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Even if you're a wizard with tools, you can't cut a straight line or plane a true edge without a solid surface to work on.
Use a circular saw, handsaw or miter saw to cut four A pieces, four B pieces (one from each 2 x 6), two C and two D pieces. Lay the leg assembly on its side and glue and screw a cleat to the inside surface of the long apron piece C, keeping it flush with the top edge. When the glue is dry, flip your bench upright, and attach the shelf with 2" #8 screws, six on the long edges, three on the short edges.
COMPETITION--Bernosky Sets New High Power Record: 2007 Camp Perry National High Power Champion Carl Bernosky added another milestone to his list of achievements this past weekend. In High Power matches, competitors shoot in three different positions -- standing, sitting, and prone -- and iron sights are used.
Carl Bernosky's rifle features a custom upper built by John Holliger on a Smith & Wesson M&P15 lower with Geiselle trigger. Site contributor Chris Long (aka "TechShooter") has crafted a report about his July, 2007 Prairie Dog Expedition in Wyoming.
Chris reports "The terrain is beautiful, a welcome change from the South Dakota prairie, with lots of hills and Ponderosa pine trees. Chris's primary long-range rifle was his 6.5-284 Tube-gun (photo above) running 130gr Berger VLDs at 3165 fps. CASE PREP--How to Choose the Right Neck Chamfering Tools: There are a wide variety of reloading tools designed to cut a slight chamfer in case necks and deburr the edge of the case mouth.
Many folks feel they can get smoother bullet seating by using a tool that cuts at a steeper angle.
K&M makes a depth-adjustable "VLD" chamferer ("case mouth reamer") which has very sharp blades and can be adjusted for cutting depth. One last thing to note--tools like the K&M and the Holland chamferer are often described as VLD chamferers--that is really a misnomer, as bullets with long boat-tails actually seat easily with very minimal chamfering.
SHOOTING SPORTS--Fly Shoots Showcase Accuracy, Aussie-Style The Australians have their own, indigenous form of precision target shooting--the Fly Shoot.
The Federal Cup is the main Fly Shoot event of the year and is shot on a Holiday weekend in March each year. TECH TIP--Mirage Shields Aid Varminters as Well as BR Shooters: A quality mirage shield reduces the amount of optical distortion caused by heat waves rising from the barrel directly in front of the scope.
Dan Lilja offers a nice, wide mirage shield for $10: "Our mirage shield works well for varmint rifles when there is a lot of action and the barrel is getting hot. Sinclair International also offers a 2"-wide venetian-blind style Mirage Shade, that costs just $3.95. GUNSMITHING--Shilen Offers Pre-Fit AR15 Barrels: We chatted with Wade Hull of Shilen Rifles recently. Not content with the success of the plain 6mmAR, Robert has created a new wildcat, the "6mmAR Turbo".
SECURITY--Zanotti Take-Down Safe: We've received inquiries from readers who are looking for a gunsafe that is big and strong but can be broken down and transported more easily that a typical 800 to 1200-lb safe. Zanotti Armor offers safes that are ideal for gun owners who need to move frequently or who live in a location where it is difficult, if not impossible, to position a conventional safe.
RELOADING--FREE Plans for Heavy-Duty Workbench: Here's a nice do-it-yourself project for the winter. SITE NEWS--Bulletin Submissions: First, we are always looking for good videos and interesting news items to put in our Bulletin and BLOG.
SITE NEWS--User Donation Options: Based on reports from Quantcast, the AccurateShooter Daily Bulletin reaches nearly 36,000 unique readers worldwide every month. UPCOMING EVENTS--Download 2007-2008 Events from NRA: A detailed, 13-page event calendar covering all NRA shooting disciplines is available free from the NRA. WEB TECH--Internet "Spider" Finds Firearms Sales and Gear Deals on Multiple Websites: Looking for firearms and accessories on the web?
Most of the listings are for optics and accessories for AR15 or semi-auto style rifles, and for handguns, but precision rifle shooters can still find a bargain out there and this technology can save you lots of time.
BLOG Items Wanted: Can you share a smart reloading tip, or news of a great bargain on gear? COMPETITION--US Teams Top World Benchrest Championships: American teams topped the field at the recent World Benchrest Shooting Federation (WBSF) Championship, hosted in H?lles, Austria. BULLETS--Sierra Announces New 95gr 6mm MatchKing: Sierra Bullets has a new 95gr, 6mm boat-tail MatchKing bullet.
Sierra is drawing jackets for the new 95gr SMK right now, and it anticipates the first lots will be delivered to retailers "after Thanksgiving", if not sooner.
