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Vertical Carousels are enclosed motorized storage systems with rotating shelves that move up and down along guide tracking, similar to a ferris wheel, to transport stored items. Increase Productivity: Vertical Carousel storage systems increase employee pick-rates due to automatically queuing orders, batch picks, and automated retrieval. Save Space: By expanding up and using vertical space, the Vertical Carousel is able to store more per cubic foot than other type of system. Provide Ergonomics: All Vertical Carousels have a waist high counter to provide ergonomics to employees.
Enhance Security: Vertical Carousel storage systems present a level of security that static storage shelving just doesn’t have. SYSTEC is a national organization with a network of local sales and support representatives all across the United States. Vertical Carousel Filing Systems, are software operated machines with a series of rotating carriers that travel the shortest distance with speed and accuracy to deliver the selected filing or document to the operator level. We work with you to understand how to make best use of the available office space in order to increase your filing  storage capacity by exploiting the floor to ceiling airspace;  MaxiFile vertical carousel filing systems are manufactured to meet your specific needs and to minimise the footprint required to store documents and record. Use floor-to-ceiling unused airspace, maximize up to 80% your filing storage capacity and release floor space for other useful purpose without the need to invest in external storage space.

Increase Efficiency: Eliminate the non productive walking and searching to and from traditional shelves , increase your operators efficiency and use it for more fruitful tasks. Increase up to 99% Accuracy and Traceability: Files and Documents software driven automated vertical filing carousel systems can be interfaced with your files and documents to provide you with an updated information on who has access to the documents and files stored in the carousel system.
Protect your documents and files: classified documents, filing or data stored in the vertical carousel filing system can be protected by electric locking system, standard locks, swipe card, user ID PIN security systems.
To receive your free personalized solution send your request a representative will contact you within 48 hours. Vertical Carousel storage systems used for material handling and industrial inventory storage will increase productivity, save space, provide ergonomics, and enhance security. Because the carousel does all the work of finding and delivering the item to the employee, one worker can be as productive as three workers picking from static shelving. Taking the unused overhead space and converting it into usable storage space will increase your industrial inventory storage capacity in less floor space.
Also, the climbing, reaching, and bending that results from searching through multiple levels for parts and inventory is eliminated because the Vertical Carousel delivers all items to the employee at the counter.
Unlike aisles of items stored in bins on open shelving, a Vertical Carousel is completely enclosed and can be locked up.

We service a variety of industries including: healthcare, government, justice, financial, professional services, insurance, museums and many more. Perfect for manufacturing point of use, secure inventory storage, and material control when floorspace is at a premium, vertical carousels also benefit by bringing material to the floor level & eliminate time associated with walking and searching for product. Available with simple touchscreen bin selection to software inventory control capability, VLM’s integrated into the right material handling application will increase picking productivity, maximize storage capacity, and create a secure environment for part storage. This not only secures industrial inventory items from particles and dust, it is safe from pilferage and theft.
Our products and services are available on GSA Schedule and TXMAS Contracts that allow you to get the best price on the best products and services while meeting your small business goals. Give us a call at 1-877-779-7832, send us an email, or visit us at GSA Advantage to find out more about how our products and services will meet your storage and information management needs.

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