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WOODEN LAWN LIGHTHOUSE PLANSBuild an attractive lawn lighthouses with these illustrated DIY woodworking plans. If you’re looking for some ideas for building your own lawn lighthouse, you can find various designs and patterns online.
Wooden privacy trellis screens, artificial easy grass lawn turf, rendered painted walls, courtyard garden Clapham. For the past few years I’ve been moving firewood from where I cut it in the woods to my splitting log in the back yard by use of a wheelbarrow.
It's March 2012 now and I've used the trailer on and off for almost 3 months for hauling wood. I had a couple of pieces of small angle iron laying around, so I used them as a more serious mounting point for the axle.
The 13-piece white outdoor nativity set with Mary, Joseph, cradle, stable, three wisemen, shepherd, two sheep, camel, donkey, and angel.
A closer look and you will see that the wheelbarrow axle support brackets are holding the axle on the trailer. You can't see it well in the pic, but there are three big lag bolts through the pipe into the wood. Poor manufacturing, weak metal and bad quality control all conspired to give me a catastrophic wheel failure. Not only is the metal heavier and stronger, but the tires seem a lot more rugged than the old ones.
The ideal outdoor nativity decoration for any lawn, yard, or church – in any winter climate.

Hitting a hidden stump is not a good thing while trying to push a fully loaded wheelbarrow. The wheels gave me three issues: I needed a new axle, new mount system, and the tires hit the support bracket. I'm just a weekend woodcutter who enjoys being out in the woods, so I'll take down one tree at a time, load it on the trailer and bring it to the splitting area.
There is no shortage of oak trees to saw, as about half of the red oaks in my woodlot are dead or dying from Oak Decline. The bottom 2X6's on both sides are merely supports for the vertical 2X4's which hold the sides on. The mounting for the axle stumped me at first, but I found conduit mounting brackets that will do for the time being. Hitting anything substantial (stump) with the axle while carrying a full load on the trailer would immediately rip the conduit straps right off.
I needed a small trailer to use behind my tractor to haul the wood out.I had found two discarded wheelbarrows recently. I keep the blade on the front for extra weight and too keep the tractor from lifting the front wheels.
When this new rig rips off (and it eventually will) I will put on a larger piece of angle which is longer.
I used lag bolts to hold the upright supports on the trailer sides and I moved the 2X6 sides to the outside of the uprights.
When I get a chance, I'll mount angle iron on the supports and reuse the U-bolts I had holding the axle before.

They get the typical summer leaf drop, then sucker branches growing off the trunk, then next year they are dead.
Rest assured through, if there is a heavy load on one of my bigger trailers, the Suburban gets the job every time.
The more I looked at it though, the more I realized that I should try to use the pieces to make a wood hauling trailer for the Suburban. A piece of water pipe was used as a spacer to keep the wheels away from the support on each side.
I love the Suburban's pulling power; I didn't even feel the drag of the skidding wheel when I was pulling the trailer fully loaded. Having the trailer sides wider not only gave more room on the bed, but also will help keep the wheels from getting hung up on trees. I also tend to overload the trailer with too much wood for the Suburban to pull comfortably.My first attempt at construction of my wood hauling trailer was semi-successful.
I purposely put the trailer wheels that far back so weight would be transferred to the driving wheels for more traction.

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