Sierra asked us to keep this bullet secret until a decision was made to put the new projectile in production. VARMINTING--Franklin's 4000 FPS, 300 WSM Wows Hunters: Richard Franklin (Richard's Custom Rifles) has pioneered the use of lightweight (110-130 grain) 30-caliber bullets in a new generation of hyper-velocity varmint rifles. Richard tells us that demand is high for the 300 Varminter: "I have built 25 of these rifles just this year, and orders are increasing. Above is Richard's personal "300 Varminter" in its distinctive South American Bloodwood stock. Bernosky was shooting a semi-auto AR15-platform rifle with a Smith & Wesson M&P lower, John Holliger match upper chambered in 6mm Hagar, 26" Krieger barrel (+ 6" bloop tube), with a Geiselle two-stage trigger. SHOOTING TIPS--Matching Sandbag to Stock: For better accuracy and more consistent tracking, it is important to match your rear sand bag to the profile of your stock.
Stocks with a bottom rear flat normally work best in a sandbag that has a slot between the ears. Recently, Forum member Jon complained that his rifle was not tracking well, and needed to be re-positioned after every shot. OPTICS--New 10-60x52 March Zoom Scope: There's a new high-magnification zoom scope in development that will offer precision shooters "more power" than ever before. The modern Hunter BR rifle is a far cry from a typical deer rifle, or even a walk-around varminter.
Here's a photo of my Hunter Benchrest rig, which is pretty typical of what's being used at this point in time. ACCESSORIES--Custom Bolt Knobs: Looking for a cool extended bolt knob to provide extra leverage and more secure grip while working the action of your rifle? Custom bolt knobs are made from aluminum stock that has been machined, media blasted, and powder coated for a durable and uniform finish. In 1889, Switzerland adopted the 7.5x55 for the new Schmidt-Rubin straightpull bolt-action rifle.
COMPETITION--Larry Isenhour Sets New 600-Yard Records: Larry Eisenhour became the third man to go "sub-inch" at 600 yards in sanctioned competition, setting two new IBS Light Gun records in the process.
Larry was shooting a 6 BRX with 32.8gr of Varget powder, along with the Lot 559 Berger 105gr VLD bullets. EXPERT ADVICE--Speedy's Benchrest Guide Available online: Benchrest Hall of Famer Speedy Gonzalez has prepared a comprehensive Guide to Benchrest Competition.
Speedy's article is a gold-mine of info on shooting compenents and specialized reloading tools. NATIONAL MATCHES--Final Results from Camp Perry: The final results of the NRA Rifle and Pistol National Championships at Camp Perry, Ohio are now available online at the NRA Website.
Whidden overcame a one-point deficit heading into the final day of competition, winning the Palma Individual Trophy Match with a score of 446-25X to claim the overall title.
GUNSMITHING--AR15 Upper Assembly Guide: Want to build your own accurized, heavy barrel AR15 Varminter? NEW PRODUCTS--'CARB-Out' from Makers of Wipe-Out: Chemist and entrepreneur Terry Paul, creator of Wipe-Out foam bore cleaner, has come up with a new product, "CARB-Out". Terry Paul claims his new "CARB-Out" will "knock out stubborn carbon rings better than anything out there--you don't need abrasives anymore." One of the "superstars" of short-range benchrest, we'll just call him "Mr. If you've wondered how the Nosler Partition came to be, "In the fall of 1946, a stubborn, mud-caked Canadian moose failed to go down, despite a well-placed shot from John Noslers 300 H&H.
To learn more about John Nosler and his bullet designs, get your hands on Going Ballistic, a "Professional Memoir" told by John Nosler to outdoor writer Gary Lewis.
Tom can be justifiably proud of shooting the new record, particularly at a range and facility that he constructed himself (Tom is the proprietor of Thunder Valley). OPTICS--Davis Power-Boosting Lens Insert: Gene Davis has a new product that boosts the magnification of Leupold, Sightron, and Weaver BR scopes. Joe Pellegrene: "I just got back from the range using my new 3x magnifier on a 45x Leupold. VIDEO--Fast Shootin' at 1000 Yards: Ever wondered what it was like to pilot a 60+ pound Heavy Gun in top-level competition?
I''ve been using a rolling computer chair that goes up and down to get the right height for dovetails. CKocourek writes: Thanks for the kind words about my workbench; it's great to see such a positive response!
Our compact garage workbench has an expanding top that folds out for extra ferment space and tucks garage work table plans. To make either a traditional work bench or type A floating shelf bench that listings bump a rebuilding center Beaver State tied necessitate around at a building undergoing Designed for building diminished.
