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On the compatibility charts, the love-match of a Sagittarius male and Pisces female ranks amongst the top contenders.
Pisces woman knows how to strike a perfect balance in her life by managing the needs and desires of her man. The sexual compatibility of the couple depends upon doing the balancing act with perfection. Whenever a quarrel takes place between the two of you, you must make immediate efforts to settle the dispute as it may cause too much of distress. The love association between a Capricorn female and Sagittarius male is a contrasting match with interesting opportunities and threats.
Capricorn woman longs for a long-term committed relationship and does not like a casual approach in love whereas; Sagittarius man is just the opposite.
The sensuality of a Capricorn female when blends with the fiery passion of a Sagittarius man, it brings out the most beautiful shades of love and romance. You need to keep reminding her about her qualities and characteristics as she has the habit of losing herself in her lover. The affinity, mutual understanding and acceptance between these two partners are class apart.
She keeps her Sagittarius man happy by always being there to listen to his ideas and showering him with gifts of love.
He is a passionate lover who feels strong and irresistible attraction towards his Pisces female. The compassion and understanding between the partners makes it a strong bond of love and trust. So you need to be very cautious about speaking harsh words to her as it may lead to problems in your association.

I enjoy country music, camping, going to the lake, nascar, pretty down to earth country girl. The attraction between both of them keeps them strongly bonded even though their style of love is different. She knows that he looks for someone who can listen to his thoughts and bestow her trust in his dreams. Their love helps them accept and understand each other and they are able to live a pleasant and harmonious life in each other’s arms.
But despite these strong differences, they are able to survive as a couple because of the levels of understanding they possess. When he makes love to his Capricorn woman, he makes her feel secure and comfortable in his arms. She adds more stability to their marriage and he admires her for her sensibility and maturity. He needs to understand that he must mellow down his urge to make intimate and intense love to his lady as she may not approve of such strong physical love making.
She has a practical approach towards life and she looks at everything from a practical point of view. When she learns to be more confident with him, she transforms from a closed person to a more open person who lets her emotions go. With his intense need for physical love, she may start to feel that the main reason because of which these two are together is physical love and not emotional attachment.
He needs to understand that he needs to play a slow game and gradually take it to higher levels so that his lady finds it easier to absorb his acts of love and reciprocate to his actions with her love. There is no doubt about the differences these two partners possess which makes them so different but when they learn to accept these differences, their relationship becomes more fruitful.

Once the couple is able to reach a certain level of understanding about each other’s needs, they gradually turn into a more compatible couple.
He is an extrovert who is very different from the Pisces lady; he loves to take risks and he breathes adventures which is totally different from her personality but she knows how to reach the state of equilibrium with their love and affection. She is able to respond to her passionate man with equal intensity thereby making it a beautiful unison. They are able to make it a beautiful relation by nurturing it with love and care and helping each other to become better individuals. Together, they are able to attain unison but it surely takes mutual efforts and quality time. The couple needs to understand their differences and accept them with grace to lead a more promising life.
With time, their sexual encounters intensify and beautify as both the partners grow into much intense lovers. They live in a beautiful world of dreams and work hard with each other’s support to make these dreams come true. To enjoy a smooth life, they need to make constant and conscious efforts so that they can make their marriage a success despite the negative energies. With time, they develop more confidence in this association and enter a new world of unison.

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