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The Culture Vulture flaps around the globe keeping his hungry eyes on all the news relating to Cultural Awareness, Intercultural Communication, Cultural Competence, Translation, Languages & Multilingualism, Interpreting, Localization, GILT, Business Training and Design. If you wish to sell your goods or services online, you need to become an internet retailer. The way to go about this might be a little different from what you are used to in the UK or USA: not all countries use the same search engine, for example. In addition to localised search terms, companies should also investigate the shopping preferences of their targeted market.
According to Rigby, realising that different countries use different technologies is important as well.
Finally, Rigby argues that just because your company has a certain reputation on its home turf, this doesn’t necessarily mean this reputation will turn out exactly the same in a market overseas.
Easyjet has today launched a Chinese website to cater for the growing number of passengers from China who fly with the airline. The UK-based carrier has seen bookings by Chinese citizens for travel on its European routes increase by a quarter in the last year. The move coincides with Prime Minister David Cameron's trade mission to the region to boost trade ties between Britain and China.
Carolyn McCall, the airline's CEO, said: "This year Easyjet has seen a 25 per cent increase in bookings from China versus 2012. Last month, Easyjet announced it will launch two new routes from Gatwick to Brussels and Strasbourg in March (see news, November 19). How dehydration affects your flight, 40 new Asian hotels, and taxi apps to try on your travels.

Recent data from Flight Centre shows business class fares are on average 20 per cent lower than they were five years ago.
If you wish to sell them abroad, it pays off to invest some time in getting to know who your shoppers are and what they want - localization.According to Chloe Rigby, acquiring new customers in your home country mainly centres around word of mouth marketing. Ivis Group’s Paul Bolton believes that even though customers might be attracted to the Britishness of UK products, retailers should carefully balance this with local habits.
The UK might rely heavily on computers, but in Italy, for example, many people shop online via their smartphone. Retailers must keep an open mind when they adapt their message to new markets, McClelland says. His job is to fly around, keeping an eye on news, making sure you keep up-to-date with developments in the world of language, culture, localization and international business. In her article ‘Word of Mouth’ (Internet Retailing January 2013) she explains that physical high street shops or a good online reputation are all it takes to lure people in; once in they can then be kept loyal by good customer service. Then, advertisements are moved to offline territory which then finally evolves into brand advertising. Andrew McClelland, managing director of retail trade association IMRG believes research about popular terms can greatly benefit your SEO.
He gives the example of a UK fashion retailer that became well known for its footwear on a foreign market. But how can you attract and maintain new customers in foreign or international online markets? Your website can be the prettiest and most functional on the web, but new customers won’t be able to find you if you don’t appear on search engines Rigby says.

This means you might have to invest more money in m-commerce strategies for markets abroad than for the one in your home country .Paul Gault, who is director of strategy at Sponge, also stresses the importance of mobile strategies.
Rigby agrees this is a greater challenge as cultural and linguistic differences have to be taken into account, but believes the process is essentially the same. Mentions of your business in local media and online advertisements that pop up when people are looking for certain products on search engines are essential. He believes mobile users are more influenced by text messages than customers who surf the web on their desktops. However, next to the demands new markets enforce on you as a retailer, Rigby believes that are many advantages to be found at foreign online expansion as well: ‘When the reality varies from the expectations, it’s time to adjust the strategy.
In addition, mobile-optimised websites are key as they are much more compatible with smartphones.
But in the final analysis, getting to know a new group of consumers and reflecting the reality they’d like to see, can be a highly profitable approach.’Did you know that only 26.8% of internet users have English as their mother tongue? Chinese, Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese, German, Arabic, French, Russian and Korean account for 55.5%. However, ‘if you go somewhere like China, people don’t like to see how many people have bought it. If you're looking at internet retail on an international scale, speak to us about our Online Retail Localization & Translation services.

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