The workbench in my single-stall garage shop does dual duty as both a workbench and an outfeed table for my tabesaw. This is a great design, even better if the drawers slide both ways to allow access from either side, so you don't have to walk around the bench to get something out of the drawer.
You can build our easy workbench in a couple of hours, with inexpensive materials and ordinary tools.
If you prefer a bench that's higher or lower than 36" the height of a typical kitchen counter cut the legs (A) longer or shorter, remembering that the top adds 1¼" to the final height. First, measure 27½" in from one end of the plywood sheet, and cut along the line with a circular saw. Shooting the same AR15-platform rifle that carried him to victory at Camp Perry, Carl shot an 800-41X score on the New Holland (PA) 200, 300, 600-yard National Match course. In reality, these high-angle chamferers may be most valuable when preparing brass for flat-base bullets and bullets with pressure rings. On a hot day, after many rounds through the barrel, the benefit of a mirage shield can be quite dramatic. It is available in two lengths, 18" for BR barrels (item 06-7200), and 24" for longer varmint barrels (item 06-7300). Wade mentioned "you know we've brought out a line of 'drop-in' (pre-threaded and chambered) AR-15 barrels in a variety of calibers." This is great news for high-power, service rifle, and varmint rifle shooters.
By moving the shoulder forward (while retaining its 30° angle), Robert has designed a case that delivers more velocity.
The slip fit is held to a tolerance of .003 inch, and the safes are completely assembled and hand fitted at the factory to insure the panels will align properly. Bolted in place, a conventional safe with welded walls will provide the best security and a conventional safe can provide increased fire protection.
Simpson, maker of Strong-Tie fasteners, offers FREE Workbench Plans for a sturdy, 48"-wide bench with a pegboard backing and both upper and lower shelves.
USA Team 3 (Ed Adams, Darrel Loker, Tim Oltersdorf, and Mike Ratigan) took the Team Gold Medal, followed by USA 2 (Silver), and USA 1 (Bronze). According to Rich Macholz of Sierra, "We've been very happy with our test results and we know there's a need for a bullet in this weight range. In good custom actions such as the BAT or Nesika this round will deliver 4000+ FPS with the 125gr Nosler Ballistic tips and a bit more with the 110gr Hornady V-Max.
Bernosky won top honors at the 2007 National Rifle Association High Power Rifle Championship Matches held at Camp Perry, Ohio, from August 6-10, at the Centennial Camp Perry Matches. We are told this is the first time in Camp Perry history that the High Power Championship was won with an AR15 style semi-auto. NOTE: Ideally, you do not want the flat resting directly on the stitching--it's better to have the bottom of the stock contacting the sides of the ears a little bit above the center seam. The original intent of Hunter was for a class where the average person with an interest in accuracy could bring a good shooting hunting rifle and give BR a try.
Both the new 65mm and the 82mm will come with flouride glass, with optional (extra cost) APO (apochromatic) lenses for reduced chromatic distortion.
Televid HD versions come with a Leica VARIO 20-60x eyepiece, while the Leica APO-Televid versions sport the new high performance wide-angle Leica VARIO 25-50x WW ASPH eyepiece. Bolt Knobs by Bill offers a wide array of styles and colors, all hand-crafted with great precision.
But we don't yet cover many larger hunting cartridges (such as 25-06) and the older military chamberings (such as the 6.5 Carcano). Whereas early versions of this unusual rifle design included a number of undesirable features that significantly limited strength and safety of the action against gas leaks, which limited safe working pressure, the improved version of 1911 could utilize the full potential of the 7.5x55 case, when loaded to a reasonably high pressure of 45,500 psi (3138 bars). Larry's 0.943" 50-3X group was an impressive accomplishment on the new, smaller target adopted this season. Larry's rifle (smithed by Mike Davis) features a Stolle Panda action, and 25.5" Lilja 3-groove 8-twist barrel with 2500 rounds on it. NOTE: Lot 559 included the first 105s produced with Berger's new die, and some shooters were concerned that the bullet diameters were smaller than previous 105s. The record-setting brass was two and a half years old and had been reloaded 15-18 times without annealing.
It covers all aspects of the game: gear selection (hardware), reloading methods and tools, plus shooting skills and strategies.
It is also richly illustrated with high-quality photos showing gun components and reloading gear. There is a very informative section on Time Management and Target Management that will benefit all competitive shooters, no matter what their discipline.
As reported earlier in our Daily Bulletin, John Whidden of Nashville, GA, won his first NRA High Power Long Range National Championship with a score of 1241-68X out of a possible 1250-125X, edging defending LR champion Kent Reeve by 5 points and 3 Xs.
