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The greatest thing about a square foot garden is that you can make one just about anywhere, no matter how much or how little space you have. I just love finding ways to re-use things, and wooden pallets are excellent candidates for that! You can make a square foot garden in 20 minutes by planting it inside a plastic kiddie pool.
And you can even make a rolling garden planter and put it in different areas on your patio depending on the light conditions.
Use a Facebook account to add a comment, subject to Facebook's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. January 27, 2015 by Editor There was a time when homeowners had just a few choices of materials when it came to garden fencing: chain link, wood, and (if you owned an estate), wrought iron. The type of fence you choose and the material it will be made of greatly depends on what you are getting the fencing for. A chain link will not necessarily keep people out of the yard since it is easily climbed, but it is effective for keeping pets in (or out) and for keeping unwanted wildlife at bay. A 6′ fence made from wooden slats and posts is generally considered an effective choice for security. Visit your local home improvement store to get a feel for what’s available out there, then get the best prices and selection online.
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When it comes to garden fences, many people struggle with choosing the perfect fencing material for their needs.
The following are some pros and cons of both wood fencing and vinyl fencing as they relate to gardens. Pro: Wood fencing is initially less expensive than vinyl, and since most garden fences are relatively small, you can build an attractive wood fence at a low cost.
Pro: With the exception of the occasional washing, vinyl fencing requires little to no maintenance once it is installed. Vinyl garden decorative fence, View vinyl garden decorative fence, KAIJIAN Product Details from Jintan Kaijian Fencing Products Co., Ltd.
WamBam Fence is pleased to announced that we have launched a brand new website with responsive design. We have more upgrades scheduled to be released throughout the year to further give our users a better online experience, so stay tuned for more features. Spring time is traditionally when most people decide to purchase a fence, but here are 3 reasons why you might consider installing your fence in fall.

Larry has a beautiful home and property, and subtly defined borders with our 3-rail vinyl fence.
A customer took our 4ft high Plain Jane Fence, cut it down, and mounted it on a retaining wall to add a good looking way to create a barrier from people falling. Lou didn’t care for the look of the Peeping Tom Fence so decided to customize it with some leftover pieces from a vinyl pergola he purchased. Wayne cut his Peeping Tom Vinyl Fence into a scalloped picket look and surface mounted on his deck. Mark shortened his Jiminy Picket vinyl fence and cut the pickets in a concave style (directions are included in the instructions). He tied the Nervous Nelly Vinyl Fence with the Steady Freddy Vinyl Privacy Fence to give a more open view at the front, but privacy from his neighbors. Jim in Colorado created a striking difference in his yard with the vinyl lattice top privacy fence beautifully positioned between brick pillars.
We noticed a trend last year in which several dog daycare owners used our vinyl fencing for their dog daycare facilities. We were pleased to see several pictures of the dog daycare fencing that our customers installed. This petting zoo in Toronto used the Plain Jane Vinyl Fence to contain their kangaroos in the petting zoo.
If you have an indoor pet facility that is in need of a durable, professional grade vinyl fence, check out our vinyl fencing options or email us. Here is a short video demonstrating how our vinyl fence posts are mounted on a concrete surface, which is the way the dog daycare fencing was done in all the above applications. We built some simple containers in our backyard, and we’ve been enjoying fresh veggies all summer long ever since.
I use a trellis along one whole side of my planters to plant peas the kids eat right off the vine all summer long. But like just about everything else in home improvement, garden fencing has evolved over the years: so much so that there are many new styles to choose from and even new materials that are virtually maintenance-free.
Not all people get fences for security reasons or even for privacy: some simply want to use a fence to set off their property from the sidewalk or for strictly decorative purposes. For more privacy and attractiveness, climbing vines or roses can be planted next to the fence, and they will proliferate and look great all summer long.
It comes in several classic colors, can be cleaned with a hose, and will not rust, face, crack, or peel.
There's a ton of information on numerous home improvement projects and we'll be adding more and more each and every day.

If you have a vegetable or herb garden and want your fence to reflect its natural appearance, a wood fence is your best bet. Before picking one or the other, decide what your fencing needs are and talk to a professional. If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly.
This enhancement is designed to help people who are browsing our website on their smart phones, making it easier for them to navigate on a smaller screen. The brick wall is quite a bit different than typical fence posts, but the contrast of white and red looks nice. Our fence has a great surface mounting option and is quite flexible regarding installation. We got a real kick out of a petting zoo facility in Toronto, ON that used our fence for their kangaroos! We learned a few tips — like making sure the soil is rich and which vegetables like to grow better in our garden. If you have decided to purchase fencing, you probably already have some reasons in mind, so keep that purpose firmly in mind when shopping. They can be painted or stained virtually any color to match the landscape or home, or they can be left natural for a more rustic look. It is an ideal choice for homes with sprinkling systems since it will not be damaged by constant water exposure.
Additional to this, there are many new features designed to enhance the online experience for users on both smart phones and desktops. Not only has there been a design upgrade, but there is robust product categorization, breadcrumbs for easier navigation, and an all around enhanced online shopping experience. If you find too many things competing for your time, you may feel frazzled with your looming fence project- or worse, rush through it.
Here are some pictures of creative fence projects to help give you some fencing ideas for your yard.
Just remember that WamBam Fence is not designed to be moved, so this was a custom configuration! Solid board fences are extremely versatile, and privacy lattice toppers can be added for a more airy feel. Focusing on one project at a time is always wise, and your fence should be given plenty of time.

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