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DAAPS websites are designed to maximise your sales potential, as well as deliver an enjoyable browsing experience for your visitors.
We understand that small business owners are busy people who may not have time to get heavily involved with the maintenance of their website. You don’t need any technical experience or knowledge to purchase a Daaps website, and we will avoid using unnecessary internet jargon in our communication with you. Approximately 80% of internet users in the UK now access websites via a smartphone or tablet, but approximately 90% of websites still do not have a responsive layout. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
Shows faces (preferably smiling faces!) People are fascinated by people -- and the people we like best almost always SMILE. When you create your own wedding website with wedding hand, you might want to bare in mind some of the wedding jargon you might en-counter. The long piece of fabric set out between the seats for you to walk down during the ceremony. An area at the ceremony venue for the bride and her attendants to prepare for the wedding in private and also retire during the day. Some thing you must vow not to go over, nearly as important as the wedding vows themselves!

The law which allows same-sex couples to have the same rights to marry as opposite sex couples. Most often a young girl who scatters flowers in front of the bride before her entrance at the wedding ceremony. Where the bride and groom will sit, flanked by their parents, head bridesmaid and best man.
When the bride and groom write or choose their own vows when committing to one another during the ceremony. A Prenuptial Agreement – where a contract between the bride and groom is drawn out before the wedding, agreeing how their assets and money should be divided up, should they ever divorce. Where the bride and groom meet and greet all the guests, as they make their way into the wedding breakfast.
Traditionally the upbeat, triumphant music played as the bride and groom walk back up the aisle. Money given to hold the venue or supplier, but is agreed it can be returned within a cer- tain amount of time should they decide to cancel.
The announcement of the date of the wedding, requesting guests to “save the date” so they can let the wedding couple know if they shall be attending.
General term for any person whose job is to supply a service to a wedding, such as a flo- rist or a photographer.

When the bride throws the bouquet of flowers over her head for single female guests to catch. He is involved in light duties on the wedding day, including showing guests to their seats during the ceremony.
Every element of a website is important, from the images, features and page structure, to the placement and wording of your contact details. This is why we are a ‘full service’ web design company, and we will make the experience of owning a website simple and stress-free for you. Our service includes an expertly designed website, full technical support, and all hosting and website domain fees. A responsive layout means that your website will adjust to the device it is being looked at on.
The term comes from the first meal the bride and groom have together, hence the word breakfast… yes crazy, we know. With all of the exciting new features that the web can offer, it is important not to get distracted from the real aim; making your business successful.

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