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There are hundreds of ways to make money online at the moment, but none of them are permanent.
Many people think that it’s a hard job to create a website and they also believe that it takes huge investment. First click on any of the links below to join hostgator (a tool to create your website), where you can create your own website right now.
Here I have documented all the steps that involved when I tried to create a test website at hostgator. Now log into your new wordpress dashboard and start publishing articles about topics that interest you.
Plugins, also called as features, are useful for your site design and they make your work easy. WP Super Cache.  This plugin clears the cache files in your site users or visitors browsers, so that they can get refreshed for new updates automatically. These are the five must use plugins for you site, anyhow, you can use many other plugins as per your needs and interest.
As I already said – the more traffic your site receives , the more income you could generate. These things might trouble you at the start (because you are a new person to these things), but as time goes on, you will be a professional.
When a visitor of your site clicks on the advertisement, you would earn anything between $0.10 to $1 for that click.
This is my ultimate guide for creating your own website, promoting that to people and making huge monthly income by staying at your home. Shall I get paid when a customer clicks on an affiliate url ( eg: clixsense’s affiliate url) on my blog or website? I'm Laxmi Prasanna, the author of this website, a professional blogger and online money maker from India. Check out this case study with PROOF on how I do it with Amazon Affiliate website…and by the way I had NEVER built an Amazon site before.
Follow these steps and you will be on your way to starting your own online business, the same way I did. In this case study I will show you EXACTLY how to do market research, keyword research, launch an Amazon affiliate website, and create content all within 30 days and get a sale. The secret to creating a website and making money is getting visitorsa€¦but not just any visitors TARGETED VISITORS.
I like Xbox racing video games and there is a fanatic sub culture of racing game enthusiasts. I found between these four search terms alone there is over 1000 searches per month (Avg column) and there is less than 200 competing websites for each keyword (the QSR column). As you can see in the fist 6 results, it’s all Xbox, Thrustmaster (who is a manufacturer), Ebay, and Amazon.
Ita€™s good to mark these down so you can plug them into the Jaaxy keyword tool later and hopefully write some articles around them if the keyword metrics look good.
I followed the 5 rules for picking a domain name and I purchased a domain name for $11 form NameCheap.
I created my website framework using WordPress in like 2 min and had a webpage all ready to go, just need to add content. I wanted something a little more fresh so I upgraded to a nicer WordPress theme called Affiliate Review Plus. This is a snapshot behind the scenes of how I was starting to layout a fast menu structure in WordPress. For 6 days including Christmas, I busted my butt and knocked out 10 product reviews and wrote 12 related articles about Xbox racing. I searched Amazon and pulled pictures and videos to include in my articles to help fill up some content and provide a resource for someone finding my site. TIP: If you are doing product reviews, put your product name as the first part of your post titles. Remember when i said on day 1 find a topic you are interested in, this makes writing this much content much easier on your brain.
Keep in mind you are just looking for Google to pick you up and give your website a good crawl. When I first got writing I was aiming for quick hitting content, major ideas, with minor details.
Writing and refining should be an ongoing process through your first 30 days and even there after. We are not talking about massive traffic here, but we are talking about small amounts of highly targeted traffic that is very interested in a niche. Now that my pages are ranking, I went back in and started adding Amazon affiliate links to all of my pages! Ita€™s really not that crazy to get a business up and running making sales in your 1stA in 30 days. Now if you are brand new to this, you have to be realistic, there WILL be more ramp up time for you as you learn the basics of creating a website, but rest assured that with patience and persistence this process makes money.
If you are interested in learning how to make a website and make money, let me know and I will help you.
I wlsh you the best with your website and look forward to connecting with you more inside of WA…I simply love how Wealthy Affiliate works and how I can connect with great entrepreneurs like yourself inside. About how long it takes, everybody is different it depends on your niche and how hard you work. I will help you, just let me know in the community whatever questions you have and 100% I will help you get up to speed.
Share with me your link, privately if you want and I will take a look and see if we can get you headed in the right direction.
Until this morning I hadn’t updated any new articles since March 1st and yet the site continued to grow in traffic receiving 1,500 visitors and ranking on the first page in Google for almost 75 search terms. My blog will show you how to start your business with free advertising sources, and to then build your business with the profits.
