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Pope Francis listens to confessions on July 26, 2013 during World Youth Day in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Reflecting on the Capuchin Franciscan tradition as one of giving forgiveness, he cited the many well-known Capuchin confessors like St. Relics of both saints, including the body of Padre Pio, have been brought to Rome as a special initiative for the Catholic Church’s Year of Mercy. He said these saints are good confessors “because they feel like sinners” – they are forgiven when they know how to ask for it in prayer.
When someone forgets the necessity of being forgiven, they slowly forget God, the Pope explained.
He noted that many times penitents cannot change because of their psychological conditions, their lives or their situation. Parents are no longer together but fathers name is on the birth certificate.  Father does not have joint custody. There's a reason why a Muslim man is allowed to marry a Jewish or Christian woman, while a Muslim woman is only allowed to marry a Muslim man. And about the child's' name, what I know, the name don't have any affection in the religion. Before I read any other comments, when it comes to nurturing the mother has the greatest influence. It would be a lot easier if the parents taught each other about their religions, so they could agree on one religion.
I realy don't think it's up to the mother to choose whether the child is christened or not.
This needs time to heal the wounds, and my only worry here is that is the baby the one that will pay all the differences between the parents as he is doing already.
This kind of situation only can be healed by Love and Respect, and to bring this to both Hearts, it is God?s decision.
Maybe both of them should think about the real needs of the baby, he needs a loving mother and father, no a enviroment full of hate, as adults they should think deep about what they are doing.
To bring a new Life to this world is such a blessing and an incredible Source of Light for everyone around, the new parents should put their differences on a side and honour and respect the new Life that they have helped to bring to this world, to grow up a healthy child is a must, and they should know that the health keeps included, mental, emotional and spiritual being not just physical. Everytime a mother looks at the face of a baby see the face of the father, and the same with the father, would you choose to hate the presence of the person you have reflected in your own child ?
May Allah(swt) softens the Heart of both parents related to their relationship as parents of the baby. I am sick and tired of those muslim men going after non-muslim women, while the muslim sisters are waiting for suitable matches.
Coming back to your point, it sees like that hatred between the two is not going to solve the problem. I'm not sure what to say directly to the question,but please don't undeestimate the power of dua'a.
Perhaps you should ask your non Muslim man to accept Islam as that is the only way you can have a halaal relationship with him and for him to be called your husband. I wanted her to of a religion and I wouldn't mind if it Islam but mu husband couldn't care less.

What about the other thousands of European women who have been exploited by 'men' for citizenship, men of any religion - not just Muslim men. One of the many many reasons why you should reduce risking leading your children astray and marry only within the community. It can be used to refer to a person who was born to Muslim parents and raised in an Islamic home. I am a Christian women, in a relationship with a Mali Muslim man, I have two children with him a daughter of three years old and a son of a year, he has insisted that his children are brought up as Muslim, he has a friends wife who is a Muslim convert, she takes our daughter to the Mosque,and also discusses the Koran with me, I do not think I will change my religion, but a better understanding of the Koran, will be better for me. Susan, far more Americans (I assume you are American) are killed every year by non-Muslim Americans.
I'm saddened to hear of anyone feeling threatened, and hope that through finding out more about Islam you may be able to feel less threatened by our faith.
The things you watch on TV and read about in the newspapers aren't representative of Islam, any more than the KKK and Westboro Baptist Church are representative of Christianity. Quite frankly, I don't think a marriage between a practicing Muslim and a practicing Catholic can work because of the children, as one person will not be following their faith depending on the child's religion, and this could lead to guilt and the breakdown of the marriage. The recent passing of music icon Prince has motivated many people to look at a once little-known fact about his life: his faith. Answering apologetics questions for a living can sometimes feel a bit like riding a unicycle on a high wire, fifty feet up, no safety net, with only a tiny umbrella for counterbalance—in a hailstorm.
It’s not fear of flying (I don’t love hurtling through low orbit, separated from death by a few inches of aluminum and plexiglass, but I tolerate it)—it’s fear that God may put someone in the next seat for me to evangelize.
From experience, I'd say most priests would christen this child, no matter what the father's religion is. Because even if, for example, the child was raised a muslim, the mother wouldn't be a muslim and that would affect the child (or vice versa).
I am sure he knew the risk of this happening marrying a catholic woman and she knew about his rights being a muslim man, then if both of them are so religious, they should be through their example someone to follow, insha?Allah. With today's Christians and Jews, believing in Jesus (pbuh) son of God and Uzayr as son of God, respectively and with other polytheistic beliefs.
I eventually figured out that he was always going to be unreasonable and irresponsible, abusive and controlling, so I left him. But its strange that instead of focussing on all men who exploit women in Europe for citizenship, you are targetting just 'Muslim' men as though its a 'Muslim' problem; and then you also say you dont mind your daughter being Muslim.
If the father is a Muslim and the mother is a Christian it's up to them to decide the religion of the child or to let the child decide for himself once he is an adult.
It can also be used in the more general context to refer to the view that all people are born in a natural state of peace and innocence.
A person coming to Islam should be doing so because they feel in their heart that they believe in the teachings and believe that there is no god but Allah, and that Our Beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) is His Messenger.
Islam and Christianity have a lot of similarities - for example, did you know that Jesus (pbuh) is greatly respected in Islam as one of the Prophets, and that both Islam and Christianity emphasise the importance of giving to charity and protecting the vulnerable?
It might help ease your concerns for you to find out more about Islam - if there's a mosque near where you live, or you know a Muslim woman at your work or in a social setting, ask them about Islam.
664, declaring himself in favor of the arguments of Bishop Wilfrid (who himself had just quoted Saint Peter) thereby aligning England with the Vatican.