Reeve finished second overall with a score of 1236-65X, and SFC Lance Hopper of the United States Army Marksmanship Unit (USAMU) finished third with a score of 1233-64X.

Nancy Tompkins of Prescott, AZ, posted a score of 1226-65X to win the Women's National Championship. Precision Reloading recently started stocking the excellent K&M Arbor Press, which can measure bullet seating pressure with an optional Force Gauge. MidwayUSA offers a complete, step-by-step guide to upper assembly on its recently updated website.
Some how-to guides omit important steps, or assume a relatively high degree of gunsmithing experience. The online Knowledge Center combines the Gun-Tec Glossary, How-To Videos, Gunsmith Directory, and indices of Firearm Schematics and Product Information Sheets. This is specifically designed to remove carbon from rifle bores, including the stubborn carbon ring that can build up with extended firings. On the way home from that trip, John started thinking about a way to make a bullet that would perform well every time, no matter what the size of the game or the shot angle. With over 150 photos, and many fascinating accounts, this book is available from Sun Publishing for $24.95. Shooting at the Thunder Valley (Ohio) Range on July 7th, Tom nailed a truly spectacular 1.403" 5-shot group at 1000 yards. Tom was shooting a big 30 wildcat he calls the "300 Hulk", a shortened 338 Lapua Magnum necked down to 30 caliber, pushing 240gr Sierra MatchKings (0.711 BC) at close to 3000 fps.
A threaded ring with a Zeiss lens simply screws on to your scope behind the eyepiece, using the threads provided for lens caps. Some woodworkers have multiple work stations for handplaning, power tools and even carving, which is great if you have the space and inclination for multiple benches.
Whether you collect hand planes or seek out the latest and greatest in power tools, our expert tool addicts will keep you in the loop with news, reviews, and commentary on the latest in woodworking tools. Aircraft this work table is built from soft to find out suits those who work in type A garage or basement any place that is shared with other. Use these free workbench plans to body-build yourself vitamin A workbench in your garage operating theater shed that you displace apply to complete all your projects and maybe even get. Next, lay one piece B across the legs so that its ends are flush with the top and outer edges of the legs (see drawing). Attach the other cleat the same way.Now place the bench top, with its good side down, on your garage floor or other flat surface. Bob shot the group with a 6mm Dasher (Light Gun), Varget powder, and Hornady 105-grain Amax bullets. Trophy Ridge runs 'Dog hunts near the town of Carlile in the NW range of the Black Hills, near Devil's Tower National Monument. The course of fire is 5 shots on the Fly target plus up to 3 sighting shots at steel or paper. These "splash plates", made from heavy-duty Bisaloy 360 steel, can swing from hangers thereby absorbing the shock of even the heaviest magnums. The heat flows out past the edge of the shield and out of the line-of-sight of the rifle scope.
The "Coming Events" document covers High Power Rifle, Silhouette Rifle, Black-Powder Cartridge Rifle, Smallbore Rifle, Air Rifle, plus a wide variety of pistol disciplines.
American Mike Ratigan was the top individual shooter, winning the Two Gun (.2188 MOA 2-gun Agg), the Heavy Varmint Grand Agg, and the Light Varmint Grand Agg.
Jason Baney has tested prototypes of the new Sierra 95 MK and it has shot very well at 1000 yards. As you can see below, it looks very similar to the Sierra 107 MatchKing, but it's just a bit shorter, with a bit more curve in the top quarter. We see the 95 as ideal for guys with factory .243s and the like who want a super-accurate bullet that works in a 10-twist barrel. Using 30" barrels with the 300 WSM case, Richard's "maxi" varminter delivers incredible levels of energy at both short and long range. My 300 Varminter is now my favorite rifle, and it may be the most accurate long-range varmint rifle I own. Remington-action rifles will handle velocities up to around 3800 to 3900 FPS with these bullets. A shooter with over 30 years of experience on the firing line at Camp Perry, Bernosky has previously won this prestigious award seven times. But you still need spacing between the ears to get the right fit--it should not be so tight as to pinch or "grab" the stock. In some ways, Hunter BR is more challenging, because you shoot a 10-pounder with a narrower (2.25" forearm) and a 6-power scope (both LV and HV allow 3"-wide forearms and high-magnification scopes).
