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Using 1 length of wood as a straightedge, dig a shallow, narrow trench for each two-by-four so that 1 inch of the edging will sit aboveground. Fit a stake into a corner, and pound into the ground until at least 10 inches of stake is in the soil.
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Installing garden edging to keep your flower beds separate from the lawn or the drive way is a simple technique.
Garden Edging Ideas There are many types of garden edgings for you to use in landscaping your garden.
Brick Garden Edging Brick garden edging is most common, durable and economical style of garden edging. Stone Garden Edging Stone garden edging can be used in form of irregular natural stones and fixed as border, to line the flower beds. Plant Garden Edging Plant garden edging is also the most natural way of adding beauty and charm to your garden.

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Choose natural material like irregular rocks, wood or stones for a Japanese style garden or granite, marble or bricks for a Victorian style garden for garden edging. Bricks can be placed in many ways, diagonally, vertically and horizontally at different levels.
Stone edging gives a natural look to the landscape and you have a lot of freedom to use it imaginatively.
There is a large variety of plants that can be used for garden edging, like small shrubs or low growing flowers. Make a thin border with low growing flowers and while using shrubberies you should make a thick border to strike a balance in garden edging. Though wood edging is perishable and needs a change from time to time, still it is the most preferred choice for garden edging. Wood can be used in different ways like you can use white picket fencing to separate flower beds from the lawn. Garden edging prevents the grass roots from spreading into flower beds and saves you from extra labour of cleaning the beds.

These days Brick Edgings are losing popularity as most of the people are using more natural materials for garden edging. Plant edging is simple and easy to do and it creates a bright and positive atmosphere in your garden. You can use wooden logs and cut them according to the height of the edging and fix them to make borders for the beds.
Straw edging have to be replaced every season and it gives you a chance to create new designs every time you change them. Bamboo is also a good option for garden edging.
You can use a combination of different types of garden edgings to create a unique, enchanting and beautiful garden.

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