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Derrick says Brittany isn’t loyal to them she trusts them but she doesn’t want to finish in 5th place. Derrick suspect Brittany will ride with them but once someone is there to make a deal to get her father she’ll cut them this is why she’s got to go.
Derrick says when the time comes for them to cut Caleb he can be the one that tells Caleb he wanted him gone week 2. Derrick brings up Victoria coming up to him and saying she’s surprised Caleb didn’t go up because if he did he would have gone home.
Derrick – Do you realize how good of a position we’re in right now… we’re running the house me and you” Cody says his brother would have been like “Why the f*** didn’t you put this kid (Caleb) on the block he F*** D1cked you” Cody had trouble last night trying to figure out who to put as the replacement nomination.

Derrick says Cody was making a mistake putting Caleb up because Caleb will never put him up because Caleb is all about the alliance. Derrick stresses that putting Donny up was the only way to guarantee Brittany goes home and keep the alliance intact.
Derrick – “The only person that would take me out is Jocasta and she doesn’t have the votes to do it” Derrick adds the house would have looked at Cody like he was Devin if he put Caleb up and kept Brittany. Derrick says Brittany will realize it wasn’t her game play it was her personality that doesn’t work in the game. I would rather take my chance with DOnny who said to you he wants to work with you already Brittany rolls in.

Derrick says he talked to Cody last this morning and 5:06pm Storage room Christine and Nicole Nicole asks if she knows what almost happened today. Derrick, Caleb, Frankie and Zack all on the block the same time, this will make some great BB watching! Captainwedgiearchnemesis says: July 21, 2014 at 6:18 pmDonny for America favorite houseguest!!!

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