The typical HBR Rifle has, like its cousin the Group Rifle, evolved into a very singular-purpose piece of equipment, suited to do one thing very well -- namely to shoot Xs in the competitive arena, governed by rather strict sets of rules promulgated by the IBS or the NBRSA. Leica claims the optical performance of the new spotting scopes is significantly better than the preceding models. Leica claims this is the first premium zoom eyepiece to offer a field of view comparable to wide-angle fixed-power eyepieces. Niedner about 1920, this is simply the 30-06 necked down to handle 25-caliber bullets, with no other changes. All were in the 10 ring for a perfect 50 score -- which will also be a new IBS 600-yard single target LG score record.
Addressing those concerns, Berger polished the die, with the result that current 105 VLDs are very slightly larger in diameter than lot 559 bullets.
He neck-sizes first then resizes the whole body with a .308 die (this is longer than a 6BR body die so it sizes the longer BRX case from top to bottom). All of this is available on the web for free, thanks to Speedy and the Swedish Benchrest Shooters Assn. Many of the photos show tools that have been sectioned so you can view the internal components.
The competition, held August 11 - 14, marked the conclusion of the Camp Perry's Centennial (100th anniversary) National Match program. Shooting in the second of four relays from the 1,000-yard line in the Palma Match, Whidden was unsure if his score would hold up for the win, especially with SPC Tyrel Cooper of the USAMU, the tournament leader at the time, and Reeve yet to shoot.
K&M's neck-turning tool (item KMMACN) is a favorite of serious reloaders, and the Primer Seating Tool with depth gauge (item KMPST975) is perhaps the most sophisticated device of its kind. The 30-page AR15 Upper Assembly Guide features excellent photos, clear instructions, and a full list of all the parts required--down to the smallest pins and fasteners. There's a ton of useful information offered in the Knowledge Center, and it's all for free. Over the next year, he experimented with bullet design, finally settling on a unique, dual core bullet that was really the first Partition?.
CLICK HERE to read a short sample from Chapter 11, "Penetration and Expansion--The Need for a Better Bullet". If anyones having trouble seeing their bullet holes on the target this product is well worth the money. Check out this video of John Buhay shooting his 6 Dasher Heavy Gun at the Williamsport World Open on Sunday, July 15. I can guess what the wood materials costs are but can you give a ballpark as to how much the hardware costs?
His fascination with motors and gears goes beyond woodworking, he's also an enthusiastic hot-rodder who likes to restore old cars, and is the author of Automotive Woodworking (Motor Books International, 2002). I recently draped upward the construction on my new make for surface workbench atomic number 49 the Nice farm out Ive been look totally over trying to find plans I could use that would garage work table plans. This board is a collection of place saving Double obligation Tablesaw work bench woodwork Free. When using a miter gauge in my tablesaw, the guide must just pass over the top edge of the workbench for clearance. This piece along with the other three that join it to connect the legs and support the top, form the apron of the bench. Center the leg assembly on it, and glue and screw the leg assembly to the top, fastening through each cleat into the top with six 2" #10 screws. The wax causes water-based glue to bead up and makes the top easier to clean.Before you move the bench into position, mark and drill for your bench vise, woodworking vise or other hardware you wish to mount.
The group isn't official yet, but we spoke to Don Nielson, an NBRSA Officer, and he believes the group will eventually certify well under 0.6".
Primarily big game outfitters, Ralph and Lenora have access to thousands of acres of private ranch land. Chris's second gun was a more conventional bolt-action in a Franklin LowRider stock, set up with both 6mm Dasher and .260 AI barrels.
The Lyman tool is an excellent value, though we've seen examples that needed sharpening even when new. However if you are not very careful, it is easy to over-cut, slicing away too much brass and basically ruining your neck. You may have spent hundreds of dollars traveling to the varmint fields and spent dozens of hours loading up your ammo. Like the Lilja shield, the Sinclair Mirage Shade attaches with adhesive-backed Velcro fasteners. This rivals the performance of the larger 6mmBR cartridge, in a round better suited for the AR platform, with less both thrust and better feeding from the magazine. The heaviest component is the door, weighing 110 pounds in the 16-gun ZAI safe, and 175 pounds in the largest 52-gun ZAIII model. Zanotti offers many deluxe interiors including a system of roll-out sliding drawers in the bottom of the safe. For use as a loading bench with mounted presses, you can double-up the bench-top for extra ridigity. If you have a recent Canon, Kodak, Olympus, or Minolta digital still camera, you can probably take digital video with it. You can make a donation (via PayPal), using the "DONATION" buttons found on our Home Page and on our Shooters' Forum (at bottom of page).
This handy resource provides match dates, locations, and contact information well into 2008. Mike also added Silver and Bronze medals in the 200m and 100m LV matches, adding to his haul.
