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Behind the trim, as you can see, Dad and John put long strips of waxed paper as they nailed in the trim.
Unfortunately, they only remembered to put up the waxed paper about 70% of the time and we did have to do some taping, like in the picture below of the trim around one of the closets. Here’s another picture of the waxed paper strips between the window trim and the board and batten (can you tell I was excited about this solution? Check back for more on the thrilling master bedroom saga…I figure I can draw this out for another dozen posts at least.
So I just got here from your other post and… this is the most brilliant trick I’ve ever seen! We aim to make her dreams come true (within reason, of course), so we trimmed out the windows and closet doors in their bedroom just that way. We’re going to hopefully start replacing the wimpy builder grade trim around our doors and windows with thicker craftsman trim as well as installing board and batten upstairs and this makes me want to jump on all of that right now!
The trim was raw wood and still needed to be stained and varnished, and this is about 100 times easier than outlining the trim with painter’s tape to keep the stain and varnish off the finished wall.

When we painted the white of the wall and the board and batten, all we had to do was fold back the waxed paper and paint. Introduce the window unit from the outside, positioning the nailing blades on the outer surface. Dad also stained the previously unfinished wood on the windows themself (like the sash) to match. Yeah, it’s because this door is just so important since it’s the main entrance for people to get in to and out from the house building. That’s why the door’s first impression will affect people’s feeling for coming into the house. And it means homeowners need to make the front step as impressive as possible to comfort all who’re coming in and out.
Seeing about your front step to make all persons feel comfort at their first sight is not so hard yet little bit tricky.Although there’re door trim ideas available, you need to wisely choose one that best matches your door design and the entire house. Simple doorframe can still be inviting and special if you paint it well paired with the door and the entire front of your house.

You can choose any neutral color for the frame,commonly is white, to ease you in applying the door color you want. However, you can still apply dark color, like dark gray for your doorframe as long as the door color matches to the trim’s color.
Making decorative trimming your door can also by applying any design of the doorframe, like crowned trim. It is a small element yet works much dealing with first time impression.When you choose one special and unique knob, every person opening the door will be amazed to find that’s the knob is just taking their first good impressions. To beautify the door more, you can also apply wreath and garlands for specific celebration like a birthday celebration.

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