Post to 50 And More Social Media Sites, including Instant Blog Subscribers, Facebook and Twitter. - A Welcome, all who like old Photos of Japan !YOU ARE ONE OF OVER 100,000 VISITORS TO THIS SITE. I created this site two years back, have been writing articles about internet marketing, and making lots of money out of it. Indian members get that discount automatically without any codes by joining through the link given above.
Its better to keep the Domain Registrant Information as Default contact details that you already wrote above. After pressing the continue button, you’ll be asked to enter your admin details for the newly installed wordpress site. Go to your email account where you’ll have already received your wordpress site login details. This might confuse some of you, so please contact me through my email which I mentioned at the start of this page. The reason why I recommended you to use wordpress is it’s a very powerful tool for website design especially for sites that have articles and lots of text content.
If you write on a single topic (e.g cricket, football, movies, tech etc), you would get a constant user base for your site. Here you can write new posts, create new pages, edit older ones, add images, videos, moderate comments, alter site design, change themes, edit the sidebar content, and you can change your site settings. Now I’m only using 12 plugins for this site, however, there are thousands of plugins available at wordpress. At slimstats, you can checkout the daily traffic to your site, traffic locations, and in depth analysis.
This plugin allows you to add advertisements above or below articles and blog posts of your site. This plugin helps you to make your content search engine friendly or optimized , so that you will get loads of traffic from search engines, especially from google. But if you use more than twenty plugins, then your site loading speed would be decreased, and that would give bad experience to your site readers. If you can write good articles which your readers like, then you don’t need to hunt for the traffic. One of the easiest ways for writers to make money is google adsense advertisements, but it takes some work to get approval for adsense.
So assume that you would get twenty clicks in a day, then your earnings could be more than decent. You can at least earn $100 per month if you work on your site everyday for more than two hours. I found your article very useful and easy to understand, Unfortunately, I had already joined webpress before reading your blog.Can you please suggest which theme is good for affiliate marketing? To be honest, ita€™s really no big secret, ita€™s just a matter of you learning how to do it.
I believe I should be able to outrank Ebay and Amazon, once I build some quality content around these products.
If you go to the bottom of a Google page after you search Google makes suggestions on other related search terms people typically look for. Then I simply planned out what type of Xbox racing games, equipment, accessories, etc do I want to cover. This is more about fleshing out your vision of how people will find things on your site, Think of it like creating an out line. Google likes relevant pics and videos to support your articles and these visual aids will help your reader stay engaged. This is not just any click, this is a click from a potential customer who is SPECIFICALLY searching for a product that I reviewed and searching for one of my exact keywords (thanks Jaaxy).
Below you can see that my search traffic began to pick up a few people a day ALL organic Google search traffic. I find that by holding of on the affiliate links and keeping all of my links internal during the setup is crucial to ranking fast!

As you can see above ita€™s not only realistic, but ita€™s fairly simple concepts – just a bit of writing. Just remember if you are brand new 30 days may not be realistic, but I can help you along the way and make sure you are on the right track.
For example, in the site above xbox racing, I made money in 30 days, where as this blog Easy money Online it took me 3 months. I have created a nice email marketing campaign around the site as well that is helping drive more sales. Revenue wise has been extremely steady a few sales a week with multiple high priced items being purchased.
It works round-the-clock, and for not just days or weeks, but for months and months, very own Money From Your Website making you tons of CASH! First click on the appropriate link that I have provided above, because if you go through that link you’ll get 20% discount for your first purchase. You must be very careful while selecting this name, because it’ll stay with your website forever.
Give your primary email address there, because you’ll receive password to that email and future conversations will also take place between hostgator and you through that mail. There are three separate login details you have ; Hostgator client login (for payments), control panel details (for web hosting and email hosting), and your own wordpress site admin credentials (for maintaining your site). For changing your wordpress password, go to Users > Your Profile , then change your password. If you want to create any other type of websites , you could choose any other software at hostgator, but wordpress is most recommended for sites like mine. Here I’ve written some more information for the development of your newly created site. If you do not have this plugin activated, then your readers could not get the latest updates even after refreshing the page more than once. You just have to copy ad code from your advertiser, then insert that into your site using this plugin. Remember that – the more traffic you get, the more money you could make from your site. There are many strategies that you can follow to get traffic to your articles, I have listed some of the most important ones.
