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We design and manufacture beautiful wooden log cabins using state of the art technology and equipment - we are continuously investing in our design and production facilities to ensure that our premium log cabins meet the high expectations of our customers.
If you need any help or advice on selecting a timber shed for your garden, please get in touch. To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. Looks great, good that you have given it a decent overhang for when there is horizontzal rain. Have you decided of roofing material, I reckon Clear PVC Corrugated would be ideal so it get some extra warmth & light help dry logs faster. The same stains can generally be used for the varied materials though you may want to specifically use decking stains in the appropriate location, etc.
Stain has the advantage over paint for these sheds in that it is designed to penetrate the wood rather than surface-coat it. Stain comes in a selection of transparencies, associated with pigment and protective content. New York’s Department of Environmental Conservation is accepting bids from homeowners to cut firewood on state forests in Chenango and Madison counties. The trees available for cutting are marked by DEC foresters to ensure that the only wood removed is done for conservation and habitat reasons.

Firewood will be available in volumes of three, five and 10 standard cords with a minimum bid of $20 per cord.
I have found that placing firewood in the house, when it is internally dry but has exterior moisture on it, has two advantages. The building of a structure in the trees, capable of holding up to a dozen people at one time, must be solid.
Like the practical third pig, who built his house of brick, the boys will understand where strength is essential and where it is not – and what a perfect age to do so. Even the treated lumber will deteriorate and decay with time (though you could be looking at decades of use still)- and it will happen much faster if it is not sealed with a finisher like stain or paint or water repellant. This should do a good job of protecting the wood and make any pretreatment in the future far easier than having to scrape the wood surface of old paint if that is what has been used. Removal of marked trees improves forest health and the growing stock of under-story trees and vegetation. Here the boys learn about what it means to build in this solid way – as compared to taking short-cuts with the quality of materials or construction. By engaging in the direct building of a structure such as this, linking the intellectual task with the physical task, children learn in a deep way, coming to understand about different materials, tools, fasteners, strength needs, the fitting of varied forms, working closely with others, and the physics of putting it all together. To have a hand in each part of this process leads to learning that if described in words could cover pages – and allows each builder to look back at something that she or he had an integral hand in creating.
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Though this might seem obvious, and is certainly true, there are factors at work that might not be so obvious. The higher the transparency (lower pigment) the better the penetration for the stain might be. Internally the cells of the wood itself contain water – this is what helps sustain life in the tree when growing. Second, that evaporated moisture places much appreciated humidity in the air in a season when it is needed.
When firewood is not dry we might have trouble burning it, get a reduced BTU (heat energy) output, or endanger the chimney.
Sometimes there is just enough breathe-ability for the wood to decay and dry around the same time. Ash, for example, has a short drying time, and is one of the best woods to burn if one needs to burn green wood. For this reason it is important that the wood be able to breathe, while at the same time being protected from the bulk of the wet weather coming its way.
Once the wood is dry internally the external moisture can dry quickly – with dry or windy days, or when placed briefly indoors near a stove.

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