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In Turning A Shed Into An Office Part 1 I talked about how we were going to add an office to our house by converting a shed. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.
When guests visit for the holiday, many families like to stay nearby, but sometimes a little closeness can be overwhelming during the holidays.
Get started turning your backyard shed into a guest house by prioritizing your guests needs and what you can afford to do. These days, with laptops and charging stations, your guests are sure to want a place to plug in. Plumbing and insulation up next as bonuses, but depending on climate, insulation may not be a necessity. If you are planning on installing a toilet or sink, make sure you plan this out carefully, depending on sleeping arrangements and food storage. Once you’ve done all the basics, make sure that you make your guest house feel warm and inviting.
Put in the bed or beds and if you have room, put a small couch or some soft chairs and maybe a lamp or two, in the living space.
Looking for toilet info for use in a shed with electric and no plumbing or sewer, possibly chemical, incinerating or mobile home type. Existing shed room for 3 cars inside on 1st floor, and has 3 separate rooms with windows and heat I believe on second floor and also stairs. The beauty of a turning your shed into a DIY hotspot is it gives you endless excuses to retreat to it: “that architrave won’t measure itself” after all. After running electricity to the shed, you can indulge the majority of your time in there to just make improvements to the actual shed. In their heyday, the American speakeasy was perfect for those who sought refuge from the law as they drank throughout prohibition.
If the other half isn’t exactly enamoured with round-the-clock televised sports and your new found love for obscure events such as SlamBall, it may be time to take to the shed.
If (and it’s a small ‘if’) you’re going to be spending a lot of time watching the games, you won’t want to be perched on a rickety stool.
If you can’t bring work home from the office without the kids pointing their grubby fingers at the laptop screen enquiring what is going on with your Excel document, it may be better to take the work to the shed. Sami Grover recounts in some details over at Treehugger how he turned a storage barn structure at the back of his house into a garden office.

One of the most intriguing elements of the build is that Sami brought in Marty Hanks from Sweat Equity Constructionwho encourage clients to "use their labor and design skills during construction, while enjoying the security that comes from using a highly skilled team of craftspeople". Tuesday posts are sponsored by The Home Office Company, manufacturers of unique garden rooms since 1998.
Let’s face it, more often that not, the average person needs a little inspiration to go do the heavy lifting of a work out.
Heading into your living room or a cold gym with blaring TVs often makes me less likely to to want to work out. Depending on what kind of weights you want, you can spend anywhere from about $20 to $300 for what an average person might use.
Throw in a yoga mat or two and a weight bench, maybe a floor mat and some belts, and you’ve likely spent less than the cost of a full year at the gym.
Do you want to make up the shed with just a bed and some warmth so people will have a place to sleep?
It’s a pretty basic necessity for most people in the evening, unless you happen to have a family who loves to camp or has natural night vision. Make sure you install enough electrical outlets for the amount of guests you’ll typically have in the guest house.
It can be easy to set up a small refrigerator– or a large one, for extra use for yourself.
While we do offer a variety of decorative and functional accessories, we do not offer plumbing services.
No plumbing or sewer, also 20 feet from a public field owned by town for sporting events so outdoor chemical toilet with liquid chemicals would produce too much odor for regular use, possible incinerating toilet, powdered chemical toilet, or other toilet not permanently installed to avoid a permit. There it sits in perfect peace and quiet as you’re surrounded by the kids and their annoying friends bouncing off the walls. You will be required to emerge from the DIY den on occasion with a completed project to continue the illusion, so it is best if you fit the shed out with a Black + Decker Workbench and enough tools to finish jobs around the house.
A few nice beams for the ceiling and a stand for the television would be welcome additions.
Whilst prohibition is now just a footnote in history, the modern speakeasy can offer refuge from another type of law: the wife. Once you have your satellite, cable or internet connection to all the sports channels sorted, a flat interior wall in the shed makes an ideal screen. After insulating the garden shed to protect you from having to write in gloves and running electricity to your laptop, invest in some simple but effective office equipment from Staples to keep things professional and safeguard against procrastination.

So instead of building something new they reused the primary structure, converted the lean-to at the back into a workshop area using the original doors from the barn to enclose it, and incorporated reclaimed, recycled and otherwise sustainable materials throughout the project. But they’re the perfect place to house your workout equipment with plenty of space to spare. Gotta pack up your clothes, bring all your toiletries, if you’re planning on taking a shower afterward. But having your own personal gym with your personal inspirations makes you WANT to work out.
Feel free to give us a call and we can help you find the right shed for your workout space. You can use something as simple as a portable toilet or something a little more stable like a pre-fab toilet for a motor home. Adding a microwave or a hotplate might be helpful to your guests, depending on how long they are staying. We can certainly provide you with a shed, but making those kind of customizations would void the warranty.
Requiring little lighting for the authentic ‘hidden drinking’ atmosphere, the speakeasy shed only really requires an old record player (or iTunes library), a bottle of rye and a tumbler. Sand this wall down and paint white with a projector-suitable paint, creating a perfect projector screen surface.
A two-person sofa means extra room to stretch out on – let’s face it, you’re probably not going to fit anything bigger in a shed. Going to the gym across town takes more time and gives you less incentive to work out when you are short on time.
In the long run, it will probably cost you less than a gym membership if you put the numbers together.
That would give you about $39,500 left to spend on plumbing, insulation and anything else your heart desires to make it a living space. We can install your building as well, so you would only have to worry about customizing it to make it your own.

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