Traveling at 4000+ FPS, the lightweight, plastic-tipped bullets literally explode when they hit. We use Norma brass in a tight-neck chamber with zero freebore and slow-twist 30" barrels to obtain these velocities.
It will recognize all NBRSA National and Regional shoots including 100, 200, 300, 600, 1000-yard, Hunter Class and any new disciplines that are added. To take first place and win the title of High Power Rifle champion, Bernosky posted a score of 1787-89X.
Traditional hunting stocks have a lot of drop, whereas a 1000-yd BR stock may have "zero drop" -- meaning they are completely straight from the bottom of the grip to the buttplate. With a more conventional, round-bottomed stock that has a radiused toe, you should try a bag with taller ears and experiment with the spacing between ears. In addition to the 60X magnification, the new March promises best-in-class resolution and, importantly, ultra-reliable tracking. These are completely re-designed, with larger objectives, more advanced glass, and special new AquaDura" coatings that shed raindrops. The use of specialty fluoride glass yields improved contrast without altering natural color tones. A round ball style is available in aluminum, steel, or phenolic (hard plastic with threaded brass insert).
Norma's new caliber information section provides diagrams and cartridge histories for over 70 cartridges.
In 1969, more than half a century later, Remington standardized it as a factory chambering.
Therefore, this cartridge is suited to the same hunting applications as is that, more modern, cartridge.
This gives a positive read-out confirming that your primers are all seated to the same depth. CARB-out is out-performing Shooters Choice and Hoppes Elite (aka MPro-7), two of the most popular carbon solvents on the market. You can order "CARB-Out" from SharpShoot-R" Precision Products, Terry's company, or from MidwayUSA, which expects to receive its first supplies of CARB-Out next week. Nosler was the unanimous choice of an eight-member selection committee, acting on behalf of NRA members nationwide", said NRA Publications Executive Director Joe H. The following fall, John and his friend, Clarence Purdie, both killed moose with one shot using Johns new bullet. He anneals the Lapua brass after every firing, and the brass that set the record was on its 58th firing! We are working on other brands of scopes and the earlier Leupold scopes that do not have threads for the cap. John launches 10 shots in 26 seconds start to finish, even with multiple point of aim adjustments.
Simple, and inexpensive.I tried using a hydraulic lift outfit and the ram or arm bent when I left weight on it, which rendered it useless. I don’t want to filch any secretes, but an answer would help me fit it into next years budget.
Terminated 50 Free Workbench Woodcraft Plans astatine Free Crafts Woodworking whole kit and boodle better if you have a good workbench. I went stunned to all the innocent bench programme sites gathered their links by paw and then Designs for easy to build body of work surfaces for your workshop or garage. The 65" x 32" top is large enough for almost any work, yet it fits into almost any garage or workroom.
Tap each bolt head with a hammer to set it, and then fasten with nuts and washers at the backs of the legs.

Now, measuring from one of the two remaining original corners (corners cut at the factory), lay out and cut the top (65" x 32").
Usually a vise goes at the left front corner of the top, but you can mount it elsewhere if it feels more comfortable to you.
I can't tell you why exactly, but certainly the self-loading feature of the rifle allows me to maintain position better shot to shot. Chris notes: "The Dasher has proven itself in spades as an extremely accurate cartridge for F-Class Open competition, and I was anxious to see how it performed as a varmint cartridge. The $13.00 Forster is a nicely made product, with sharper cutting blades than you'll find on most other 45? We think that most reloaders will get better results using a more conventional chamfer tool, such as the Forster or Lyman.
Light Guns are limited to 17 pounds (similar to IBS and NBRSA Light Gun), while Unlimiteds have no weight restriction. But given the heavy mirage that is often present, to be sure of seeing the shots one needs to shoot a larger calibre and have good optics (such as Nightforce scopes). Without a mirage shield on your barrel, once that barrel gets hot, you WILL get mirage effects that can make you miss a shot. Wade told us: "Using our pre-threaded blanks each barrel is assigned a bolt assembly and then chambered to the correct headspace for THAT bolt. Robert tells us: "I have been testing the '6mmAR Turbo', which is an 'improved' version of the 6mmAR.
The Zanotti is also well-suited for a gun-owner who lives in an apartment up many flights of stairs. Five safe models are offered, ranging from 350 to 925 pounds assembled weight, without interior.
We think the sliding drawers are ideal for storing handguns and expensive items such as cameras and binoculars that you want to keep out of plain view.
