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Vidir Machine is a leading manufacturer and worldwide supplier of vertical motorized storage carousels and display systems.
New technology is a company staple that is increasing productivity and bringing the production of previously outsourced components in-house. Vidir's engineering staff can customize and adapt our standard line of carousel products for your specific needs.
Your metal sheet rest pieces are stored in a system that guarantees a clear overview and direct access. If you are looking for a compact storage system for metal sheets and rest pieces, the metal sheet rack vertical is the solution you need. Since the rack contains 20 drawers on wheels with a width of only 2,500 mm, you wona€™t waste any space. Direct access to each drawer (and therefore every metal sheet) is ensured by this vertical storage system for metal sheets and residual material. Storage of Dibon and Forex sheets is possible: The easy access will prevent any damage to your metal sheets. Continuous operation is achieved through a new automated material handling system, optimizing high-speed laser cutting and punching operations.
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Belgian architectural firm DMOA Architecten put a clever spin Corten steel in this three-story house located in Antwerp, Belgium. The tall Corten dividers are continued in the landscape as fencing material, and are irregularly spaced to create visual interest. Our highly versatile line of carousels offers industry solutions for construction, retail, medical, warehouse, government, automotive, printing and manufacturing. The metal sheets are stored securely in separate drawers, which can be pulled out individually, thus providing direct access to those sheets.
You'll be more organized, better able to pull the sheets you need more quickly, and you'll cut down on materials damage.Horizontal Sheet Metal RackStoring sheet stock horizontally takes a smaller footprint and is more ergonomic.
Named after the brand of pre-rusted steel, the Corten House shows how vertically oriented steel dividers can define indoor and outdoor space, as well as create a sense of enclosure while maintaining porosity. The building is clad in a perforated metal plate with glazed openings, to which the architects welded the Corten lamellae to give the facade a more textured appearance. The costs will decrease significantly, since you will gain a considerable amount of time when storing or extracting the desired metal sheet. Each drawer of the light model can hold up to 400 kg, whereas the heavy load version can hold 1000 or even 2,000 kg per drawer. When you open the desired drawer, you will gain immediate access to the metal sheet that you needed.

Multiple levels allow quicker picking, prevent damage and let workers handle sheets more safely. The house is particularly beautiful at dusk, when the Corten material glows a red, rusty hue and the steel dividers cast a pattern of shadows.
The steel dividers are also attached to the windows at uneven intervals to provide privacy and protection from the sun.
The waste materials from the perforated steel plates were also used to create a floor around a ginkgo tree in the outdoor patio. All your metal rest pieces and metal plates are stored compactly and in an orderly manner, thus providing you with a clear overview. Up to 48" x 96" stock.Roll-Out Sheet Metal ShelvingAccess sheet stock, dies and machinery more conveniently with rack shelving that rolls out to full extension. Up to 4 shelves per rack, or ask for a custom configuration.Roll-Out Sheet Metal StorageRoll-out sheet rack stores sheet metal or flat stock loads up to 10,000 pounds and accommodates sizes up to 72' x 144'.

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