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Today, you have so many more choices of materials from which spoons are made — from wooden to metal. Don't forget the fact that wooden spoons won't damage your non-stick surfaced pots and pans. The beauty of this set is that it gives you a number of different bowl shapes, each suited to a specific job.
Use these free images for your websites, art projects, reports, and Powerpoint presentations! The Unofficial Football World Championships is a well-established method of determining the best team in the world. The story of the UFWC Wooden Spoon (or UFWCWS?) begins in 1873, when England beat Scotland in 1873 to become the first UFWC title holders, and Scotland became the first wooden spooners. Between 1929 and 1940, the spoon was shared by just four teams: Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. The next international thereafter was a win for Sweden against Finland, so the Finns were the new wooden spooners. Switzerland inherited the spoon for the first time in 1953, before they won 4-2 in Paris; the French taking the spoon briefly.
Via Bulgaria and Greece, the spoon inevitably returned to Finland, staying there from 1966-1972 (barring a brief period in 1969 – the Finns beat Spain in a World Cup qualifier, but Spain soon took 6-0 revenge in the return match).
In May 1975, Sweden beat Algeria 4-0 in a friendly in Halmstad – a result which would see the spoon leave Europe for the foreseeable future (thus far, the only non-European team who had inherited the spoon was Brazil). The team the Philippines finally beat, Guam, came close to that record too, but won at their 22nd attempt.
It was Mongolia who, in 2009, suffered the ignominy of ending Guam’s nine-year reign as spooners. So the worst team in the world is Macau, and the immediate future of the spoon looks likely to remain in Asia, having been there since 1976. Northern Mariana Islands lost 5-1 to Macau on July 20, 2012 and are now the holders of the Wooden Spoon! About the UFWCThe Unofficial Football World Championships (UFWC) is an international football competition contested in a simple boxing-style title system. The UFWC is not affiliated with FIFA or any governing continental or national football body, nor any individual team or player.

Kids can make and then play with this wooden spoon skeleton puppet - a perfect craft for Halloween! Paint a white oval on the back of the spoon, and a white stripe reaching halfway down the handle. A few shapes of dried pasta, some white paint, a little bit of imagination - and hey presto!
Make this gorgeous skeleton out of your old cardboard boxes - fun and recycling all in one!
Like the UFWC title, the wooden spoon stayed within the British Isles for many years (occasionally with England and Scotland, but mostly with Wales or Ireland). Thus the incredible situation where Brazil were – simultaneously – both officially the best team in the world, and unofficially the worst! The next Finnish win was over Albania in another World Cup qualifier, but, once again, they lost the return match and regained the spoon. Algeria offloaded the spoon at the first opportunity, beating Saudi Arabia 3-1 in January 1976. Bangladesh, Malaysia, Brunei and Singapore all saw ownership of the poisoned chalice in the 1980s. One could argue, though, that their tenure, although not the longest in terms of matches, might have been the most convincing display of ineptitude in the competition’s history.
Over the following month, the spoon went to Macau, back to Mongolia, and then back to Macau again. Smaller Asian nations like Macau virtually never play, let alone beat, teams from outside their own continent, and even the forthcoming Asian Cup will pass them by. Handmade in the UK from Maple and finished with a clear food grade lacquer and lightly wax polished. The texture of the wood makes the ingredients cling better and therefore, does a more effective job. The first overseas team to inherit the spoon was Belgium, courtesy of their 5-3 defeat to England in 1926. Latvia were, suddenly, no longer an independent country, and their national football team was disbanded. Unsurprisingly, they held the spoon for seven years, but then stunningly beat Portugal in a World Cup qualifier.

When they lost 5-1 to Belgium three days later, it seemed the latter was perhaps closer to the mark, but then they beat France 3-2 and the French, once again, held the spoon.
Their first two attempts ended in 19-0 and 16-0 defeats to Iran and Tajikistan respectively. However, the UFWC always throws up surprises, so who knows what the future holds for the UFWC Wooden Spoon?
An alternative to the World Cup, UFWC lineage goes back to the very first international match in 1872. It works almost exactly like the main UFWC, only in reverse; that is to say, any time the current wooden spooners win a match, the team they beat become the new wooden spooners. This meant the spoon going vacant for 24 days – an irritating break in continuity that can be blamed directly on Stalin (although one has to say it was not the worst thing he was ever responsible for!). However, the Danes beat Norway on the very same day (with an entirely different XI), so Norway were the new holders. A few months later, Malaysia beat Macau 9-0, and the tiny colony looked like retaining ownership for a long time. They also suffered three enormous defeats (11-0, 15-0 and 15-1) to Hong Kong, hardly giants of the game themselves. Finland then took the spoon for yet another two years (1950-52), before Norway and Denmark got another look-in. In 1996, though, they beat the Philippines 5-1 (it was only their sixth attempt at an offload). Other defeats in the run included 11-0 to Palestine, 10-0 to Chinese Taipei, and 21-0 to North Korea.
The Philippines then needed 24 attempts to offload the spoon, thus equalling the Finland record of the 1940s.

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