You will easily get traffic from search engines and users will share your content in their social networks. Read articles written by experts and follow their Search engine optimization (SEO) tips to get traffic from search results to your site. Every time you read an article online, just leave a comment with your site link included in the website area of the comment form. Lets say that you’ve written a review on a newly launched mobile phone (or any other product) and left an affiliate link to that mobile. So you might try using any other ad networks such as bidvertiser and infolinks until you get into adsense. I have been making lots of money at Clixsense and neobux by getting tons of referrals through my website. In my early days I was making very less income, but later I learned a lot with my experience and now I’m living at home with my online income coming through my website. If I can show how to make 1 online sale, then you are on your way and understand the concepts of how to make thousands.
You want a market big enough to generate search volume, but small enough not to have serious competition. I took a look and there were game review sites and actual product manufacturer sites on the first page in Google.
5 months ago I couldn’t do any of the strategies I showed above and if I can do it you can to. Anybody can have this kind of success creating websites, just takes some time, persistence, and good training. I’d say on average the site pulls $100 a week in profit, but the site is to new for me to say that with confidence. Now everything has changed; you can open your own website within 5 minutes with as little as $7 (Rs. In this step you’re also creating your login details for hostgator client are, where you can pay your monthly hosting bills.
From here on the process involves some technical aspects which you can do either by yourself or I will do it for you if you are facing problem.
At the joining time you will be asked to create your client login details, then they will send you the control panel details, after that you could create your site admin username in the control panel.
If you want to show ads in your sidebar, then go to appearance > widgets, and then add a text widget in your sidebar by dragging.
This plugin puts a captcha in the comment form to decrease the spam and your work for moderating comments.
For getting google adsense approval for your website, you must need to write high quality content regularly.
What I was looking for is if there were any affiliate sites that were dedicated to Xbox Racing.
Even better I am now working on another site using this same strategy with a different niche market. I hadnt updated my site map since october…I didnt realize it unil I was writing this post. There could be a lot of factors that effect your traffic, niche choice, competition, keyword selection, on page SE), backlinking, etc…As far as tips and tricks to get the click, my best advice is to provide VALUE to a reader. There are many other plans also available, however, a new website doesn’t require that much investment. You’ve to choose a theme for your site and start writing new articles (posts) about the topic that interests you.
People don’t come to a site to just click on a product link, if they wanted that they would go to Amazon. With this simple program and our support, you can own your own business, set your own prices and focus on sales, while we provide and ship your products, create and manage your business website content and even supply your personalized print marketing materials.
Hosting means you are creating your site at their company, so you must pay the monthly fees. No obviously I havent seen your site so i dont know if that is the case…but generally if you provide good information, answer your comments on your page, and are truly interested in helping people make informed purchasing choices, the clicks will come. Don’t worry because you will make lots of money from your website soon and the hosting fees will be negligible in front of that.
You can use affiliate networks just after launching your site, and there are no requirements. OTHERWISE, BEGIN SCROLLING DOWN FOR A TREASURE-TROVE OF RARE AND BEAUTIFUL PHOTOS OF OLD JAPAN. Maxwell will be deciding upon and after this illness passed we will take a look at producing these scripts into feature films or television productions. Maxwell is spending this time taking care of his wife, and not in production, he has plenty of time to read scripts.
ENAMI WEARING SAMURAI ARMOR, TAKING A REST BETWEEN POSES IN HIS YOKOHAMA STUDIO, CA.1898-1900. Thus, this is a wonderful time to have him take a look at your script.i»?A This page is set aside to give us an opportunity to keep our visitor abreast of what is going on with Maxima Vision Films and our film school.
At the same time we encourage our visitor to write us anything they feel may be of interest in film and television to our community. ENAMI, OTHER WELL-KNOWN JAPANESE PHOTOGRAPHERS WHO OPERATED DURING THE MEIJI-ERA (1868-1912) ARE MENTIONED THROUGHOUT THE COMMENTS.I HOPE YOU FIND THE STORY AND DATA BOTH INTERESTING AND HELPFUL. Many of these articles are written by our own CEO who is serious about keeping our whole community up to date with any breaking news and events we may be involved with. FOR THOSE WHO ARE HERE PRIMARILY TO LOOK AT THE IMAGES, I HOPE THAT YOU EXPERIENCE SOME ENJOYMENT IN GAZING AT A FEW OF ENAMI'S"LOST PICTURES" OF OLD JAPAN.
As business gets underway, the full technical and service support of our company and an assigned Wishihadthat representative are at your service. In the event you write to us a story we find the community may want to know about we will post here on this page.
