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This week in our Throw Back Thursday post we’ll be reminding you of how far chat rooms have come along ever since the first AOL chat rooms. It was in the early 1990’s that AOL first became popular among computer owners, but let’s face it, there weren’t nearly as many computer owners back then.
It was in 1996 that AOL grew so big that it became the leader in the industry and was later able to reach over 30 million worldwide users.
When this flat rate was introduced, new boards were formed in the chat rooms and topics of all genres were being shared. People who had trouble socializing in real life would meet new people online, relationships were formed and teens discussed their favorite bands. Click on the button below to subscribe and wait for a new Facebook message from the TC Messenger news bot. Facebook has built a new feature codenamed “Host Chat” that lets people set up chat rooms their friends can join without an invitation, a source familiar with the feature tells us.
Facebook verified with me that it’s testing the feature, but wouldn’t comment on details beyond saying “we do test things from time to time with a small percentage of users.” These tests can be a small as a fraction of a percent of all users, and are sometimes isolated to particular countries, so it’s unlikely you’ll see this in your own Facebook unless the feature does well and receives a wider roll out. The stakes are high as messaging generates huge amounts of engagement, direct monetization opportunities through ads and sticker sales, and valuable data on who someone’s closest friends are. Chat rooms could be a powerful weapon in this fight because of their relatively passive nature.
The Facebook chat rooms feature creates an option to “Host Chat” in the Facebook home page’s status update composer. When clicked it opens a chat room that the host can name if there’s a specific purpose for the room, such as discussing a certain topic, planning an event, or working on a project.
What makes Host Chat special is that any of the host’s friends can join without being invited. Hosts can set privacy restrictions to limit who is allowed to join their room, and can expel people they don’t want present. A mid-sized group of Facebook employees including some of the existing chat team have been working on the feature. Facebook’s chat rooms could compete with Google’s Hangouts, to which they bear many similarities. The generally fun, irreverent atmosphere of chat rooms could help Facebook attract and retain younger users, which critics fear are slipping away to newer social networks and communications platforms like Snapchat and Tumblr. This could inch Facebook closer to the “social discovery” industry populated by companies like Tagged and Badoo. There’s certainly a chance that feature’s privacy implications will prove too complicated, or it will flop in its test and end up like the rarely used Facebook video chat option. Facebook is an online social networking service that allows its users to connect with friends and family as well as make new connections. Its important to know what is your preferences before looking out for the free chat rooms best suited for your need. Chatting through typing text is one of the best and known forms of chat adopted in chat rooms and used by many.
Generally when you are tired with typing you can turn on for voice chat if the other person is ready. Video chat is through direct contact, with live video of the person with whom you are chatting to.

All these runs free chat room which are user friendsly and has the list of chat rooms on different topics and subjects of chat room names. Out of the programs mentioned above Yahoo Messenger is the best and the known one which allows text as well as the voice chat. If you are using Mac OS X then you might like to use Apple iChat and Adium which offers both voice and video chat. There is even one more chat section called Chatzee where we can create out own rooms and invite people. Alright, so some of you may still be too young to remember the days where you had to plug your computer into a phone jack and couldn’t use both the phone and internet simultaneously, but for those of you who do remember those days, you most likely remember AOL. Over the past few years, the CEO of AOL has been reinventing the entire company’s business plan and they have turned into investors rather than providing social media platforms. Nonetheless, AOL introduced the world of online chat along with actual graphic run video games rather than text based games.
The limit of people per room was set at 23 and when the 24th person would join it would create a new lobby.
What caused this peak in users was when they introduced a monthly rate to access their chat rooms. Whether it was sports, arts, music, television shows or even the news, AOL was the place to be for conversing with strangers online.
It’s own cross-platform chat competes with SMS, Apple’s iMessage, and now Google’s new unified messaging system Hangouts.
For tech giants like Apple, Google, and Facebook, messaging encourages platform lock-in, driving time spent on their other products.
With direct private communication, users typically pop in and out just to send and read messages. There’s always a possibility that the feature gets scrapped rather than rolled out, its interface evolves significantly, so know the details might change if Facebook decides if it is worthy of a wider release. The host can add specific friends to the room, similar to Facebook’s existing ad-hoc private group chat feature.
They see a story in their news feed that a friend is hosting a chat room and they’re given the option to jump in. There may be an option to allow friends of friends to join so a room could grow virally, but this isn’t confirmed. Since anyone who is friends with the host can join a room, people will end up interacting with friends of friends.
But instead of meeting total strangers, you’re likely to have a trusted mutual friend to bridge the gap in Facebook chat rooms. It provides its users with the ability to create a profile, update information, add images, send friend requests, and accept requests from other users.
For instance if you are looking for just type and chat or else if you are looking to switch between voice chat to video chat. This doesn’t require any software and so, just join the chat room, select the member profile and start chatting. If you’re old enough you may remember those games like Spy Snatcher and Shadows of Mordor; you can thank AOL for getting rid of those. When you compare that to our chat rooms today with unlimited amount of members online simultaneously, you see how far we’ve come along.

Sure you can chat online for free nowadays, but back then $19.95 per month was considered cheap to have unlimited chat room access. In the late 1990’s AOL was reached over 17 million users and was a place to talk about anything. That goes without stating all of the other types of online communication methods like MySpace and Facebook. Reminiscent of the old AOL chat rooms, it could get Facebook users to meet friends of friends and spend more time on the site. Meanwhile, it’s battling independent international players like WhatsApp, sticker-focused products like Japan’s Line, and novel communication forms like Snapchat. Those participating see the room as a window similar to traditional one-on-one Facebook chat, though I’d expect it to be a bit bigger to accommodate a higher pace of conversation. This works similar to the chat feature within Facebook Groups, where anyone in the Group can join a discussion.
Figuring out the best way to handle privacy when people who aren’t friends interact in a chat room may be one of Facebook’s goals for the test.
Emoji would likely be included but no word on whether chat rooms will allow Facebook’s cutesy new messaging stickers.
Hangouts’ big draw is video chat with up to 10 people, and it also offers many other advanced media sharing features.
Similar to the chat rooms of the late 90s when you might begin private messaging with someone you met in a room and then add them to your buddy list, Facebook users might friend people they meet in chat rooms.
If chat rooms succeed, they might not just move the needle for Facebook in terms of engagement. There are plenty of free chat room on Internet to choose from and satisfy your requirements.
In this you can exchange you voice just like conversations on your phone along with text chatting too possible.
In fact, America Online was named one of the most influential websites to have revolutionized the internet. AOL was a leader at one point and those who remember it will never forget how important it was once upon a time. The use of the news feed to spread and grow rooms takes advantage of Facebook’s ubiquity and the relatively large number of a person’s friends likely to be browsing the feed at any given time. Tests were also limited to the web, though Facebook’s insistence that it’s a mobile company means it might be cranking on small-screen support, which could launch eventually if the feature is well received.
They could make the social network a more exciting, serendipitous place to spend time — a kick of spice that could keep the 9-year-old site from growing bland.
Facebook users might browse the news feed or friends’ profiles for longer and see more ads to fill time while they gab in chat rooms.
It’s possible that you might be able to participate in a chat room but not start one from mobile in the initial tests happening now. Thanks to heavy engagement with the Facebook news feed compared to the Google+ stream, more friends are likely to see you have an open Facebook chat room they can join than if you started a Hangout.

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