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Mag-Safe Full Magnification Safety Glasses may not solve every eyesight problem in the shop, but they certainly will let you magnify nearby stuff well enough to resolve it easily. Stick-On Magnifying Lenses It is frustrating (and often impossible) to wear reading glasses under most protective eyewear. Easy to apply and adjust, the soft lenses adhere using water and can be peeled off (leaving no residue) and reused.
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Roll the black paper to form 2 tubes ,the first should fit the larger lens and the second should be able to slide inside the first one.
I have always wanted to observe the stars, but the equipment was pretty expensive.Have you been fascinated by the stars in the sky?Did you want to get closer to them?Did you ever want a telescope but it was too expensive?

Very great project, I have one question, my lenses have no indication of magnifying power x, can I say that the focal length of the lens is the distance from the lens to the image of the sun?
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Used for material handling, glass handling operations, fishing industries, sanitation, general maintenance, woodworking and waste handling & recycling. Kevlar® is light, comfortable and enduring protection against heat, cuts, lacerations and abrasions. Unless youve sprung for prescription safety glasses, you spectacle users are surely familiar with the challenge of trying to read drawings, rules and fence settings through ordinary shop glasses. These removable lenses enable you to quickly convert safety goggles or sunglasses into magnifying glasses for close work, eliminating the expense of customized lenses.

Protective gloves and sleeves bearing this brand name provide assurance of compliance to strict performance and quality standards, and are produced only by Kevlar® licensed manufacturers. Now you can match or exceed the prescription in your reading glasses for everyday shop work—imagine being able to see 64ths again!

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