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By using a smartphone to sign up, reserve, and select and unlock the car, Silvercar customers get on the road without delay.
Last week (till end of January) to get advantage of this amazing offer of collaboration between Silvercar and Virgin America. There’s a special Silvercar promo code from Virgin America for $75 off a 2-day rental for first time Silvercar users, and Silvercar offers $25 to first-time renters who are referred by existing customers.
You can also benefit from using promo code ELEVATE15 to get 15% off for existent customers.
Note, that you need to add referral code DDUDARENKO in your Account->Refer a Friend menu first before booking and after apply the ELEVATE75 promo code. Some of the items up for grabs include the popular Chromecast, which you can snag for just $23.99 (plus tax, if applicable) right now. The catch, again, is that the purchase must be made with your Amazon Rewards Visa, the items must be from the list of select products, and you must reside in the US.

A promotional Ayane image advertising Dead or Alive 4; Code Chronos can be seen in the bottom-right corner, second to the right. Dead or Alive: Code Chronos was the code name given to a cancelled Dead or Alive video game. During a interview with Play Magazine in July, 2006, Tomonobu Itagaki stated that Code Chronos would be a prequel to the Dead or Alive series, and would relay the story of Ayane and Kasumi before the first tournament. On the 5th November, 2010, in a interview with Famitsu, the current head of Team Ninja, Yosuke Hayashi said that Code Chronos was offically canceled, and that the development of the project never really took off, as it never got past the "framework level". Designed especially for the connected business traveler, Silvercar delivers a fast, frictionless, consistent experience, featuring a single, premium car model every time – the Audi A4.
There is no maximum number of items you may use the discount on, but you can only use it on a single Amazon order - then it's gone. Fitbit, Jawbone Up, Dropcam, GoPro cameras, Philips Hue bulbs, Pebble smartwatches, Rokus, SSDs, Parrot AR.drones, and more are also in there.

So, have at it - it's unclear when this promotion ends (it's been going a couple weeks now), so take advantage while you can. There are no lines, no counters, no hassles, and no upsells, and our friendly, experienced concierges are always nearby to assist as needed. Also, to sweeten the deal, applying for an Amazon Rewards card will earn you a $100 gift card upon approval.

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