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TweetScoop.itPosters are great to be used in classrooms and also for medical purposes or many other different applications. In order to create a Poster in PowerPoint 2010 you need to start creating a new PowerPoint presentation. But sometimes these poster templates aren’t useful because you need a different format or layout. If you want to create a PowerPoint poster from scratch then creating a new PowerPoint presentation is a good starting point.
Once you have the right paper size for your poster, you can start designing your PowerPoint poster. First you can start adding some styling for the header and footer, but the most important point is to design the content. You can also use various shapes in PowerPoint to decorate your callouts or add new PowerPoint charts from Excel to a particular callout. In order to organize your slide you can use the Ruler in PowerPoint or configure the gridlines.
Selecting a CRO for Creating and Integrating SEND Datasets from Multiple Organizations Interorganizational SEND Note: The opinions expressed in this poster.
CISA REVIEW The material provided in this slide show came directly from Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) Review Material 2010 by ISACA. Eligibility and control requirements in European Territorial Cooperation programmes Copenhagen 6-7 November 2008 INTERACT POINT VIBORG.
Kathy Reed June 4, 2013 IIBA Austin CBAP Study Guide for the Business Analyst Body of Knowledge (BABOK) Version 2.0.
ILU Project Management Training Project Management II Project Execution, Control and Closure. TIPS FOR COMPLETING THE NEW PROTOCOL SUBMISSION The Nova Southeastern University Institutional Review Office has created this guide to facilitate completion. ISO 9001: 2008 Boosting quality to differentiate yourself from the competition November 2008.
Indicators for Reflection (Evaluation?) of Learning Processes in Sustainability Oriented Regional Networks of Cooperation – Explorative Study Charles University. Advertising Press on Your Side Creating a BIG Promotion Tutorial Unique Ideas Promotion Articles Online Tools This is our article database. Creating posters in PowerPoint is easy but of course you need to get a training on how to design a poster in PowerPoint and find the right tools to do that. If you want to try finding the poster template you can start browsing for poster templates in this gallery. Once you find the Design tab, then click on Page Setup option and you will be prompted to choose a Slide size. Depending on the printer and place where you want to show your poster, you’d choose from one poster size or the other.
Please be aware that PowerPoint’s maximum size is 52”; therefore to produce a PowerPoint poster with dimensions larger than 52”, both dimensions are entered at half the desired size.
There are some ISO format sizes for posters which you may choose from as well as other custom poster sizes available. At Free PowerPoint Templates we publish poster examples and free Poster templates that you can download but if you are interested to design your own poster, then here we will try to give you some ideas on how to achieve this. You can get a paper offline and add some callouts in a paper prior to designing it in the screen. You can also add some gradient effects to the callout for example as shown in this image below. Topics Problem recognition Requirement Engineering Tasks Processes SRS Use cases and Functional specification Requirement.

Permission to reprint or distribute any content from this presentation requires the written approval of Standard & Poor’s.
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For example, for a 44” x 66” poster, you would enter 22” in the box for height and 33” in the box for width, and click OK.
Some printers can print larger poster size, but that will depend if it is a digital printer or other kind of printer capable to print large documents.
Just create a poster draft in a small piece of paper and then these ideas will be converted to a digital Poster in PowerPoint.
Also, you can use the Size and Position options accessible by right clicking in an element.
The list is organized into multiple categories, including process, compliance, domain content, RELREC, define, data transfer, cost, and study-specific questions.
The poster’s size will be doubled during the printing phase to bring it up to 44×66 inches as desired.
Our poster presents this list in detail along with key examples where establishing communication upfront made a significant difference. Also, other roll sizes are 24”, 36” and 42”, so it is best to set either the height or width of your poster to one of these measurements. Introduction Partnership-level Points to Consider (Detailed) An in-depth list of questions and discussion points at the partnership level. This typically pertains to a Sponsor with a CRO which will be providing SEND datasets, but could apply to a CRO and subcontractor partnership or other types of partnerships.
Process Questions Can you provide a sample study data package (including sample define file), to review capabilities? Will production of SEND datasets be included in master service agreement for all applicable study types or contracted study by study? Is there an impact to the delivery timelines for completed studies, if SEND datasets are requested as part of the process to finalize a study? What are the costs associated with production of SEND datasets for legacy studies, if this capability is available? Which domains are generally included (e.g., which are "stock“ and which are more manually created by request)? How is EX populated - 1 record per dose or 1 record per constant dosing interval (or can both be accommodated)? If XML, will a style sheet be provided to view the define.xml, will you also provide a PDF version of the file? Will the define file include full controlled terminology lists used during data collection? Points to Consider (Cont.) Working with multiple external partners and internal systems to create SEND datasets for submission can be a complex process. There are many possible partnership arrangements and many functional details that should be considered prior to conducting the work.
Regardless of the partnership type, this Points to Consider list should be used as a tool to; facilitate communication between partners, plan service agreements and plan studies. Addressing these points early in the process can reduce the overall risk for all parties involved in the generation of SEND datasets.
Discussions were held between Sponsor and a vendor at the outset of the project to decide how to best represent the trials domains and study data sets in a SEND compliant manner.
A joint decision was made to represent the study as 2 independent and complete SEND data sets, each with its own define file.