THOSE THAT LIVE FOR DISCOVERING NEW DATA AND CONNECTING THE DOTS WILL NO DOUBT FIND SOME EYE-OPENING REVELATIONS HERE.A OF COURSE, WE ALL LOVE KIMBEI KUSAKABE AND THE REST OF THOSE ILLUSTRIOUS JAPANESE PIONEERS OF PHOTOGRAPHY WHO GOT THEIR START LONG BEFORE ENAMI OPENED HIS OWN MEIJI-ERA STUDIO. These stories may be of any kind pertaining to the film and television industry, from casting calls our community may want to know about, to events in the area, to a new story ideas you come up with you think might make for a good film or television production.
Randall Maxwell of Maxima Vision Films takes some of the backdrop of that particular White House, fictionalizes the story, orchestrates some look-a-likes and dramatizes a womana€™s lust for power who is willing to do whatever it takes to become the first lady president of the United States, including assassination, sex, love or war.
You choose all or any of the product departments (shown in the navigation to the right) that best suit your business needs and goals.
As shown, your site will include many links and images including catalogs, pricing guides and order forms in .pdf format.
Business cardsWe can design and haveA business cards personalized with your business name, web and contact information.A  Cards are provided at our cost - 1,000 cards minimum. When three unlikely but well-intentioned groups of mighty people join forces to battle the demon, they face challenges within and without. Their variegated backgrounds, including slavery, military, and commoners, must be overlooked if they are to stop Man Burnera€™s evil quest.
The powerful and precious Atma stones must be kept secret if the world is to be saved.Will Man Burner be able to succeed on his quest to find the Atma stones?
The general wording seen above was fairly common to all photographic self-promotion during the Meiji-era, and actually contains less specifics than some of his studio ads which he placed in various guide books of the time.

OGAWA, who was actually a year younger than Enami, was still his "elder" in terms of experience. This delay is expected to last a couple of months, postponing production of every film by a couple of months.The reason for this suspension is due largely to the fact of us not yet having our film school, which is attached to our production company at the point where our investment group had wanted it by summer of 2013.
Another large factor is not finding a large enough pool of talent here locally who have enough professional film experience or training to allow us to completely cast four feature films per year, let alone finding enough professionally experienced crew.Thus, one of the things we are now awaiting is hiring a casting director in Hollywood to cast any remaining major speaking roles for each film we have been unable to cast thus far. Your pricing, however, is completely at your discretion, providing you understand you'll need to cover your underlying wholesale cost. A You own your business and you determine what you will sell these items for a€“ whether at wholesale cost to a friend or at 100% mark-up (or more) to a customer.
This is an all out effort to raise the bar in this region of professionally trained actors as well as crew. At this summer feature filmA  consortium; Whether you are an aspiring producer, director, script writer, editor, animator, actor, cinematographer, or just want to learn the ins and outs of the film making industry, you may begin as early as the summer of 2013 building your working resume by participation in our Summer Feature Film Consortium! Item-by-item wholesale price lists will always be available to you via concealed (hidden from the public) links on your own business website after it is set up.A A  Just how good are our initial wholesale rates? While wholesale rates may vary for some products, the discounts listed below are typical of the steep price reductions we offer wholesalers on products in each category. Well, we have serious investors who share our same passions who are willing to put their money where their mouths are. Let us commit ourselves then together to perfecting our craft of film making and television production by committing to professional training and stop spending money with so-called agencies who are simply in business to sell schools and photos, but have no real connections to even consider making even a feature film. It was photographed by Enami's friendly competitor and neighbor Kozaburo Tamamura, whose studio was located at No.2 Benten Street.
Wishihadthat would prepare and crate the statue at no additioanl charge, and shipping rates might vary from $200 (West Coast) to $600 (East Coast).
