Garden Sheds have an option of putting a steel box profile roof over the timber and felt roof on the shed.
The shed is 6’x4? and the varanda is 30? deep .The sizes can be made to suit you and the steps can be to the front or the side as long as we know before making.
We also do a full range of other play houses and tree houses.  For more details ring us on 0402 34703.
This Potting sheds have a shelf under the window as standard for your plants and seeds to get the best light.This shed is available   in most sizes so will suit most gardens. This shed is designed for to put your Lawnmower or Quad in the back of the shed true the double doors at the back.
This means the lawnmower has its own space and is not stuck in front of the door as you go in . A Box profile steel roof is a great option on this shed ,As it will last a life time and does not need replacing . This shed comes standard with a felt roof but can also have a steel box profile roof on top of the timber and felt roof .So you will have a lifetime job with no repairs to felt. Abbeylawn supply and fit a wide range of quality Timber Sheds for sale, In a wide range of styles and sizes to suit everybody .All Abbeylawn Garden Sheds are made with top quality timber and put together using galvanise nails with galvanised hinges and bolts.

Abbeylawn was started in March 1995 and have built a strong business in the garden shed market . The garden fencing is another big part of our business over the years, And we have built a good name for ourselves in this area with a lot of people that will recommend us to a friend. Ladytown Sheds Product Range - Providing Steel sheds, timber sheds, playhouses, dog boxes, dog runs, farm sheds, timber stables, stable doors, ship lap and barrel board shed.
Our steel sheds are made out of a 40x40mm box section, this is the frame that carries the cladding. Timber sheds come in 3 different styles of timber one is rustic 2is ship lap and 3 is barrel board. These sheds can be made to any size to suit your needs, these can be manufactured from 3ftx3ft or to any size you need. Our stables are constructed out of 3x2 pestered timbers with 18mm ship lap on the outside and lined on the inside with 18mm plywood. The stable door is made out of the same material, however the doors get a aluminium strip on the top, to stop water getting down thought it and the bottom door gets a stip on the top of it to stop the horse eating the door. Here at ladytown sheds we also provide a full landscaping service and any building works can be under taken in Kildare, Carlow and nationwide.
Abbeylawn Garden Sheds supply and fit garden sheds nationwide We are based in wicklow .But we have a good base of customers in Dublin and Leinster in general . The rubber stable mats both softens the hard concrete floor and is warmer for horses lying down. This also saves on bedding costs as the mats keep the shavings up off the floor and the water can run under the mats.
These rubber mats have a wide range of uses, And are being used on the floor of GYMS and in Dog Sheds and cattle sheds and much more . The rubber stable mats are very easy to fit ,A sharp knife will cut the mats to fit the size stable you have .The ideal way to fit the mats is to put the dimple side up and the rib side down ,So the water can escape out under the mats .
It is better if you have a slope on the floor of the stable so rthe water does not sit under the mats and cause a smell . Horse walker mats are a great option for your horse walker over sand or wood chip.You will not have the same dirt around the walker or as big of a job when you arre cleaning out the walker.
The Light Rustic shed is made from native timber and the side frame is 35 x 35 at 18″ centres. The steel is fitted on top of the timber roof and has a membrane between to stop condensation,This leaves your shed much warmer.And will not have condensation under the steel roof. It is also easier for to collect the water if you are putting a gutter on the shed and collecting for to water your garden.

It is made from imported kiln dried T&G timber  The shed is 4’x4? and has a small varanda in front. We can also make to your needs so it does not have to be the same size or design as this model. And also in a wide range of other garden products including picnic bench’s, dog sheds or dog kennels, rubber stable mats and  playground mats.
The pressure treated garden sheds come in all types of finish including the rustic, the Deluxe and the barrel board.
We specialise in both timber and garden sheds and fencing panels along with a wide range of more products.
The cladding for the shed is maintained using PVC coating which is screwed to the steel frame.
The roof on the ship lap shed can be a cladding roof with the none drip felt on the underside. These mats are a lot easier fitted than the bone type mats and  will not move or wear the same. It is designed for a small garden and for young children .It is not concreted in the ground ,Instead it sits on a patio or deck or even on a hardcore yard . The roof sheeting has a none drip felt on the underside to help stop condensation in your shed.
On our rustic timber shed the frame is made out of 30x30mm timber frame with the rustic timber nailed on top of this. The foundation we put in is a 225mm concrete base with a damp professional membrane under it. We also have DPC cores under the timber frame to stop the timber rotting out from the bottom. The roof on your stables can be the cladding roof with the none drip felt on the underside or we can put a slated roof on the stables. You can also have a balcony with a hand rail all-round, keeping your child and their friends safe while they play.
There will be a concrete base put in and the wire is put into the concrete to stop the dog digging underneath. The roof structure will be 6x2 pressure treated timber with a 3x2 counter baton timber to carry the cladding or you can have the felt and baton with slat.

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