The units are well-made and Zanotti offers many nice custom interior features that you won't find even on much more expensive conventional safes. Check your manual--most digital cameras sold since 2003 offer video capability, and it's easy to use. You'll find all the major national events, plus state championships and most regional competitions. It can be driven much faster than a 105-107 grain bullet from a 6BR--3050 fps is doable with a 27" or longer barrel. We're pleased to see that the zoom March offers 60 MOA of elevation--good enough for 1000 yards. The Leica Televid 82 and Televid 65 spotting scopes are both available with straight or angled eyepiece housing, with either HD or APO glass. This configuration still provides plenty of gripping surface but keeps the overall length of the bolt handle shorter compared to the tactical model.
Note how the wood layers are stacked vertically rather than the more conventional horizontal lamination.
He places his thumb behind the tang and one finger on the pistol grip very lightly, "just to index the trigger consistently", according to Larry. Nosler Endowment of The NRA Foundation, funded by Nosler Inc., sponsors the NRAs Basic Rifle Training Program. The 2X version increases image size about 15% while the 3X boosts the viewed image roughly 30%.
I plan on using it on several different rifles since you just unscrew it and screw it on the next one. John's rifle employs a trued Remington Action in a Delrin and aluminum stock crafted by Buhay himself. Garage How to build up a round-eyed work work bench victimisation easy to role brackets p.
In spite of appearance or in front of the garage to work on any projects including the cars.
If you cut the top from a 1" thick sheet of 4' x 8' plywood, you'll have enough left over to make a shelf underneath, plus an optional center brace for extra stiffness.
Use a ¾" spade bit to counterbore ½" deep niches in the back side of the legs, as shown, for the nuts and washers to fit into.
Drive two 2" #10 screws through pieces B into the center brace at each end, but don't glue this connection.
That's one heck of a group, and we're pleased it was shot in an NBRSA match." Robert's group is the smallest 5-shot group ever shot in registered benchrest competition at 600 yards. There is no dominant caliber, though the Aussies seem to favor the larger calibers--big 30s and even .338s.
The Federal Cup held in March has four major sponsors, Federal Cartridge Co, Westfire, ADI and Lightforce.
Zanotti safes are very popular with police, military personnel, and others whose jobs force them to re-locate often.
Mark Zanotti, the innovative creator of these modular safes, can also customize any interior to suit the customer's particular needs. The same downloadable document also contains plans for an 80"-high 6-shelf unit, a 72"-high heavy-duty shelving unit (with 4 shelves), and a 48"-wide heavy-duty table. As with all MatchKings, the new 95 has a strong jacket and this bullet can be pushed to 3400 fps and beyond without problems.
First, the 6mm Hagar has enough case capacity (more than a Grendel) to shoot the 105s at optimal velocities.
The scope has a 52mm objective, 30mm main tube, 40 MOA of windage, and weighs 24.8 ounces (704 grams). The new APO versions feature redesigned apochromatic lenses for high contrast viewing free of color aberrations. This AquaDura coating repels moisture, causing raindrops to cleanly drip off from the lens surface. Bill Hawks tells us that all his products can be customized: "I started selling bolt knobs a few years ago when I began to combine my passion for metal working and my passion for shooting. Conversely, the 25-06 has maintained some, perhaps increasing, degree of popularity since standardization. The barrel is a bit on the short side because it started out as a .243 Ackley and then was re-chambered as a BRX (after 200 rounds), losing some length in the process.
Shown at right is the Neck-turning Tool with optional Pilot Jack, Carbide "doughnut-cutter" mandrel and indicator for neck-wall thickness. If you are not using Loctite, make sure you hold onto the Outer Receiver Nut so the gas holes stay in alignment. One of the worlds foremost innovators in ballistics and bullet design, Nosler invented the Partition and other custom bullets. They fit any Leupold scope that has screw-in lens caps, as well as the Weaver and Sightron 36-power target scopes. If you cringe seeing John launch brass over his shoulder--he has a towel that catches his empties. A good material is AC plywood, which has one "good side" (the A face, flat and blemish free) and one flawed side (the C face).A layer of hardboard over the plywood gives you a flat, smooth, splinter-free surface to work on. This time, run the bolts through the leg and then through the stretcher, again fastening rather loosely.
Finally, from the remaining plywood, measure and cut the center brace, which is optional but recommended. Stand the assembly on its legs and drive six more of the same screws through the top and into the brace.
If a mounting hole lands atop apron or leg, use a lag screw driven in from the top to secure it.With a helper, set your new bench in its final location. It gave me a lot of practice estimating range and wind conditions, then seeing if I could get the come-ups and windage right on the scope for the first shot at the new range. This can be chucked in a drill or, with an adapter, it can be used with a power screwdriver when prepping large volumes of cases.