The humble priest, the one who feels like a sinner, is a great forgiver in the sacrament of Confession.
Teaching them about God, and believing in God is the most important thing both parents can do the child. I think they fall in category of polytheism, therefore a muslim man should not marry a Christian or jewish woman. Your relationship with the non Muslim man may appear to be 'going well', but that does not make it 'right'. That your husband used you to obtain citizenship was very bad of him and I am sorry that you have had to go through this. A Muslim parent has a duty to provide their children with an education about Islam, so that they can learn and inshaAllah accept it in their hearts.
You're also very welcome to read more on our site - we aren't scholars or experts, simply ordinary people from around the world, so by reading some of the posts here you might see that we have the same dilemmas and make the same mistakes as other people. Ultimately, it will have to be a choice to become a true believer and the choice of religion to follow will be that of the child as an adult. Father should keep his presence in the son's life instead of just leaving him in her mother's hand.
Try your hardest to steer your child to Islam, within Islam, but if that is not possible remember to be patient and continue to supplicate to Allah swt.
Even children born in homes that are raised with Islam, there is no guarantee of them holding on to Islam, as with all of us. He is helping me raise the two children I had with my ex (whom he has also abandoned, so much for the role a husband and father is supposed to play according to Islamic law) and is all around wonderful, he is supportive, humble, intelligent, understanding and so much more. We must continue to always seek refuge in Allah swt from Shaytaan, and for Allah subhanhu wa tala to make us righteous and die on the deen of Al Islam (Ameen). My husband is not as well educated in Islam, we have an open dialogue regarding spirituality, but neither is he in Catholicism.
I always tease him about how I am far more well versed in the understanding of Christian values and theological interpretations among the various denominations than he is (I went to a private Christian high school).
In the UK nobody has the right to impose their faith on a child if the other parent does not agree, including circumcision (mutilation justified by barbaric ancient laws that lots of people keep on doing to their poor little kids). I have very strong faith that my influence is the one they will take after the most ?? If the father of the child in question is not living up to his duty as a father is supposed to according to Islamic Law, then he has no right to judge the mothers' actions.
Yes, I believe Christianity is one large misunderstanding of holy revelation, however, if it is a christian that is putting food in the mouth of the child and clothes on its back and waking up at 2 am to lull them back to sleep when they are scared, sick, etc, without the help of the Muslim parent, then it is to be expected that the child will take after the parent with the most influence.
I can gurantee you, if any husband was as good a husband and father as Muhammad(PBUH) was, no woman would want to leave him and break her family.

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