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If you are ready to make a booking, choose the most suitable day(s) for your incursion and contact us by phone or e-mail. If that day(s) is available you will need to fill out the Online Booking Form with all relevant information and submit it. As soon as we receive your Booking Form we’ll send you the confirmation and some Safety Rules and Hints which you need to share with the other teachers who participate in this activity. At Craftpower we have over 15 years of experience and have worked with over 800 Primary Schools around Melbourne and Victoria. Children select a precut template and through using hammers, glue and nails will construct 3-D take-home models. Children select precut templates and through using hammers, glue and nails will construct 2-D take-home models. Children will trace, cut, sand and take the finished models to art class or classroom for painting. Road safety learning is most effective when it involves practical activities that take place in on-road situations. Children select a pre-cut template from a variety of 25-30 common road signs and using hammers, pliers, nails and glue, will construct their own traffic sign.
Using pre-cut templates, children select their choice of up to 15 different vehicles which they will construct.

Billy Carts are a great project for kids as they require only basic construction skills and materials.
Children can start from scratch to plan and make their own miniature Billy Cart to carry their favorite toys. Much of the fun with Billy Carts is had when they are being designed and built for a real purpose. Creating something from scratch, learning and working together can be a great experience and introduction into automotive construction. Before booking this program please note - to race against each other you must have adequate space, i.e. We try to provide children with a firm knowledge of different types of mechanisms and understanding of how they can be used. 3 volt motor, battery holder, 2AA batteries, switch, resistor, 4 wheels, guide tubes, metal axles, gears. Convert the Sun's energy to electricity, using photovoltaic cells (photo = light, voltaic = electric).
Design and construct a fan propelled boat with a variety of materials including a basic electric circuit with a solar cell or a motor, a switch and a propeller. Children will learn the special tricks and effects used to obtain natural textures and tone and they produce works of stunning realism and beauty.

Ironcore units, junior coping saws, hammers & nails, goggles, stencils, color pencils, glue and sandpaper. If that day(s) is available, you will need to fill out the following Online Booking Form with all relevant information and Submit it. These suggested travel routes combine logistically compatible places and match common traveler interests.
Your students can participate in making objects out of wood related to your classroom topic.
Build moving models, using a simple circuit, powered by 3 volt motor, friction gearbox or wind-up motor, a remote control and gears. Its Spanish colonial roots are easy to see while walking around, particularly in the town’s church and other buildings.
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