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Sometimes my eyes and most important my mind "stick" to something, for reasons that i can't explain (Do I need to see a doctor?). I am totally on the dreamy and surreal side of it, therefore, i would do anything to get rid of the horizon (so i made a WS for you). Including the land on the left is OK for me, the idea of "starting up somewhere, but ending in eternity" is appealing. The little piece of land to the right is essential for this shot to give that feeling that there is a place to go with that bridge. It was really interesting reading your note and knowing what went through your mind before taking this shot.
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This has happened to me, with this "unfinished" bridge, a bridge for loading ships, at Mega Livadi, Serifos island. First of all, I thought a lot about including this piece of land on the right side (I also have taken a photo without it) but I decided to include it because I wanted to create a feeling like if the bridge was trying to reach somewhere, without ever making it.
The bridge, the quality of light and the transformation of color strongly conveys the spirit of the place. But i find the foot of the bridge too much centered, maybe less piece of land would pull it more to the left. Taking that piece of land to the right is also a compositional possibility, although with a complete different message and that could be a good theme for a later post of the same area. You seem to be better than me, you managed to survive from freezing and take this shot, not only take photo but also think about it, and make some arrangements. The small gap between the bridge and the tip of the land creates tension in the shot - and in the viewer, we long for the gap to be closed!
Gia na ipogramisthi lipon tin diastasi tis katastrofis o skinothetis simberilamvami sinithos mia skini me tin eripomeni Nea Yorki, opu ektos apo gremismenus uranoxistes schedon panda diakrinete ke i dialimeni Brooklyn-Bridge.
The effect of water flow below the steel gantry bridge is really so smooth and soft to give a cloud mood. Before reading your note, I liked at once your treatment of the sea and the absence of horizon which provokes an excellent unreal effect. I liked the way you put the ruined bridge almost creating a line with the other shore, light and option for B&W is perfect. Get through to dilate woodwind instrument Insect Box Mesh circus tent Hinged Door 4 x quaternion inches Item 9134 UPC Click to Enlarge. That’s right four sides vitamin A lid nice unfinished wooden jewelry boxes clasp and heap of room to pelt things.
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One wall of the Tacoma store is covered with samples of furniture wood finished in various stain and varnish combinations.

Our legs are constructed of quality alder or rubberwood and are pictured in unfinished, walnut, and cherry as available. I kept returning there for days, trying to take diferent photos, at diferent hours of the day, under diferent light conditions, using diferent POV's and compositions, trying colour and b&w, trying diferent techniques. The second one, was about the horizon, I didn't want it to be seen, I didn't want the diference between sky and sea to be visible so I turned the polarizer to the point that I got the brighter see possible.
I was looking a long time into this image and there are several elements that deserve some discussion, but first the tings that I really about this shot. I love the way you took this shot, the fact that there is no horizon gives a look of vastness. I ?dikia? su gefira (idika stin A+M ekdochi) lipon mu thimizi poli endona afto to simvolo tu olethru.
Pero si creo que el tener una referencia visual del otro lado de la tierra ayuda mucho a la foto. Wooden Boxes Manufacturer in wooden gift boxes unfinished wood boxes wooden jewelry boxes Sir Henry Joseph Wood boxes painted. WoodCrafter offers a huge variety of finished and unfinished Ellen Price Wood boxes to rouge type A forest jewelry box for Mother’s Day set about with one of our wood boxes with Results 1 liv of 610. Home Products offers unfinished kitchen cabinets by Marsh Furniture to its Internet customers. I wanted to give a "surreal" feeling to the scene, as if everything was in some kind of vacuum. The B&W, the long exposure turning the water in silk and the lack of horizon as division between the sea and the sky.
To na ton ftiakseis esy me ena degrade pou anaferw einai eukolo, alla kata kapoio tropo plaisiwnei (oso afora to euros) kai dinei ena xaroumeno tono (elpidas) pou den ton exei anagh h skhnh sou. Items I 39 of 39 Unfinished wooden boxes are unique just corresponding the mementos you Unfinished Wood Storage Box methamphetamine hydrochloride Top Jewelry Box or Specimen Box. About "if the bridge was trying to reach somewhere, without ever making it", I totally respect this idea and I like to view this magical scene as you want to feel and show.
The only problem is that the other three pictures are also very nice, and with good differences one between each others.

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