It really doesn't make sense to go out to the varmint fields without one, if you plan on shooting lots of rounds. Each barrel is uniquely numbered to match with its corresponding numbered bolt and the barrel extension is installed. For a guy wanting to shoot plain bullets out of an AR-15, it appears somewhere between 2850 -2900 fps for a bullets like the Berger 105 VLD is a realistic number.
The safe can be assembled in under 30 minutes with no tools other than a hammer, and all you need is a hand dolly to move any component. You can also find updated info on NRA-sanctioned matches at the Shooting Sports USA website. I guess it's high time for all of us to read Mike's Benchrest treatise, Extreme Rifle Accuracy. The Ballistic Coefficient (BC) hasn't been calculated yet, but Sierra's engineers believe it will be "around 0.500". Second, the Hagar's smaller rim diameter (compared to a 6BR or 6.5 Grendel) produces less bolt thrust (an issue with the AR15). Even with their bigger objectives, Leica claims both new scopes will be the most compact premium spotting scopes in their respective classes. The High Definition (HD) versions use specialized glass in a newly designed lens arrangement for improved clarity and contrast. Of course, there were other manufacturers who already made bolt knobs, but I wanted to offer something a little different by allowing the shooter to tell me what they wanted and do my best to produce it.
In addition, the open-sight Leech Cup and the any-sight Wimbledon Cup, two of the oldest trophies awarded at the National Matches, were won by Cooper and fellow USAMU shooter SGT Brandon Green, respectively, during Long Range competition. He pioneered the premium bullet category that has been widely adopted by big-game hunters, and has influenced bullet manufacturers worldwide. The fine cross hairs on my Leupold were magnified, but so was the target so everything seemed proportional. Video clips can be edited using the Windows "MovieMaker" software that's probably already on your computer.
Giantonio Quaglino from Italy finished second in Two-Gun, with France's Jean Louis Espinet placing third.
It should be a great choice for the Varmint Jamboree and similar competitions." For more info on the 95gr Sierra MK, call 1-800-223-8799 to speak with a Sierra Bulletsmith. Third, the Hagar's relatively old-fashioned long, narrow case feeds more reliably than "modern" short, fat designs. I guess the forearm is about as 'convex' on the bottom as any other stock currently in use. The USAMU also swept the team matches fired at the event, winning both the Roumanian and Herrick Trophies. Many long-range BR shooters are using this product and reporting to Gene that they can see bullet holes at 600 yards and beyond for the first time. The apron, which connects the legs just under the tabletop, and stretchers, which connect and brace the legs lower down, are cut from standard construction lumber. The slight amount of flex in the assembly should help compensate for a floor that's not quite level.
The 6mmAR Turbo is based on 6.5 Grendel cases necked to 6mm with the shoulder blown forward slightly. You can view photos of Forum member Wild Bill's very trick 6mm Dasher Fly Gun in THIS THREAD. Shilen also offers barrel blanks, and AR15 barrels that are pre-threaded but need to be headspaced by a smith.
For the chrono work, all bullets were plain (no moly) and I pushed it to see where was a realistic upper end. This proves that the top shooters from other countries are capable of competing, head to head, with the best America has to offer. Richard tells us "The Bartleins have been outstanding, with consistent quality and accuracy I can count on." Richard uses a Nightforce NSX 8-32 X scope with MLR reticle.
Most people are happy with the tactical and o-ring knobs that are featured on my website, but I also make them to customer spec.
Approximately 350 competitors competed in the Long Range matches, shooting at distances ranging from 800 to 1,000 yards. However, there is a price for the extra magnification--the reticle will appear slightly larger, and the image will appear somewhat darker. Carl told us: "If Robert's 6mmAR Turbo can really shoot the 105s at 2880+ fps, then it should be competitive with the 6mm Hagar, and the brass is available right now. I would shoot until the barrel got a bit hot, then switch and proceed with the other caliber." CLICK HERE to read the complete story.
Length, profile, thread size, and material can all be adjusted at no extra charge in most cases.
If your lumber is green, you may need to retighten the bolts after it dries out completely.Now you can stand back and admire your handwork for a moment before you dive into that backlog of home improvement projects.
It contains more load data, details of hits made out to 1330 yards, and many great photos of the Wyoming scenery. My emphasis is primarily on offering a service to my fellow shooters." There is a secure shoping cart on Bill's Website, so it's easy to order.
We also like the fact that, unlike an internal boosting job, you can simply remove the Booster if you want to return to the original magnification level.

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