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26 Video Editions—includes Heirloom Projects, Shop Projects, Step-by-Step Techniques and a Shop Tip.
The replaceable body (made from “two-by” stock) rides on edge to put extra inches of solid wood between your fi ngers and the blade. A saddle-style push block will allow you to rip thin pieces safely and consistently at the table saw. This design straddles the rip fence and is made from a couple of pieces of hardboard and a hardwood spacer. Whenever I tilt my drill press table for angled drilling, I struggle to get the table squared up again using just my square.

When you use solid wood for a cabinet back, you need to account for wood movement and making it look good. It’s designed to exert forward and downward pressure to push the workpiece through the blade and prevent chattering. And the hardboard heel, also replaceable, pushes the workpiece past the blade without any danger of kickback. To use it, simply set the rip fence to the width of the piece you want to cut and rip as many strips as you need from a wide board.
Next, rotate the chuck by hand (don’t turn on the power) and watch for movement of the needle on the dial.

This means you’ll get double the life from the push block by turning it over once one edge has gotten chewed up. The table is square when the reading on one side of the table is the same as that on the other side of the table.

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