The SEND data sets were linked in the Trial Summary domain with the trial summary parameter, asocstdy (associated study) for 1 study, and altstdid (alternate study ID) for both studies.
The Sponsor’s initial intent was to use the SEND datasets to populate an internally developed data warehouse.
Piloting, including discussions on the contents and logistics as well as producing sample data, proved instrumental in resolving issues ahead of time. A key piece of this piloting work involved the CRO providing sample SEND datasets to the Sponsor which were used to assure that the SEND datasets loaded into the Sponsor’s data warehouse as expected.
With this test submission, the Sponsor and CRO were able to work through technical issues and expectations in a testing environment. As a result of this piloting activity, the production SEND datasets were submitted and loaded into the Sponsor warehouse successfully with none of the timeline delays that could have occurred if the technical requirements were worked out in production rather than during testing. Use Case Examples The following are some typical cases where multiple organizations might collaborate to create a SEND package. Regardless of the partnership type, for individual studies, the Study-level Points to Consider should be utilized. Sponsor and CRO - CRO creates full package Production and packaging work is done exclusively by the CRO; the sponsor may provide inputs. For this case, the Sponsor would first engage the CRO using the Partnership-level Points to Consider (Initial Survey), followed by the Partnership-level Points to Consider (Detailed) list. For this case, the Sponsor should first engage the CRO as in the previous example, but the CRO may benefit from understanding the format of the datasets it will receive and thus in turn ask the same questions of the Sponsor. For this case, the Sponsor would first engage the CRO using the Partnership-level (Initial Survey) followed by the Partnership-level (Detailed) list. Types of Partnerships Several considerations must be established before initiating a partnership for the assembly of SEND datasets, including determining capabilities, costs and specific needs.
Note: To avoid affecting the critical path of a study or submission timeline, anything that can be determined early should be.
The answers to these questions should be established early in the process to avoid a negative impact on study timelines, as well as periodically re-assessed as needs and capabilities change. For partnership types not discussed here, the same Points to Consider list should be employed as applicable. Partnership-level Points to Consider The following are lists of questions and discussion items to raise with a potential partner for the production of SEND or other datasets at the partnership-level. These questions are especially valuable to establish early to avoid affecting study timelines, as well as periodically re-assessing as needs and capabilities change. Partnership-level Points to Consider (Initial Survey) The following Initial Survey list of questions can be used to assess basic capabilities when first exploring a potential partnership. As a partnership evolves, the "Partnership-level Points to Consider (Detailed)" list has more detailed considerations. Study-level Points to Consider At the study-level, some additional considerations may be necessary to define or refine for the study, points which might differ from the general decisions made at the partnership level.
Compliance Questions Review validation needs for 21 CFR Part 11 compliance of the system(s) producing the SEND datasets for the study How will QA be involved for the study? Fundamental Content Questions Whether any domains should be specifically included or excluded for the study Will any domains not be transmitted in SEND format?

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