It is a very sad thing that so many have been lured into such scams and have been taken advantage of, but now it is time for change and a part of this change is a must, raising the bar of excellence. Some of our retailers report purchasing solid marble statues wholesale from us for just $3,000 and reselling them for $15,000. It is now time for us to show our investors that we are willing to invest in our future so that very soon they will allow us the opportunity that all of us can make a very good living doing what each of us love doing and that we are extremely passionate about.A This film school has always been and will continue to be always a very specialA  part of our production company and our plans for the future as a means of keeping well trained professionals continuing to come on board with our production offices, from professionally trained actors to crew. It would be built in 1894 just down the street on the right hand side, and appear in endless views and postcards as the most recognizable landmark of Benten Street. This keeps fresh ideas coming through the doors, but more importantly it allows us to always know we have the most highly skilled actors and crew that money can buy. Other images of Enami's studio -- both interior and exterior views -- are shown farther down on this page.A  While offering many of the same services and productions as his contemporaries, he also engaged in other activities that made him unique. Whatever retail rates your market supports, your wholesale cost on these products is 40% off our list retail pricing, plus shipping.A Wholesale Pricing for Wooden Fireplaces, Executive Furnishings, Ceiling Tiles, etc. Our investment group has always made the film school a stipulation on their investing in our feature films and will continue to do so.
A One of the biggest concerns of our investment group is to keep from happening here what happened in Louisiana, where their film makers were at least diligent in getting their law makers to raise the incentives to entice major film production companies like Maxima to come into their state to produce films in their state. Further, while no photographer did "everything", Enami worked and published in more processes and formats than any other Japanese photographer of his time. They were able to do this by quoting statistics which prove, when major film production companies come into your state and begin producing motion pictures, they bring with them literally millions of dollars into the local economy.
A He was one of only a few photographers born during Japan's old Edo-Bakumatsu period, who went on to photograph right through to the Showa period of Emperor Hirohito.Enami was also one of the few to experience, and then successfully outgrow his roots as a traditional maker of the classic, large-format "Yokohama Shashin" albums. In Louisiana, they experienced tremendous success in enticing these companies into their state.A Unfortunately, these companies came by the droves, however, once there they found there was not enough professionally trained talent already there to produce the number of films they wanted to produce, causing them to have to hire the bulk of their needed talent out of state.
While successfully embracing the smaller stereoview and lantern slide formats, he added to that a portfolio of Taisho-era "street photography" that maintained his own unique and artistic content. A WEBSITE YOU OWN, CONTENT YOU LEASEWith our service, you own your own website, but we do the workA The rapid set-up and ongoing maintenance of a personalized business website in your business name is a crucial component of Wishihadthata€™s Independent Retailer Support Program packages outlined above. Because these incentives are based on hiring local talent, these companies when they were forced to hire outside of state talent, they lost their incentives.
A As you probably know, a quality website has become an essential marketing tool in any sales business.
Louisiana has since worked diligently trying to get professional instructors in their public schools and universities to train up a workforce of professionally trained film and television professionals to salvage what they can of the professional production companies who have remained and tried working with them.A At Maxima Vision Films, we have experienced the same thing in this region as far as finding sufficient professionally trained talent to do here what we had planned to do in this region.
When I speak of this region, I am speaking of the region of Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Louisiana. We have two investment groups, one of which has already committed to funding four feature films or television productions per year over the next five years here in this region with Maxima. Browse the right hand navigation column to see the products and tools you can make available to customers in your area.
We want to shoot films that matter, films which can help to shape our culture positively as opposed to negatively. Within 24 hours, we launch your own independent business websiteIn one business day, we can have your website set up, open to the public and full of unique productsa€” just as you see it here, but personalized and, of course, minus the Independent Retailer Support Program information. These films will be marketed directly to the Christian community, which when one considers 70% of the USA population are professed Christian, this is an enormous market. All Independent Retailer Support Program information will be removed and the product categories you have chosen to retail will be visible to your customers. We are certain if we can keep our production cost down under a million dollars the odds are in our favor of at least breaking even if not making a few dollars, especially considering telling stories that matter. If we can keep our films under $500,000 the odds go up even further, and we know one film in 6-7 will make a substantial return.
The a€?stocka€? content-controlled pages are not subject to change other than by Wishihadthat, but we can add additional pages (including pages featuring products from other sources) at your request, provided you supply the content to us and it is inoffensive. Our main goal though is telling stories that matter, that might help shape our culture positively, and we can all make a decent living while doing what we are all passionate about doing. You will assume all responsibility for annual hosting fees as well as handling any and all future maintenance services and fees.A  Failure to pay annual renewal lease or the $100 conversion fee will forfeit both the content and domain name to Wishihadthat, Inc. A To accomplish all of this though, we are going to have to raise the bar here in this Texas region as far as talent goes. A We at Wishihadthat hope to provide such great value and quality in our unique products and powerful support services a€“ and to see you selling so successfully a€“ that you will renewA this synergistic program relationship for years to come. We are diligently seeking those individuals who have a real passion for film making and television productions, who are driven by this passion to do whatever it takes to one day be able to make a living in a industry that chances are very bleak in anyone getting to a point of making a living.
