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1 of 1 2 of 1 Burnaby's Christine Sinclair scored two goals, leading Canada to a 3-0 victory against South Africa in the Olympic women's soccer tournament.Her first marker came when she headed a crossing pass off the crossbar and just behind the goalkeeper. It won’t be easy for Canada to win at home, and the glories of 2002 are a long way off. The 2002 FIFA Women’s U-19 World Championship (as it was then) was the inaugural edition of a tournament nobody was much interested in, hosted in western Canada, a footnote in the sad annals of Canadian soccer, until we realized that a team full of personable, talented young women was kicking the bejeezus out of the world.
For one thing, 2002 was a stand-alone tournament in a country that had never known its like.
We all should get to know Sura Yekka, the scintillating left back, maybe our best player (and certainly the most audacious) at the U-17 Women’s World Cup, a capable defender who uses space and keeps ball-side better than usual for a young Canadian, but also loves to beat guys and cause trouble.
We will feel the absence of Summer Clarke, probably Canada’s best forward at this age group but in self-imposed exile from the national program. This talent means that I currently have Canada advancing out of its group, but it also makes our recent struggles stand out in Copperplate Gothic. The Mexican experience was partially blamed on travel and tough conditions, and I wonder if our raw team might feel the same pressure in the World Cup. I present concerns because I have to, but this is Canada’s most promising youth team since 2002.
The Canadian national women’s team roster includes captain Christine Sinclair, right, and fellow World Cup veterans. Canadian women’s soccer coach John Herdman has summoned the heart of his World Cup team along with an injection of youth for his first camp on the road to Rio.Herdman’s roster includes captain Christine Sinclair and fellow World Cup veterans Erin McLeod, Rhian Wilkinson, Allysha Chapman, Diana Matheson, Sophie Schmidt and Melissa Tancredi. The legendary final on September 1, 2012 saw 47,784 Edmontonians get behind the Canadian U-19 women, who lost a 1-0 golden goal heartbreaker to Lindsay Tarpley, Heather O’Reilly, and the United States*. Canadian fans who only follow women’s soccer in passing may expect a larger margin of superiority than we, in fact, have. This team has some serious soccer players with the potential to dazzle, to delight, to lift Canada to only the third quarter-final appearance in their U-20 Women’s World Cup history.

The former journeyman pro goalkeeper was named women’s U-20 boss in 2012 despite having little bootroom experience. We have to remember that when Canada was kicking butt and rolling through the world early in the century, the women’s game was substantially undeveloped everywhere except Canada, the United States, and western Europe. Buchanan is as strong and tough as anybody but what makes her Kadeisha Buchanan is her skill at defending. The Canadian squad was a golden generation: our best ever forward, our best ever goalkeeper, maybe our two best ever defenders. Canada's next game is on Tuesday (July 31) against Sweden.Sinclair, the team's captain, has a reputation for being an introvert when dealing with the media. 2-0 over the 23-year-olds of Nigeria, a perfect record in the group stage, off to the quarter-finals for England, the old country, a country everyone knows is better at soccer, and 6-2 later the newspapers think we might have something here[1].
Sure, the players were stunningly likable but had the team not run all the way to the final nobody would have bothered talking to them to find out.
She was the second-best player on that 2002 U-19 team at fifteen years old (there will never be enough exclamation marks for that)! A central midfielder who, at sixteen years old, came on as a substitute against Germany and was able to get involved. A two-game series in Mexico ended with a 0-0 draw and a 3-0 Mexican victory[10], and while the Mexican program has improved astonishingly we still shouldn’t be seeing scores like that on tournament eve. If you had some gritty, powerful athletes with modest technical abilities, you would win, especially at the youth level.
Fleming, Fletcher, and Yekka would be unrecognizable on the Canadian youth teams of 2004 or 2006.
However, before travelling to London for the Olympics, she was quite talkative in an interview with the Straight's Jeff Paterson, admitting that the 2008 Olympics in Beijing didn't go as well as planned.“Being a part of it in 2008 was a great experience, but this time around the veteran players on the team are treating it less like an Olympics and more like a soccer tournament," Sinclair said.
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2002 was Genesis, or more precisely The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway; even those who ignored it were influenced by it.
Looking fit against the best technical women’s team in the world when they were trying to defend a one-goal lead? There’s a lot of work to realize her potential but if there is any justice this will be her coming out party, a nationally televised announcement that “guess what, Canada? Nor are they the only U-18s: defender Jordane Carvery is 17 (18 in September), Vanessa Gregoire is a recent 18, Sarah Kinzner is much-respected but is another 17-year-old. Probably Canada will get out of the group but maybe we won’t, and come what may our approach is heading in the right direction. He’s looking for a centre back to partner with rising star Kadeisha Buchanan, some guile and creativity on the wing and a pacey forward. You can see it with our senior national team, caught in a long transition between athletes and technicians (if it seems Diana Matheson has gotten more valuable every year it’s because the style has been changing to suit a 5-foot-nothing mid with smart feet). Yes 37% 55 VOTES No 63% 95 VOTES Join the discussion Comments We're now using Facebook for comments. But I remember, in 2005, another player-turned-coach named Dale Mitchell leading the Canadian men’s U-20s to a disappointing World Cup, featuring only a single draw against Syria[13].
The Canadian Soccer Association kept faith in Mitchell, who took Canada into the 2007 tournament on home soil and did even worse, scoring no goals, no points, nothing but embarrassment[14].
10-21 CONCACAF Women’s Olympic Qualifying Championship in Houston and Frisco, Tex.Canada, ranked 11th in the world, will be competing against the World Cup champion and top-ranked Americans, Mexico (No. That’s the test”“Hopefully they come thorough like a Kadeisha Buchanan came through or an Ashley Lawrence,” he added.

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