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Coat stands may seem quaint, but this decorative addition to your doorway may do you good - especially if you treat your enemies better than your belongings. The repetitive geometrical shape of Infinity aquarium creates a visual metaphor to life in the fish bowl.
Canadian company called Aquarium ASP has created the Spacearium, a thin, hanging aquarium that be used as a room divider, lighting element, or for good old fashioned decoration.
The MILK desk comes with a built-in fish tank option that gives you a place to rest your eyes and provides a touch of daily nature. Moody Aquarium Sink will spice up boring routines such as washing hands and brushing teeth.
The AquaDom in Berlin, Germany, is a 25 meter tall cylindrical acrylic glass aquarium with built-in transparent elevator. Ever wondered what to do with that ancient 26″ wooden TV set laying around in your grandparent’s garage? Benedetto Bufalino and Benoit Deseille have transformed a regular telephone booth into a functioning aquarium. No matter how well animals are taken care of, putting a living creature, designed to move or fly around an unlimited space, depriving it of its freedom and confining it to prison for having done nothing wrong is the cruellest torture that only human being is capable of. Despite stupid myths perpetuated by the pet industry to make quick sales, bettas do not live in puddles, and the only reason they can survive in the equivalent for more than two days is because bettas have a labrynth organ that enables them to survive bad water quality for SHORT periods of time which they developed to cope with their native dry seasons.
No matter how well you keep the fish, one kept in anything less than 3 gallons will never be as healthy nor live as long as one kept in the appropriate filtered (and in case of a betta, heated) tank. And everyone knows that macs are so horrible, that the only logical thing to do with one is throw away the computer, and make a fish tank out of the case. To those people who were saying that some of these tanks are cruel, I can’t help but agree with you. People commenting about the cruelty factor, need to read the comments already added, we are retracing old steps here people… Haha. The constant hot water being used would change the temperature of the tank water and stress out and kill (depending on the breed of the fish and temperature of the water) the fish.
And I’m sure the people who made these were smart enough to make holes for water to go out. And with fall fast approaching, bulky coats and jackets threaten to send your wardrobe through the roof. Thonet founder, the German carpenter Michael Thonet, developed a method of steam-bending wood that was revolutionary in its day, and his creations remain icons of Industrial Age design. Bright lacquer finishes, like lobster red and maize yellow, are also available for an extra $50.

Hand crafted from cut glass, Infinity aquarium scales down a vast concept of time and space.
The vegetables strip minerals and nitrates from the water, effectively purifying it for the development of the fish. Those who think animals in any kind of captivity are happy should imagine themselves in their place — in a small cage, well-fed and clean, gawked at by passersby and think if they would enjoy it. If it is I’d agree with him because at least he has the credentials to know what hes taking about. I am a wholesale aquarium accessory dealer and you can be assured that the RSPCA would never allow such a thing to be sold and nor would any reputable person attempt to market it.
But, I think in this way, these animals are atleast kept in clean environment and taken care of. They were first from rice paddies, which yes are shallow compared to a pond, but are always at least six inches deep.
I have a Male Jumbo Melano Betta and I have managed to train it to be non aggresive but scared of anything that is not food that enters its tank, but still it loves to swim around its 10L tank. But both have hooks that unfurl like fronds from their tops - six large hooks with six smaller ones beneath - and a base that fans out from a circular belt.
The running water intermittently hitting against the glass would probably be really hard on the fish. But the people who own 1G bowls are those who know the least about fish and are not suited to that high level maintenance.
A betta kept in the right conditions should be able to live 3-5 years, and some are even reported to live up to 7 years. Do people not realize that the natural habitat of betas are puddles little tiny puddles that sometimes don’t even cover the whole fish.
At your local fish store they’ll be selling them in small cups of water that hold LESS water then the ipod thing does. Think about the infinite number of fishes caught and mercilessly killed either to eat or just to throw. And, yes, the ipond idea wasn’t the best, but maybe rhey made a hole to let the fish out.
This proves that fish need a large environment to thrive and enjoy themselves in.THE IPOND IS THE WORST INVENTION TO EVER INCORPERATE MAN AND BEAST IN HISTORY!!!!!!!!!
Inspiration for the design comes from a treasured family possession of Bec's, a mahogany Queen Anne dressing table.
Made of iron, the Coming and Going coatrack comes in nine fun finishes, ranging from pink, light blue and red to more mellow silver and gray.

The poor fish, imagine being cooped up in a cage twice your size for your (I imagine) very short life.
Even if someone does clean the bowl twice a day, cleaning a tank that often stresses the fish anyway.
But in saying that, the fish inside the ipod would be miserable being stuck in that thing, so its not really that great of an idea.
Also, they are better off in a large aquarium, with at least two and a half gallons of water PER fish. You keep an ipod in your pocket or bag, the fish has gota hate being shaken around so much when you walk! Apple ones arent that great, if they were in the shape of a product (the ipod one!) it would be a lot better, nice idea though.
A goldfish kept in a 10 gallon tank can live up to 10 years, and one kept in a good size pond can live up to 20 or 30 years. If they are free in wilderness, they are at constant danger (we have seen it on animal planet).
It's great that dad and I have got to the stage of our business where we can outsource to artisans in the local community, feeding the economy."Since 2006, the Douglas and Bec brand has grown to three stores, two of which are in Auckland in St Mary's Bay and the BLOC showroom in Mount Eden. Plus the water isnt heated and even though bettas can live in cold water, they really love warmer conditions.
A store in Melbourne's grungy yet cool suburb of Collingwood was opened earlier this year. “We’ve had a following in Australia for some time, from Kiwi expats and social media. They already would fight for dominance and territory, but people further trained them to do so even more. Believe me on this, it is in fact cruel to keep any fish in such a small tank no matter how well kept it is. Last year, the Auckland University of Technology invited Bec to mentor second-year Industrial Design students at the Auckland University of Technology.Of the stores helping her to secure these commercially viable jobs, Bec confirms that "one feeds the other."So what's the secret to the brand's burgeoning success?
I know this because where I live my family still raises them in the paddies, and has for generations.

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