Enami and Kimbei Kusakabe are now the only two Japanese photographers known to have a surviving list of their commercial 2-D images. However, one thing is for certain, to have any chance at all, the more one is willing to do in the industry, whether it be sweeping the floors, taking coffee to the director, or being the lead role, or simply investment of time, energy, and money to keep perfecting their craft, all tends to lead to work, which gives us more exposure, that in turn leads to more work, etc, etc, etca€¦ A The point is this; we have investors, which is something, if not the one and only thing which keeps most from doing what they truly want to do in this industry! These investors are seeking individuals like yourself who are like minded, those who have a real passion for film making and television productions, but who are also just as passionate about telling stores that matter. A In case youa€™re not familiar with the term, a€?drop shippinga€? is the shipping of a product directly from the manufacturer or wholesaler to the customer without requiring the retailer to carry any inventory. However, the real key is finding these like minded individuals who take this business very serious, as serious as our investors take it, those who are willing to invest into their own future, so as to help them to perfect their individual craft so that they are the very best they can become, so that as a collaborative art form we are able as a group of individuals creating a quality product.
A We will drop ship your orders using a a€?blinda€? shipping method a€“ as far as your customer is concerned the product comes from your company. While Enami's 2-D portfolio contained a sprinkling of older, public domain images, his 3-D images and slides made from them were wholly his own.A THE 3-D CATALOG "S 26. We can ship directly to your customer, including any literature you send us to enclose with your orders. Girls Looking at Pictures" A Maiko and two Geisha Looking at Stereoviews in Enami's Yokohama Studio.
One of over 1000 cataloged 3-D images of old Japan.A THE "CATALOG OF COLORED LANTERN SLIDES AND STEREOSCOPIC VIEWS"A  Not surprisingly, Enami matched his older Catalog of Meiji-era Prints with a separately published catalog of his classic STEREOVIEWS. In the case of the 3-D Catalog, the lantern-slides were all made directly from one half of the stereoview negatives. The Cover and two sample pages of the Stereoview Catalog are shown just below in the Enami Activity List numbers (6) and (9). After he began his own recovery, he helped set up centers to help other addicts."I abandoned my old life to serve the Lord Jesus Christ," he said. A Laptop Showroom?By the way, while ita€™s certainly not a requirement, a laptop computer will turn your website into a portable, virtual showroom for potential customers wherever you go. One twin struggles with an addition to prescription drugs, while the other battles doctors whose prescription anti-psychotics are driving her sister to madness and death.a€?One is what I call a€?preachya€™ and more for the church community and affirming faith,a€? Maxwell said.
ENAMI'S ACTIVITIES and CONTRIBUTIONS TO THE WORLD OF JAPANESE PHOTOGRAPHYA A  For the moment, based on a wide range of primary sources, it is now clear that T. With the first type of film we will focus on films which are considered preachy and on the nose which will be marketed directly to the Christian community.
The second types of films we will focus on are those designed to reach the un-churched with a message of hope for a hurting world, a film with at least a redemptive message. This investment group is especially interested in getting involved with projects where the project owner has some sort of invested interest in the project themselves or have some avenue to put together a split funded project somehow, thus splitting the risk as well.A A Thus, this investment group funded many trips around the country for Dr.
Maxwell to travel and meet with other investment individuals, companies and groups who had expressed interest in partnerships with the films we were already in pre-production stage which were our films a€?Rachela€™s Gracea€? and a€?Sister Surrendereda€?, both of which had an estimated production budget of around $300,000.
We had felt with partnering with others who could double the production budget we could add at least some actors with much experience as well as other talents.
Unfortunately, at this point, though we met many such investment groups who had expressed interest in split funding our film projects, most simply had projects themselves who they wanted our investment group to invest in their film projects and did not show us even any interest what so ever in split funding our film projects after our investment group paid travel and lodging expenses for Dr Maxwell to meet with these people. A With this being said, this has been a very expensive summer for our investment group in trying to put together split funded film projects. Your pricing, however, is completely at your discretion, providing you understand you'll need to cover your underlying wholesale cost.

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