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Wood backgrounds have become very popular as a theme or background for websites and various other applications. This one as with all the new additions to the site is a large texture and looks good zoomed out and also shows lots of details when zoomed in, this one has some good pitted areas along with fine wood fibres. Description: This new oak wood grain texture is taken from a shot of a recently chopped tree stump, love the swirly patterns that are going on in the grain of the wood. Quite a detailed shot with a good variety of colors and I think it works well when zoomed in and when zoomed out. Description: Done a few alterations on this cream peeling paint texture as well, The original photograph features the cream paint on a very light sun bleached panelled wood, it looked quite washed out, so I have duplicated the layer up and using multiply boosted the colour value and then added a subtle border edge to the image. Description: This hi resolution wood texture is taken from close up shots of a telegraph pole. This grungy wood texture was photographed from some old painted wood, some of the paint had worn off and cracks in the wood are showing through. Description: This aged chipboard texture was photographed from a boarded up window behind a shed, the sun has bleached the texture over the years and with it being slightly covered, a fine green moss has grown on to the bleached wood. I’ve had a play with some settings in Photoshop to see what can be achieved using this chipboard image. My favourite is to duplicate the texture layer, so we now have two layers containing the texture. There are loads more wooden textures featured on the site and loads more will be added as the site develops. Description: A large, detailed portrait bleached panel wood texture featuring ten wooden panels which have been bleached in the sun. There are loads more different types of wood textures also featured on my site, including painted wood and scratched wood to name a few, hope these ones are of interest. Description: Loads of detail in this new bleached wood grain texture, quite a chunky cracked grained wood texture.
Description: A detailed close up of scratched wooden panels lots of dints and scratches along with some detailed varnished wood grain.
Description: A dark grungy wood texture with great details lots of cracks and different colour variations on this new addition.
Description: A set of three bleached and worn wooden plank images in this texture set, these new ones are very detailed. Description: A detailed set of wood bark textures taken from close up shots of some pear trees.
Description: Three rotting wood textures in various states of decay, lots of holes, cracks and debris on these ones.
Description: Wood grain textures featuring three images, all of these are quite different but focusing on the line cracks that are seen in wood grain.
Description: A very detailed tree bark texture, lots of cracks and texture on this one, also some cool colors light blue and green lichens are growing on it. Photoshop TexturesFeel free to join in the discussions by leaving comments, and stay updated by subscribing to the RSS Feed for the latest free textures featured on the site. The Nature of Wood -- Wood GrainWood grain, including how wood grows, grain structure, types of grain, and wood grain .

How to Grain Fill a Classical GuitarThe wood finisher used a felt block and often a leather-covered block with .
Corel draw wood grain fill - Recent - Informer Technologies, Inc.Free download corel draw wood grain fill Files at Software Informer - Power Retouche is a plug-in for Photoshop, . Keya's Wood Carved Effect TutorialI used this woodgrain as the fill pattern for my images. Some decorated trefoilsThe texture patterns were first generated in Mathematica, then filled by hand using some woodgrain images stolen from the web.
Wood grain, including how wood grows, grain structure, The grain pattern is due to the color difference between the springwood and the summerwood.* wood grain. Wood Pattern Grain Texture clip art vector, free vectors by Anonymous, wood pattern grain texture plank Varnished wood grain pattern background.. Wood Pattern Grain Texture free clip art, bat grain wooden drawing pattern tree cartoon border natural free wood patterns line draw plank how textures texture grains Visio Guy – One of my customers asked me about wood-grain fill patterns for Visio.
I just drew this up for a project at church this Sunday, and as I was looking at it I thoughthmmthis might be fun to embroider. If a website has a stunning look than such social media icons are needed that may compliment the theme and background of the website. I always liked to draw in Illustrator and for this reason I decided to create this new column. Lets start with a set of vector resources dedicated to the world of web design and graphic design. Designers prefer these attractive backgrounds for their websites as they are both beautiful and sophisticated. The photograph is taken from the reverse side of a sheet of hardboard and features the markings that are left when compressing the board, these almost create a checker-plate style.
This new version is far more striking, also like the contrast between the blue and the cream colours.
The wooden pole has been treated with tar and this has leaked out and created some excellent markings on the wood.
Desaturate the top texture layer taking all the color out of it and in the layers setting change the top desaturate layer to color burn at 100 percent settings, a small version of this is featured on the left.
Hope you like this addition to the site, love to get comments on what you guys think of it and let me know if you find some other photoshop settings that make the texture better. There are some good wood grain, subtle cracks and lots of knots featured on these wooden panels. The aged painted wood panel texture has cracked black paint and sun bleached wood along with traces of the previous paint underneath. All of these feature lots of cracks and should be good for overlaying on top of images in Photoshop. There are more also available on my photoshop textures site and more will be featured soon. This set has two very dry looking textured photos along with one slightly damp looking image with lots of cracks and few piles of faeces. Related searches: corel draw wood effect corel draw wood grain corel draw wood grain cdr .

Create a new layer in Photoshop and fill it with a light brownish, slightly orange color. Fotosearch Stock Photography and Stock Footage helps you find the perfect photo or footage, fast! This picture is just a photoshopped example but once the Here is a simple way to make wood grain planks or boards. I had thought that Visio shipped with some wood-grain custom patterns, but Browse the best stock library of royalty free content at prices anyone can afford. Today I designed 40 free shaded social media icons that can be used in either dark or light background websites. Ideal to showcase your apps design with a choice of three iPhone 5S colors including black, white and gold. This scalable vector shape iPhone 5C psd uses smart layers to let you drag and drop your design easily. In addition I provide all my work vector - icons, shapes, patterns, resources - that you can download and use for your works of graphic or web design.
I’ve seen some other tar covered poles which will also be featured on my photoshop textures site soon, hope you guys like the new addition. We feature 15,400,000 royalty Click here to download White oak wood grain pattern (1.903 kb) Free Year + Free Gift! Affordable Royalty Free stock images and Wood grain identification takes an experienced eye, but there are some broad indicators that you can use to classify some of the most commonly used species. Will Show You How to Make This tutorial shows how to make a repeatable wood grain pattern in photoshop. We feature 15,400,000 royalty Woodworking Information and Help for Woodworkers Veneer Grain Patterns by Sal Marino. I simply provide you with a better look of a giant iconset I discharged available at graphicriver?s marketplace. But, their popularity has increased greatly over the recent years with people looking for these backgrounds for a number of different purposes. The actual grain pattern of a piece of wood is often determined by the way Download Varnished wood grain pattern background.
Affordable Royalty Free stock images and Download royalty free High resolution oak wood grain pattern. Check out the following collection that includes some of the most stunning wood backgrounds.
The icons are created in 114?114 sizes with the main focus for iPhone 5, but these can easily be resized and used for other mobile devices or for web.
It includes psd buttons, menus, drop-downs, inputs, tooltips, pagination, scrolls, progress bars, tags, radio buttons and check boxes. They grab the attention of more and more viewers and uplift the standard of the blog with their appearance and fresh look.

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