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If you’re a fan of Sketchup for creating woodworking models, then the next obvious step is to use Sketchup to help you create cutlists and layouts.
Cutlist 4.1 has been tested with both Skletchup 7, Sketchup 8, SU2013 and SU2014 on both Macs and on Windows PCs.
Regardless of whether or not you have a cutting diagram, eventually you are going to have to cut some wood to get a project built. You’ve got a lot of parts to cut and you want your parts to be as accurate as possible before you even do anything else to the pieces. So, to sum up, it gives you more accurate project requirements, it minimizes setup time and shop time spent cutting the boards while increasing accuracy and finally it helps to use the resources as efficiently as possible. If you selected the layout output, then another window will open and place all of the selected parts on boards of your choosing in a layout which minimizes waste. By subscribing to the RSS feed you will be notified when new entries are posted on this blog. Just saw your post regards the algo (I wish LJ would automatically email with new comments on posts I’ve replied to).
These guys also put together an overview of the various approaches you can use which I found pretty useful. Anyway, hope these links prove interesting and thanks again for al the hard work you’ve put into this.
The only solution would be to be able to pick a browser in Sketchup but that’s not currently possible.
Bob,This is usually an indication that it can’t find the html file used as the interface for the plugin. DISCLAIMER: Any posts on LJ are posted by individuals acting in their own right and do not necessarily reflect the views of LJ. Layout optimization, board-feet calculations and cost estimating for sheet goods, rough lumber and dimensioned lumber. CutList Plus woodworking software makes it a snap to figure how many board-feet of lumber and how many sheets of plywood you'll need for your project, and what it will cost.

Automatically generate a materials pick list and project cost estimate, based on your cut list.
Adjust your expected lumber yield at any time to instantly see your new project cost estimate.
With the free trial "Reader", you'll be able to open CutList files created by others, and enter a few parts of your own to test out the software's features, including sheet layout and calculating board feet. If you like what you see, it's simple to upgrade online to the edition of CutList Plus that's right for you. Extract the entire contents into your sketchup plugin directory not just the startup ruby script (srcutlist.rb). Ideally you want one setup for each size of part, so that you can cut each of the parts which are the same size at the same time. I started down this path a while back and had hours of fun with the packing algos (not having a degree in math) there is a lot of info on the subject and they are all 2DBPP algos, 2D Bin Packing Problems. I have only recently started in on Sketchup and will be looking at this as a next step for any designs I develop. I work in metric measure but I like to show total volume in board feet, so that is supported too. The ruby script has to be in the plugins folder along with the folder cutlistui which contains the rest of what the plugin needs. You can put CutList Plus to work today in your own shop and see how it will streamline your woodworking design and construction projects. CutList 4.1 sketchup plugin helps you determine how much of each material you need to produce your design, taking into account nominal sized lumber with allowances for finishing to final size.
There is also a folder called srcutlistui which contains everything else it needs to work properly. Only the html output window for the layout does not work because of issues with the Safari browser, however, there is a workaround using the SVG export.
If you go by the board feet measured ( or calculated by something like the cutlist plugin) you’re going to find that it falls short.

The cutting diagram lets you visualize how parts may be laid out to minimize on the cuts and the number of setups.
Make sure all of the parts in your project are named and are either a component or a group. I’ve even tried the html pages in Firefox, MS IE and Safari and they all work fine and all work the same way.
I ask, because I and some others have been doing some shop work using metric measuring and I can see some real advantages. Then it goes one further and lays out all of the pieces on boards or sheet good sizes of your choosing.
The exact locations of the directories required for Sketchup plugins for Windows or Mac are found documented further down in the blog. To switch to metric measure, you have to change the unit in the model ( everything else is automatic).
Then you should be all set to head for the lumber yard to get all of the materials that you will need with no return trips. Even if you have waste if you could have a larger part left over which you could reuse for another project vs having a lot of offcuts, you’ve saved yourself some money and you are using the planet’s resources efficiently and responsibly.
By having the cutting diagram, you can see how much waste there is going to be and you know how much to get when you to the lumber yard. SVG output can be read by Firefox ( MS IE is useless at it) and then printed but it’s still not perfect.

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